Thus far we are indebted to Mr. Rolfe for his interesting sketch of the flora of the county. The fauna is equally deserving of attention and study, though its literature is not so prolific. Of the winged fauna Mr. Sterland has treated in his , Birds of Sherwood Forest,’ and to him and Mr. J. Whitaker, J.P., F.Z.S., of Rainworth, we owe the production of an admirable little book on the birds of the county. Mr. Whitaker has kindly supplied us with the following notes :

Though the county of Notts cannot be expected to show as long a list of birds which have occurred within its boundary as those counties which have a long coast-line, yet it quite or more than holds its own with other inland counties, having four more species than Oxfordshire, which, according to my friend Mr. O. V. Aplin (who has lately published a capital work on the birds of Oxon), number 242. I have been able so far to make out 246 species (many very rare, and in the case of Egyptian nightjar unique) to have occurred in Notts, and the following list is complete up to date—June, 1891

White-tailed Sea-eagle. Osprey. Peregrine Falcon.
Hobby. Merlin. Kestrel.
Goshawk. Sparrow-hawk. Kite.
Common Buzzard. Rough - legged Buzzard. Honey Buzzard.
Red-tailed Buzzard. Montagu’s Harrier. Marsh Harrier.
Hen Harrier. Tawny Owl. Long-eared Owl.
Short-eared Owl. Barn-owl. Great Gray Shrike.
Red-backed Shrike. Woodchat Shrike. Spotted Fly-catcher.
Pied Fly-catcher. Golden Oriole. Dipper. [Dipper.
Black-breasted Mistletoe-thrush. Song-thrush.
Redwing. Fieldfare. Blackbird.
Ring-ousel. Hedge-sparrow. Redbreast.
Nightingale. Red start. Black Redstart.
Stonechat. Whinchat. Wheatear
Reed-warbler. Sedge-warbler. Grasshopper-warbler.
Greater Whitethroat. Lesser Whitethroat. Garden-warbler.
Blackcap. Wood-wren. Willow-wren.
Chiffchaff. Golden-crested Wren. Fire-crested Wren.
Wren. Tree-creeper. Nut-hatch.
Great-tit. Blue-tit. Coal-tit.
Marsh-tit. Long-tailed Tit. Bearded Tit.
Waxwing. Pied Wagtail. White Wagtail.
Gray Wagtail. Yellow Wagtail. Tree-pipit.
Meadow-pipit. Skylark. Woodlark.
Snow Bunting. Lapland-bunting. Reed-bunting.
Bunting. Yellow Bunting. Chaffinch.
Brambring-finch. Hawfinch. Greenfnch.
Goldfinch. Bullfinch House-sparrow.
Tree-sparrow. Siskin. Mealy Redpole.
Lesser Redpole. Linnet. Twite.
Crossbill. Parrot Crossbill. White-winged Crossbill.
Pine Grosbeak. Starling. Rose-coloured Pastor.
Raven. Carrion Crow. Hooded Crow.
Rook. Jackdaw. R Magpie. :
Jay. Great Black Woodpecker Green Woodpecker.
Greater Spotted Woodpecker Lesser Spotted Woodpecker Wryneck
Hoopoe. Cuckoo. Kingfisher.
Swallow. House-martin. Sand-martin.
Swift. Nightjar. Egyptian Nightjar.*
Wood-pigeon. Stock-dove. Rock-dove.
Turtle-dove. Pallas Sandgrouse. Pheasant.
Black Grouse. Red Grouse. Partridge.
Red-legged Partridge. Quail. Virginian Colin.
Little Bustard. Great Plover. Golden Plover.
Gray Plover. Green Plover. Dotterell.
Ringed Plover. Turnstone. Oyster-catcher.
Avocet. Black-winged Stilt. Greenshank.
Redshank. Spotted Redshank. Green Sandpiper.
Wood Sandpiper. Yellowshank. Common Sandpiper.
Ruff. Spotted Sandpiper. Knot.
Curlew Sandpiper. Purple Sandpiper. Dunlin
Little Stint. Temminck’s Stint. Sanderlin.
Grey Phalarope. Red-necked Phalarope. Woodcock.
Great Snipe. Common Snipe. Jack Snipe.
Bar-tailed Godwit. Black-tailed Godwit. Curlew.
Whimbrel. Spoonbill. White Stork
Crane. Common Heron. Purple Heron.
Great White Heron. Squacco Heron. Night Heron.
Bittern. Little Bittern. Water-rail.
Corn-crake. Spotted Crake. Moorhen.
Coot. Whooper. Bewick’s Swan.
Mute Swan. Gray Lag Goose. Bean Goose.
White-fronted Goose. Bernicle Goose. Brent Goose.
Canada Goose. Egyptian Goose. Sheldrake.
Ruddy Sheldrake. Wild Duck. Gadwall.
Shoveller. Widgeon. Teal.
Garganey. Pochard. Ferruginous Duck.
Scaup Duck. Tufted Duck. Golden-eye.
Long-tailed Duck. Common Scoter. Velvet Scoter.
Smew. Red-breasted Merganser Goosander.
Great Northern Diver. Black-throated Diver. Red-throated Diver.
Great Crested Grebe. Red-necked Grebe. Sclavonian Grebe.
Eared Grebe. Little Grebe. Razor-bill.
Little Auk. Puffin. Guillemot
Cormorant Shag. Gannet.
Common Tern. Arctic Tern. Lesser Tern.
Black Tern. Caspian Tern. Little Gull.
Black-headed Gull. Kittiwake. Common Gull.
Herring Gull. Glaucus Gull. Great Black - backed Gull.
Lesser Black-backed Gull. Common Skua. Richardson’s Skua.
Buffon’s Skua. Pomatorhine Skua. Leach’s Petrel.