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'Love, Duty & Sacrifice' by Nicola Webb: a true love story that defied convention and class

A true love story that defied convention and class. 1860 and Patrick Chaworth-Musters is born, heir to a wealthy land-owning and mining dynasty. In 1883 he gets Mary Anne Sharpe, a junior maid in the household, pregnant. Failing to part them, Patrick's parents send the pair to live in Norway, unwed. Four years and four children later, Patrick unexpectedly inherits. They return to England and defying convention, he marries Mary Anne and she reluctantly takes on the role of 'Lady of the Manor’. This is a Victorian story of love, duty, and sacrifice, which within 100 years, leaves the dynasty shattered and the family’s wealth diminished.

"An exceeding pleasant shire" - John Evelyn portraitNottinghamshire is an often unappreciated English county, most unfairly dismissed by that renowned wit and scholar, Jeremy Clarkson, as "a non-county, like Staffordshire - just there to fill the gaps." The Nottinghamshire History website attempts to counter ignorance like this by making accessible a wide range of books and articles reflecting the rich and fascinating history of this part of the midlands.

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