Commercial (continued)

Furley.Sampson Biddulph Furley, 3, Waverley Street, Nottingham; son of the late John Furley, of Nottingham, hosiery manufacturer; born at Nottingham, February 18th, 1837; educated at Mr. Biddulph's Private School, Nottingham. Succeeded his father in the business of hosiery manufacturer, at Nottingham, in 1862, taking into partnership Mr. George Henry Buttrum, the firm being first styled S. B. Furley and Company, and afterwards Furley and Buttrum. Was Honorary Organist and Choirmaster of St. John Baptist, at Leenside, for forty-five years, retiring about two years since. Married, in 1862, Anne, daughter of Benjamin Soars Willis, of London. Member of Nottingham Constitutional Club since its foundation.

Gamble.T. Gamble, 102, Musters Road, West Bridgford; son of Thomas Gamble; born at Wakefield, September 12th, 1861; educated at Hemsworth Grammar School, near Pontefract, Yorks. Lace manufacturer; Secretary and Director of Joseph Truman and Company, Ltd.; entered Mr. Truman's service in 1880, made manager in 1884, partner in 1892, and Director and Secretary in 1896; attends to the indoor management of the company's business.

Goldschmidt.—Edward Goldschmidt, J.P., 13, Pelham Crescent, The Park, Nottingham; born in Germany, April 28th, 1827, and educated at Fulda and Cassel. Came to Nottingham in 1851, and two years later commenced business, first as a wholesale stationer, and in 1861 as an importer of silk and silk throwster, in which he is still actively engaged; Chairman of the Nottingham Brewery Company, Ltd.; elected a member of the Town Council of Nottingham in 1870, and six years later was chosen Alderman; Mayor of Nottingham, 1880-81, and again 1889-90; has been Chairman of the Finance Committee of the Nottingham Town Council for twelve years. Mr. Goldschmidt took a great interest in promoting the scheme for the Nottingham University College, and was mainly instrumental in carrying the matter through the Council; he was first Chairman of the College Committee, and held that office till appointed Chairman of the Finance Committee; is a member of the Governing Body of the Nottingham High School, and was for several years its Vice and Acting Chairman, but resigned the post on account of deafness, the late Duke of St. Albans being Chairman; Justice of the Peace for the city. Married, in 1866, Marie, daughter of Adolf Gutman, barrister, of Karlsruhe, Baden.

Green.William Frederick Green, Iveston, Kenilworth Road, The Park, Nottingham; son of the late Edwin Green; born at Nottingham, July 10th, 1844; educated at Goodacn and Cockaynes, Standard Hill, Nottingham. Member of the firm of Hardy, Green and Company, lace manufacturers, of Nottingham; late partner in the firm of Berry, Green and Company, of Nottingham; member of Carnarvon Lodge of Freemasons, 1909. Married, July 10th, 1868, Mary, daughter of the late Thomas Marshall, of Ashby-de-la-Zouch, near Loughborough.

Hardy.William Eben Hardy, Bulwell Hall, Nottingham; son of the late Thomas Hardy; born at Kimberley, Notts, 1867; educated privately. Early became associated with the brewing industry at home, and has also studied various systems of lager beer brewing in some of the well known Bavarian breweries; is now Chairman of Hardy's Kimberley Brewery, Ltd., at Kimberley, with which undertaking his brother, Frederick Hardy, who is also a director, is actively associated.

Heath.Henry Heath, J.P., Bestwood Park, Notts; son of the late W7illiam Heath, of Blidworth, Notts; born at Blidworth, March 28th, 1859; educated at Grove House Grammar School, Mansfield. Justice of the Peace for Notts; Chairman of Arnold District Council; member of Arnold School Board; Hon. Secretary of Bestwood Agricultural Society; member of County Council for Bestwood and Papplewick Division of Notts; member of Nottinghamshire Agricultural Council; Chairman of Notts County Football Club; Freemason, Past Master Southwell Lodge, 1405. Married Mary Anne, daughter of the late George Chadwick, of Bestwood Park, and has issue three sons and three daughters. One son, William Henry, now in South Africa, serving as a member of General Baden-Powell's Mounted Constabulary.

Hicking.George Hicking, West Cliff House, The Park, Nottingham; born at Eastwood, Notts, January 4th, 1834; educated at Eastwood and Nottingham. Entered the service of the Midland Railway Company in 1851, as Clerk in the office of the Superintendent of the Line at Derby, and was promoted, at the age of twenty-three, to be Station Master at the Midland Railway Station, Nottingham; subsequently entered into partnership with his cousin in the wine and spirit trade in Market Street, Nottingham, and afterwards, in conjunction with his sons, established the businesses of George Hicking and Son, wine merchants and grocers, Carrington Street, and G. and W. N. Hicking, lace dyers and dressers, Queen's Road Works, and Station Street Works; relinquished his interest in the former business in favour of his son in 1893.

Hicking.William Norton Hicking, Brackenhurst Hall, Southwell; son of George Hicking, of West Cliff House, The Park, Nottingham; born at Nottingham, December 12th, 1864; educated at Newark and Nottingham. Partner in the firm of G. and W. N. Hicking, of Queen's Road Works, and Station Street Works, Nottingham; also Governing Director of Whiteley Stevens and Company, Ltd., of Stapleford and Nottingham.

Hill.Charles Hose Hill, J.P., Woodborough Hall, Woodborough, Notts; son of Thomas Hill, of Nottingham; born at Nottingham in 1852; educated at Denmark Hill Grammar School, and privately. Is a Justice of the Peace for the county of Notts. Married, in 1893, Effie Marian, eldest daughter of Joseph Littlewood, and has issue one son, Charles Littlewood, and one daughter, Corona Faith Littlewood.

Homberger.Otto Homberger, Park Mount, The Park, Nottingham; born in Germany; educated at Giessen University. Came to England in 1876; Managing Director of the Birks Manufacturing Company, Ltd., Nottingham, also principal of Homberger and Company, merchants. Married, in 1886, Kate Adeline, daughter of the late D'Ewes Lynam.

Jacoby.John Henry Jacoby, J.P., Oakhill House, The Park, Nottingham; son of the late Moritz Jacoby, The Park; born at Nottingham, November 16th, 1848; educated at Brighton (England), and Frankfurt am Main (Germany). Consul for Columbia, C.A.; Director of M. Jacoby and Company, Ltd., also of S. Burton and Company, Ltd.; was also Director of Jacoby Bros, and Company, Ltd., Plauen; Vice-President of the Samaritan Hospital; President of the General Dispensary, 1900, and connected with other charities; a collector of antiques. Justice of the Peace for Nottingham.

James.Horatio Samuel James, West Bridgford, Notts; son of the late Samuel Horatio James, of Nottingham; born at Carlton, Notts, February 11th, 1864; educated at Nottingham High School. Lace manufacturer; member of the firm of Hancock and James; director of Westralian Options Syndicate; member of the Committee of Notts Forest Football Club; member of the Constitutional Club. Married Alice Barlow, daughter of Edward Barlow, of Nottingham, and has issue one son.

Jardine.Ernest Jardine, J.P., Gwedon, Clumber Crescent South, The Park, Nottingham; son of the late John Jardine, of Nottingham; born at Nottingham, September 23rd, 1859; educated at Tudor House School, Nottingham, and Lycee Imperial, St. Omer, France. Head of the firm of John Jardine, lace machine builders, Nottingham; has four factories in Nottingham, and one at Draycott, Derbyshire: Justice of the Peace for Nottingham. Married, in 1883, Ada, daughter of James Fletcher, of Nottingham, and has issue one son, John Jardine, and two daughters.

Jowett.Samuel Atkinson-Jowett, J.P., Oldcotes Manor, Notts; son of the late Nathan Atkinson-Jowett, of Clock House, Manningham, Bradford; born at Clock House, Bradford, 1870; educated locally. Justice of the Peace for Notts; Chairman of the Blyth and Cuckney Rural District Council, of which he has been a member since its commencement; Vice-Chairman of the Parish Council; for three years member of the Yorkshire Dragoons, Yeomanry, Lord Scarbrough colonel. Married, in 1895, Bertha, daughter of John Hairsine, of Hodseck.

Knight.William Edward Knight, The Ivies, Newark-on-Trent; son of James Knight, of Newark; born at Newark, December 9th, 1844; educated at a private school. Agricultural merchant, doing business in Notts, Lincolnshire and Leicestershire; member of Newark Town Council fifteen years; Mayor of the Borough in 1889; appointed Justice of the Peace some years ago; for a number of years member and Vice-Chairman of the School Board; took an active interest in promoting a new water supply to the Borough; Chairman of Electric Lighting and Contagious (Animals) Diseases Committees; a member of the Wesleyan Methodist Church; a lay preacher and class leader; on five occasions elected Representative to the Annual Conference; a member of the Theological and Education Methodist Conference Committees; President of the Newark Sunday School Union and Free Church Council. Visited the United States as representative to the World's Convention of Sunday Schools held in the city of St. Louis; the same year visited World's Fair at Chicago. Married the daughter of T. Parnham, J.P., and has two sons and two daughters living. Liberal in politics.

Lambert.John Henry Lambert, Old Bank House, Retford; son of the late Henry Lambert, of Retford, who was associated with Beckett's Old Bank for fifty years; born at Retford, March 21st, 1843; educated at Retford Grammar School; entered the Bank in 1861, and succeeded his father as Manager in 1883; Borough Treasurer for Retford in succession to Mr. J. B. Jenkinson; Hon. Treasurer to the Board of Guardians; late churchwarden of East Retford Parish Church; Auditor to the Savings Bank; Treasurer to the Conservative Club. Married, October 7th, 1869, the daughter of S. Renshaw, of Bolham Hall. Clubs: Retford Club and Conservative Club.

Lambert.Alderman William Lambert, J.P., The Firs, Lenton, Nottingham; son of John and Sarah Lambert; born March 30th, 1823; educated at private schools. Senior partner of the firm of W. J. and T. Lambert, bleachers, dyers and lace dressers; Director of Nottingham and Notts Banking Company; Chairman of the Real Estate Investment Company and the Colwick Park Racing and Sports Company; Sheriff of the City, 1859; elected member of the Corporation, 1861; Mayor in 1874 and again in 1885, in which latter year he was made an Alderman and Justice of the Peace; is and has been for many years Chairman of the Public Parks and Recreation Grounds Committee, during which time Bulwell Forest, Victoria Park, Lenton, Vernon Park, and several smaller spaces have been secured for the free use of the public. The last and greatest of these works is the Victoria Embankment, on the north side of the Trent, more than a mile and a quarter long; the first pile was driven by Alderman Lambert in May, 1898, and the completed work formally opened by him July 25th, 1901. At the commencement of the Volunteer movement in 1859 he joined the Robin Hood Rifles as Lieutenant, retiring in 1881 with the rank of Major; hunted nearly forty years with the Quorn, Belvoir and South Notts Hounds; supporter of rowing and cricket.