Commercial (continued)

Snook.James Snook, Penryhn House, Clumber Road East, The Park, Nottingham; son of the late William Snook, of Stower Provost, Dorsetshire; born at Stower Provost, December 20th, 1831; educated at Mere, Wiltshire. Founder of the firm, James Snook and Company, Ltd., in 1865; now Chairman and Managing Director of the Company, who trade as merchants and wholesale clothing manufacturers, Nottingham; Director of the Midland Counties District Bank.

Snook.—Herbert Durant Snook, Stamford House, 48, Forest Road, Nottingham; son of James Snook; born at Nottingham, December 23rd, 1867; educated at the High School, Nottingham, and Trent College. Director of Snook and Company, Ltd., Houndsgate, clothing manufacturers and merchants; a Freemason some years standing; member of Notts Lodge 1434; member of Notts County Football Club, and of Notts Tennis and Golf Clubs, having for several years played for the county for each; member of Masonic and Borough Clubs.

Spalding.—John Tricks Spalding, J.P., 22, Villa Road, Nottingham; son of John Spalding, of Exeter; born at Exeter, 1843; educated privately at Exeter, and Barnstaple. After leaving school went to London, and in 1878 commenced business in Nottingham as a silk mercer and linen draper, in partnership with Mr. Griffin; is a well known collector and connoisseur of lace, a large loan collection of his being on exhibition in the Castle Museum, Nottingham; is also a large collector of topographical works both local and general; is a prominent Freemason, being a member of the Thirty-first Degree; Justice of the Peace for the city of Nottingham, and churchwarden for sixteen years of St. Thomas' Church. Married, in 1868, Catherine Chambers, daughter of the late Stephen Aveling.

Sudbury.Charles Sudbury, Cavendish House, The Park, Nottingham; son of the late Francis Sudbury, hosiery and glove manufacturer, of Ilkeston: born at Ilkeston, March 31st, 1831; educated at Ilkeston. Was at an early age taken into partnership with his father, at Ilkeston: shortly after his father's retirement, took his brother into partnership, and founded the business of C. and F. Sudbury, Ilkeston and Nottingham, of which he is the senior partner; has been for the past ten years one of the deacons of Castle Gate Church, Nottingham. Married, in 1854, Marinah, daughter of Robert Burein Richardson, of Ilkeston.

Thornton.John Thornton, J.P., Ashleigh, Worksop, Notts; eldest son of the late George Thornton, of Driffield, Yorks; born at Bainton, Fast Riding of Yorks, February 25th, 1840; educated at Driffield. Milling engineer; now retired from business; member of the late Local Board and present District Council of Worksop for twenty-four years; member of the Board of Guardians; County Councillor for Worksop, East Ward, since 1898, elected twice unopposed ; member of the Highways and Bridges, and Food and Drugs Committees of the Council; joined the Commission of the County Magistracy on the invitation of the Duke of Portland, January, 1899; on the Bench two years by virtue of office as Chairman of Worksop Urban District Council; member of the Assessment Committee for Worksop Union District, and other committees. Married, November 24th, 1863, Jane, daughter of the late William Dawson, of Besthorp, Notts.

Truman.Joseph Truman, Carlyle House, Ebury Road, Sherwood Rise, Nottingham ; son of the late Joseph Truman; born at Nottingham, 1842; educated locally. Started business in the lace trade in 1873, at Carver's Factory, Alfred Street; built the Junction Mills, Ilkeston, in 1885 ; business converted into a private limited company in 1866, with Mr. Truman as Managing Director; in 1895, Mr. Truman perfected and patented a new machine for producing curtains in imitation of Swiss goods ; by this machine the curtain is made in one piece on the machine, instead of "objects" being stitched on the net as hitherto; the firm are also proprietors of a patent wood-carving by machinery business, the electric cars running at Nottingham being decorated by the new carving; the lace business employs 300 hands, and a large trade is done with America, Canada, Australia, the Continent, and also at home; the warehouse in Victoria Street was for many years, and up to 1898, used as the General Post Office, but was bought by auction from the Government by Mr. Truman, in 1899.

Trivett.Louis Oram Trivett, Riverside, Wilford Lane, West Bridgford, Notts; son of William Trivett: born at Nottingham, August 26th, 1864: educated at the High Pavement School, Nottingham, and Hamburg. Lace and net manufacturer; Director of the Liberal Unionist Club; member of the Constitutional Club; has travelled extensively on the Continent. Married, first, Julia Charlotte, daughter of R. H. Lymberry, no children, and subsequently Elizabeth, daughter of the late Robert Lacy, of Nottingham, and has issue two children.

Turney.Alderman Sir John Turney, Kt., J.P., Springfield, Alexandra Park, Nottingham; son of the late John Turney; born at Nottingham, January 2nd, 1839; educated at Lincoln Grammar School. Chairman and Managing Director of Turney Brothers, Ltd., leather manufacturers, Trent Bridge Works, Nottingham ; Chairman of the Raleigh Cycle Companv, the Clifton Colliery Company; Murray, Bros, and Companv; Hall's Glue and Bone Works, Ltd., and of the Masonic Hall Company, Ltd., etc.; a member of Nottingham Town Council for twenty-seven years, and Alderman for twenty-three years; Mayor, 1886-87-88; Chairman of the Electric Lighting, and General Works and Highway Committees of the Council; Magistrate for the city and county; Freemason; P.M. of the Annesley Lodge, Notts. Married, in 1865, Helen, daughter of E. Nicholson, of Manchester, who died in 1866, leaving no issue, and secondly, Julie Emma, daughter of the late Alfred Topham, of Calais, by whom he has issue four sons and five daughters.

Vickers.William Vickers, 2, Carnarvon Villas, Burton Joyce, Notts; son of William Vickers, lace manufacturer, of Nottingham, Mayor of Nottingham, 1843-44, the year of her late Majesty Queen Victoria's only visit to the town; born in 1823, at Nottingham; educated locally. Joined his father in partnership in 1843 and carried on the business from 1845 till 1888, when he retired in favour of his son, Mr. Charles Henry Vickers; came to Burton Joyce on the eve of her late Majesty's Jubilee; connected with the Church of St. Mary's, Nottingham, as a lay officer, for over twenty-two years; a churchwarden of Burton Joyce for the past six years. Married, in 1848, Marianne, daughter of William Day Horsey, of Wellington, Somerset.

Wainman.John Wainman, The Hollies, 8, Mapperley Road, Nottingham; son of the late John Wainman; born January 11th, 1832, at Nottingham; educated at Mr. Newton's Private School, Nottingham. First a builder, and then, for twenty-eight years, a licensed victualler in Nottingham; now retired; formerly member for Byron Ward in the Notts Town Council, but retired seventeen years ago. Married Ann, daughter of Thomas Corbett, of Corby, Lincolnshire.

Warner.William Warner, Westwood, The Park, Nottingham; son of Owen Peace Warner, engineer, of Nottingham (whose father and grandfather were engineers); born June 6th, 1854; educated privately and at the High Pavement School, Nottingham. Associate Member of the Institute of Civil Engineers, 1888; member of the firm of Goddard, Massey and Warner, constructive engineers and makers of steel and iron work for bridges, girders, roofs, engines, steam boilers, pumping engines, etc., which he founded in 1888, taking over Mr. Goddard's interest on his retirement; in 1896 the business was converted into a limited company, with Mr. Massey and Mr. Warner as managing directors. Has invented and holds some thirty patents in machinery, etc., mostly dealing with the disposal of sewage and town refuse, in which he takes great interest; read papers dealing with this question before the Sanitary Congress at Bradford in 1888, and before the Mechanical Section of the British Association meeting in Nottingham in 1896; his methods have been largely adopted by municipal bodies, notably by the cities of Dublin, York, Newcastle-on-Tyne, Plymouth, Belfast, at Sydney, New South Wales, Australia; Madras, and Kurachee, India; Durban, and East London, Africa; Hong Kong, and Shanghai, China; etc. Married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Gleave, of Manchester.

Whitty.Francis Bernard Whitty, Cliff House, Radcliffe-on-Trent, Notts; son of the late Thomas Whitty, of Axminster, Devon; born at Nottingham, March 24th, 1858; educated at Nottingham High School and Brighton Grammar School. Lace manufacturer; member of the Chamber of Commerce; for twenty-five years prominently connected with the Nottingham Rowing Club, of which he was Captain in 1882-83, and at the present time Vice-President; Director of Nottingham and Notts Liberal Unionist Club; Freemason; Past Master Duke of Portland Lodge. Married Sarah Elizabeth Annibal, daughter of the late John R. Annibal, of Nottingham, who died as the result of a carriage accident, July, 1901, leaving issue three sons. Clubs: Liberal Unionist, and Constitutional.

Whyatt.Frank Whyatt, Norman Villa, Hucknall Torkard, Notts; son of James Whyatt; born at Hucknall Torkard, 1855; educated locally. Provision merchant and corn factor; member of the Local Board and Urban District Council for the past eighteen years; Chairman of the Urban District Council two years; Chairman of the Water Committee for eleven years; gave evidence before the Parliamentary Committee against and was, with others, instrumental in defeating the Nottingham Water Extension Bill; was a member of Notts County Council nine years.

Wigley.George Wigley, J.P., Redcliffe, 1, Mapperley Road, Nottingham; son of the late Robert Wigley; educated privately by the Rev. Lovejoy, of Ilkeston, and at Watnall. Ex-Chairman of the Nottingham Chamber of Commerce; head of the firm of George Wigley and Son, silk merchants and importers; Director of the English Sewing Cotton Company, Ltd., Manchester; Chairman of the Nottingham Manufacturing Company, Loughborough; President of ihe Eastern Division Conservative Association. Married Clara, daughter of Joseph Clark, lace manufacturer, of Basford.

Wilkinson.Councillor George Wilkinson, The Towers, Beeston, Notts; born at Hucknall Torkard in May, 1841. For many years engaged as a manufacturer of Shetland fawls and shawls; at one time in partnership with his brother, the late Frank Wilkinson, founder of the Anglo-Scotian Mills, Beeston, of which firm he is now a Director. Thirty years ago elected on the Local Board at Hucknall Torkard, and remained a member until January, 1878; member of the Beeston Local Board, now the Urban District Council, since its formation seventeen years ago; Chairman for the past two years; was returned at the head of the poll at the first County Council election at Beeston in November, 1888, with five candidates contesting, and three years later was again returned on the Council while away in America. Married, and has issue five children.