Stockbrokers, Auctioneers and Insurance

Blake.Arthur Ernest Blake, Thornhill, Elm Bank, Nottingham; only son of Henry Blake, of Chesterfield; born at Chesterfield, January 5th, 1866; educated at St. Mary's House School, Chesterfield, and privately. Gained his first experience on the London Stock Exchange, and commenced to practise as a stock and share broker in Nottingham in 1891, and so continues; is a Director of the Midland Debenture Trust and Finance Corporation, Ltd., and of Jeffrey, Sons and Company, Ltd., of Northampton; for a long time actively connected with the Nottingham Rowing Club, of which he was Hon. Secretary for several years, and is now a Vice-President; Vice-President of the Eastern Division Conservative Association, and President of the Byron Ward Conservative Association. Married, in 1895, Florence Emily, eldest daughter of J. H. Howitt, lace manufacturer, of Nottingham. Clubs: Borough and Constitutional, Nottingham.

Bradwell.John Howard Bradwell, 4, Pelham Terrace, The Park, Nottingham; born at Southwell, May 15th, 1841; educated at the Collegiate Grammar School, Southwell. Auctioneer, estate agent, valuer and surveyor; articled to a surveyor and commenced business as auctioneer, etc., 1864; in his early days hunted with the Rufford and South Notts Hounds, also owned and hunted a pack of beagles; District Councillor and member of Board of Guardians in the Basford Union; has been a member of the South Notts Yeomanry thirty-two years, and was gazetted Acting Quartermaster in 1888, being the first in the whole Yeomanry force gazetted with that rank; also served for eight years in the County Volunteers; was gazetted Quartermaster in the Imperial Yeomanry in the early part of the new year; President of one of the Conservative wards of the city, and a prominent member of the masonic body; President of the Midland Counties Valuers' Association for 1901, and Past President of the Nottinghamshire Land Agents and Valuers' Association; formerly Secretary of the Southwell Cricket Club.

Cunliffe.George Cunliffe, 1, Park Drive, The Park, Nottingham; son of the late George Cunliffe, of Liverpool; born at Liverpool, 1841; educated at King William's College, Isle of Man. Member of the firm of Bromley, Cunliffe and Company, stock and share brokers, Nottingham; Freeman of the City cf Liverpool; formerly member of the firm of G. Cunliffe and Son, grain merchants, Liverpool. Married Kathrin, daughter of Charles Nelson Bromley, of Stafford. Clubs: County, Borough, and Constitutional.

Green.George Edward Green, 21, North Road, West Bridgford; son of John Green, of Nottingham; born at Nottingham, February 26th, 1876; educated at the Holy Trinity Higher Grade School, and People's College; on leaving became Assistant Secretary to the Raleigh Cycle Company; afterwards joined Mr. W. H. Woodhouse, and in 1898 they entered into partnership as stock and share brokers; is an Associate of the Institute of Secretaries; Secretary to the Westralian Options Syndicate, Ltd.; member of the Nottingham and County Constitutional Club; member of the County Football and Cricket Clubs.

Halford.Robert Halford, J.P., Ashtree, 33,Magdala Road, Nottingham; son of William Halford, cooper; born at Carter Gate, Nottingham, December 13th, 1840, the family having resided at Carter Gate for over a century, carrying on a cooperage business both there and at Lister Gate for several generations; educated at the Upper School of Dame Agnes Mellor's Grammar School, Stoney Street, under the Head Mastership of the Rev. W. Butler, M.A. Articled to Mr. E. M. Kidd, estate agent and share broker, Nottingham, in 1856, remaining with him until 1865; joined the late Mr. Charles Baker in business as estate agents and valuers, his two sons being now associated with him in the business; appointed a Director of Nottingham Church Cemetery Company in 1877; appointed a Director of the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Banking Company, Ltd., in March, 1890, and Chairman of the Bank in 1891; Director and Chairman of James Shipstone and Sons, Ltd., Star Brewery, New Basford; and Chairman of the North Midland Board of the Commercial Union Assurance Company, Ltd.; takes an interest in both cricket and football; was Vice-Chairman of the Directors of the Notts County Football Club, and assisted in the formation of the club under limited liability rules; a supporter of all local charities; Justice of the Peace for the city of Nottingham.

Hallam.Henry Hallam, Bridlesmith Gate, Nottingham; born at Kuddington, 1847. Gained his first experience with Mr. E. M. Kidd, estate agent and stockbroker, and commenced business as an estate agent in Nottingham in partnership with Mr. T. S. Piggin; dissolved partnership about fourteen years ago, since which he has practised alone as an estate agent and valuer.

Hawksley.Robert Hawksley, 3, Fern Avenue, Carrington, Nottingham ; son of the late Robert Hawksley, of Nottingham; born at Nottingham, November, 1861; educated at High Pavement School. On leaving school entered the office of Messrs. J. and A. Bright, after which he was with Messrs. Baker and Halford, estate agents, for eight years ; in 1888, commenced as an estate agent himself, and in 1895 took into partnership Mr. Charles Edward Aslin, the firm now being Hawksley and Aslin; agents for the Yorkshire Fire and Life, the Westminster Fire and the Sun Life Offices; fond of cycling.

Kidd.Edwin Moses Kidd, 27, Waverley Street, Nottingham; son of the late W. M. Kidd; born at Nottingham, 1826; educated at the old Grammar School (now High School), Stoney Street, under Rev. W. Butler. Associated with his father as a house and estate agent, and in early days connected with the Highway Board of the town; appointed Deputy Receiver to the Nottingham General Hospital in 1846; elected to the Secretaryship in 1848, in his twenty-first year; held the appointment for thirty years, and was then elected by the Governors on the Committee, which he resigned after sixteen years' service. With an extensive estate agency he also held appointments as Receiver of Income and Assessed Taxes, Clerk to the Park Lighting and Watching, Registrar of Births and Deaths, and Secretary of the Midland Counties' Building Society; commenced business as stock and share broker in 1863, and has carried on the profession since, being associated later with his eldest son; has taken part on several local committees as hon. member, viz.: for the placing of the west window of stained glass in St. Mary's Church to the memory of the late Thomas Adams, a window to the memory of the Rev. Francis Morse, the statue to the late Samuel Morley, and the bronze bust of the late Major White at the Castle, etc.; served as vicar's churchwarden at All Saints' Church for eleven years; a co-optative Governor of the Nottingham High School; originated the Old Boys' Scholarship at the High School of £60 per annum. Is a prominent member of the Masonic body; joined the Commercial Lodge in 1850, and filled all the important offices, and finally was made Senior Warden of the Provincial Grand Lodge; has filled the office of Provincial Grand H in the Arch Degree, is a Past Grand Deacon of the Mark Degree, and has held all the important offices of the Rose Croix Chapter and Knight Templars Degree,

Marriott.Claud Alfred Marriott, Tattershall Drive, The Park, Nottingham; fifth son of the late William Marriott, a stock and sharebroker, and representative of the Imperial Insurance Company, Ltd.; born at Nottingham; educated at Nottingham High School. Articled to the late John Everall, solicitor, of Nottingham; admitted Solicitor, 1882, and commencing to practise in the same year; in 1887, in conjunction with his father, was a joint representative of the Imperial Insurance Company, which Company, since his father's death, he continues to represent at their Nottingham office, the Imperial Insurance Buildings, Victoria Street.

Mayor.George Mayor, George Street, Worksop, Notts; son of Joseph Mayor; born at Worksop in 1826; educated at the late William Coates' Academy, Park Place, Worksop. Articled to and received a legal training with a Mr. H. Owen, of Worksop; established business in the early fifties as auctioneer, valuer and estate agent, and is agent for a number of local estates; formerly, and for twenty-one years, Assistant Overseer and Collector for the parish of Worksop, also for some time Assessor of Taxes; for several years member of the local Board and a Guardian of the Poor, but years ago relinquished all these posts to attend to private business affairs; pioneer of town improvements, having purchased the freehold and developed George Street in i860, this being the first street so locally dealt with; built the Criterion Public Hall in 1875, and executed other building improvements in various parts of the town. Married, in 1852, Harriett, daughter of George Barrett, of Sheffield.

Morris.Charles Morris, The Lodge, Radcliffe-on-Trent; member of a family of yeomen farmers and landowners, who for three or four centuries have farmed land on the estate of Lord Manvers, their interest being handed down from father to son; born at Cotgrave in 1853; educated under private tuition, and was the first pupil to enter the gates of Trent College; also the first Captain of the school; became a playing member of the cricket club, and also played for many clubs. Articled to the late Richard Grundy in 1867, and entered into partnership with him in 1874, this continuing till Mr. Grundy's death in 1879; practised alone for several years, and then took Mr. W. J. Place into partnership, the firm now being Morris and Place, auctioneers, valuers, and estate agents; became a Fellow of the Institute of Surveyors in 1890, and holds the appointment, under the Finance Act, of Valuer to the Notts County Council; Director of Shirbrook Gas Company, Tuxford Gas Company, the Midland Counties Mutoscope Company, etc. Married, in 1877, Kate, eldest daughter of the late John Grundy. Recreations: shooting, fishing and golf.

Mosley.William Mosley, 8, Churchville, Old Radford, Nottingham; son of Samuel Knight Mosley, who for many years was one of the most prominent estate agents in Nottingham; born at Nottingham in 1855; educated at the High School. After leaving school, embarked in the lace trade, in which he remained for twelve years, but on his father's health failing, he took over the control of the estate agency, and on the death of Mr. Mosley, senior, succeeded him. Recreations: cricket, football, and particularly tennis.

Neale.Charles Cooper Neale, Milton Street, Nottingham; son of the late Thomas Neale, for many years one of the most prominent auctioneers in Nottinghamshire, in association with the late Mr. Pott, their business having been founded in 1853; born at Nottingham in 1865; educated privately. After leaving school, entered his father's office, and some years later was taken into partnership; since his father's death he has assumed sole control, and continues to practise as an auctioneer, vainer, and estate agent; a member of the Constitutional Club.

Scottorn.George Hickling Parker Scottorn, 47, Burford Road, Notts; son of the late William Scottorn, hosiery manufacturer, Nottingham; born at Nottingham, 5th June, 1875; educated at Nottingham High School. Articled with W. Whitehead and Son, and when he completed was appointed to managership of an auctioneer's business in Leicestershire; afterwards returned to Nottingham and started to practise as auctioneer, valuer and estate agent; is a Freemason and a keen follower of football and cricket.

Wardle.Joseph Wardle, College House, Chilwell, Notts; son of Joseph Wardle, farmer, in the Peak of Derbyshire; commenced his education at the village school, and completed it under a private tutor. Afterwards accepted a position as missioner on the staff of the Manchester City Mission, where he became acquainted with the late revered and beloved General Gordon, to whom he became strongly attached, and a lengthy correspondence and friendship ensued; from this post he was promoted to Assistant Chaplain at the Royal Infirmary, where his work consisted principally in daily visiting the beds of the suffering and dying; here his health failed, and outside occupation being strongly recommended, he accepted a position under the Prudential Assurance Company, Ltd., of which he is now an Inspector, the highest appointment any officer holds outside the London office; has recently been elected a member of Notts County Council; is a Wesleyan Methodist, and has worked untiringly in connection with that church for nearly forty years, having filled every office that is open to a layman. Married, and has two children living.

Whitehorn.John T. Whitehorn, 7, Villa Road, Nottingham; son of the late J. T. Whitehorn, of London; born and educated in London. For nearly thirty years has been prominently associated with the Licensed Victuallers' Trade in various parts of the country; since 1872 has practised as an auctioneer and valuer in this city, and during the time has been entrusted with many important matters by the Corporation; during the local development of the Great Central Railway, he acted as Valuer and Negotiator in a number of cases, among which were some of considerable magnitude, both for and against the Company ; Fellow of the Auctioneers' Institute; offices: The Mart, Thurland Street, Nottingham; he has long been permanently associated with Freemasonry in Nottingham, and has been Secretary of the club for many years.

Wilson.Thomas Wilson, Fernbank, Arthur Street, Nottingham; son of Nathaniel Wilson, farmer; born at Heather, in Leicestershire, in 1854; educated at the Rev. Mr. Jerram's School, Kegworth. Was junior partner in the firm of Buck and Company, auctioneers and valuers, in the borough of London; removed and commenced business in Nottingham in 1881; represented the parish of Kegworth for five years as Waywarden; was Senior Vice-Chairman of the Loughborough Highway Board; Director of the Kegworth Gas Company, Ltd; has been twice President of the Nottingham Proprietory Bowling Green, and twice President of the Notts Commercial Cricket Club; been an enthusiastic follower of the Quorn Hounds, and fond of all outdoor sports. Married, in 1879, Mary Carr, only child of the late William Henry Watts, of the Market Place, Nottingham.

Woodhouse.William Henry Woodhouse, 316, Mansfield Road, Carrington; son of the late Thomas Woodhouse, lace manufacturer; born 1856; educated privately. At the age of sixteen embarked in the coal trade, and at twenty-one became the agent of Barber, Walker and Company, of the Eastwood Collieries; about five years ago started as stock and share broker, and took into partnership George Edward Green, the firm now being Woodhouse and Green; Director of the Imperial Cycle Company, and connected with several other public companies in Nottingham; for twenty years a member of the Notts Rowing Club. Married, in 1888, Laura, second daughter of the late W. B. Smith, lace manufacturer.