Geoffrey Alselin, 1086.
Robert de Caux, 1140 = Basike, daughter of Geoffrey Alselin.
Robert de Caux, d. 1186.
Matilda de Caux, d. 1224 = Adam de Birkin.
John de Birkin.
Thomas de Birkin, d. 1230.
Isabella de Birkin, d. 1251 = Robert de Everingham.
Adam de Everingham, d. 1280.
Robert de Everingham, d. 1287.
Adam de Everingham, d. 13 41.
Adam de Everingham, d. 1387.
Reginald de Everingham, d. 1398.
Katherine de Everingham (niece of Reginald) = Sir John Etton,
d. 1433. Miles Etton, d. 1438. Isabella Etton = John Roos, d. 1458. William Roos. Humphrey Roos, d. 1521 = Anne Restwold, niece of Archbishop
Rotherham. Francis Roos, d. 1578. Peter Roos, d. 1605. Gilbert Roos, d. 1621.
Sold Manor to George Villiers, Marquis of Buckingham, 1618.
Duke of Buckingham sold Manor to Sir William Courten, 1625.
William Courten, son of above, sold Manor to Robert Pierrepoint, 1st Earl of Kingston, in 1640. William Pierrepoint, 2nd son of above, d. 1679. Robert Pierrepoint, 3rd Earl of Kingston, grandson of above, d. 1681. William Pierrepoint, 4th Earl of Kingston, d. 1690. Evelyn Pierrepoint, 5th Earl of Kingston, Duke of Kingston 1715, d. 1726.
Evelyn Pierrepoint, 2nd Duke of Kingston, d. 1773 (grandson
of above). Elizabeth Pierrepoint, Duchess of Kingston, wife of above,
d. 1788. Charles Medows, Viscount Newark, 1796, 1st cousin of 2nd
Duke, created Earl Manvers 1806, d. 1816 (took name of
Pierrepoint). Charles Herbert Pierrepoint, 2nd Earl Manvers, d. 1860. Sydney William Herbert Pierrepoint, 3rd Earl Manvers, d. 1900. Charles William Sydney Pierrepoint, 4th Earl Manvers, d. 1926. Evelyn Robert Pierrepoint, 5th Earl Manvers.

Prepared for the Parish of Laxton by C. S. and C. S. Orwin, from the MSS. of the late Rev. C. B. Collinson, Vicar of Laxton, the Transactions of the Thoroton Society, manorial records and deeds at Thoresby, and other original sources.

Correction: for Pierrepoint read Pierrepont.