The Vicars of Mansfield. (x)

1280 Ralph Clerc de Maunsfield. 1508 Joh. Crosby.
1282 Roger de Mauncefield. 1517 Will. Clerk.
1305 Will, de Leverton. 1557 Christopher Granger.
1309 Hugo de Cubleye. Christopher Parker.
1322 Hen. de Maunesfield (Y) 1574 Jac. Bretyn.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Z) 1592 Bryan Britton, sep. 1628.
1350 Petr. de East Drayton. 1628 John Price (possibly ejected, 1648).
1361 Will, de Beckhampton . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
(A) sepult. 1372. 1654 John Firth, sep. 1699.
1372 Adam Matson (B). 1699 Geo. Mompesson (C).
1378 Joh. Bate, Junior, de Arnall. 1722 William Mompesson.
1387 Wm. Spykke. 1737 James Badger, sep., 1752.
1393 Joh. Randolph. 1752 Septimus Plumtpre,sep.,1782.
1403 Will Bertham vel Bergholm. 1782 John Durham, sep., 1813.
1409 Tho Restwet vel Westweyte. 1813 Thomas Cursham, sep., 1868.
1437 Joh. Smyth. 1868 Henry L. Bennett.
1468 Jac. Heyton, sepult, 1475. 1873 Alfred Pavey.
1475 Robert Blackwell. 1900 Hubert S. Arkwright.
1480 Robert Colyngham, M.A. 1903 Alfred H. Prior.
1497 Ric. Jekyll. 1911 Francis J. Adams.
1505 Robt. Blackwell. 1919 Hubert L. Marsh.

(X) From the Torre MS., corrected by our own Parish Registers.
(y) In 1309 and 1311 this man, Chancellor of Oxford University, Fellow of Merton, where he placed stained glass in the College Chapel 1311, Rector of Flintham 1314, Dean of Lincoln 1315, offered and declined Bishoprick of Lincoln 1319, Canon of Carlisle, where his will proved 1328. He must have been at Carlisle during the unseemly dispute between Bishops and Canons, concerning the property of the Cathedral.
(Z) There is evidently a gap here. The unknown Vicar very possibly succumbed to the Black Death, which fell Plague made so many gaps in the ranks of the Clergy.
(A) Willed to be buried in the Chancel. Probably the stone that bears the effigy of the Priest in the South Chapel was the lid of his coffin.
(B) Note introduction of the surname cr super name, and how it is formed.
(C) After considerable research we have little hesitation in saying that George and William Mompesson were the son and grandson of the Hero of Eyam. When the plague was over, the bereaved Vicar accepted the living of Eakring, and removed thither with his infant boy and girl. The boy—George—became Vicar of Mansfield, 1699—a preferment perhaps obtained for him by his father, who had refused the Deanery of Lincoln. In 1704 he was appointed to Barnborough, which he continued to hold until his death in 1731, having contrived to resign Mansfield to his son William in 1722. William, in 1721, married at Blidworth Elizabeth, the only daughter of Mr. John Chappel, of Woodhouse, and six of his beautiful children were baptised in our Church. Of Anne, who died in 1799, we have spoken on page 32. George Mompesson, a Prebendary of Southwell, was buried at Barnborough, 1731; and Mrs. William Mompesson was buried with her two infant children the same year in our Church. W. Mompesson was buried at Waddingham, Lincolnshire. Apparently he was not Vicar of Mansfield at his death.