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PLATE XII. The Charter of King Philip and Queen Mary constituting the Vicar and Churchwardens a Corporation to hold Church Purposes.
PLATE XII. The Charter of King Philip and Queen Mary constituting the Vicar and Churchwardens a Corporation to hold Church Purposes.

Philip and Mary by the grace of God King and Queen of England, Spain, France, the two Sicilies, Jerusalem, and Ireland, Defenders of the Faithe, Archdukes of Austria, Dukes of Burgundy, Milan, and Brabant, Counts of Hapsburg, Flanders, and the Tyrol, To ALL to whom these present letters come, greeting. WHEREAS Dame Cicily Flogan, widow, in the time of Henry VIII., was seised as for an Estate, called the Harte, with certain lands appertaining to the same, of the clear annual value of five pounds six shillings and eightpence. AND WHEREAS by her last will she gave premises in Maunsfield for the support of a priest to celebrate Divine service in the Chapel of S. Lawrence, in the Church of Mansfield, for the soul of Cicily Flogan, for the term of 99 years (which term is still unexpired) . . . Which premises came back to the hands of our brother (Edward VI.) by virtue of an Act of Parliament for the dissolution of various chantries. . . . KNOW YE that we constitute Christopher Granger, Clerk, now Vicar of the Parish Church of Mansfield, and William Wylde and John Chambers, now Churchwardens, governors of the lands and possessions of the Parish Church aforesaid, and ordain that they are to have a common seal for the purpose of transacting and completing all business. . . . And under the same name they are to have power to acquire the gift of any other lands or tenements. . . . And also we have given all that one tenement with its appurtenances now or formerly in the tenure of John Hayton situate in Mansfield . . . formerly parcel of the land held in common among ten chantrey priests, called "Le tenne Chantry priestes land" in Mansfield (L) . . . which premises now amount to the clear annual value of £6 3s. 8d. To have hold and enjoy the aforesaid messuages, cottages, and lands. . . for the support of one chaplain or priest to celebrate divine service in the Parish Church. . . . And by these presents we grant to the Vicar and Churchwardens . . . that they may have these our letters patent under our great seal of England. . . . In witness whereof we have caused to be made these our letters patent . . . at Westminster, the 23rd Feb., in the 4th and 5th years of our reigns.

L) The remnant of this mansion stands up the old White Lion Yard, and can be best seen from Mr. Holt's timber yard. It was previous to 1554 and up to 1842, leased by the Vicar and Wardens from the Collegiate Chapter of Southwell.

Thos. Haxey, Prebendary of Rampton, left in 1424 land to be held in common by the Ten Chantrey Priests of Southwell. He also built them a common lodging-house.