George Butcher's shop frontage


THE business of Geo. E. Butcher, Ltd., Goldsmith, Jeweller, Diamond Merchant, Watch Maker, and Manufacturing Silversmith, Smithy Row, is a striking example of the old adage, that, "nothing succeeds like success." Established in 1889, in a comparatively small way, it has rapidly come to the front, being at the present time beyond question the leading establishment in the Midlands. This is the fruits of making a study of the requirements of the purchasing public, by having always, the best possible selection of the class of goods that can be recommended with the greatest confidence.

Mr. Geo. E. Butcher having a large and practical experience in all branches of the trade and person­ally selecting goods of the highest standard quality, and submitting them in the well-appointed show rooms with the utmost courtesy, at the same time studying the purse of his Customers by always giving them the most genuine value for money, the business has attained a high reputation, and it is very evident by the manner the business is conducted it is certain ot increasing success. In conclusion we can with confidence recommend a visit of inspection, when the pleasure of seeing such a collection of both useful and ornamental goods will well repay you.

In connection with the premises are extensive and well-fitted workshops for the repairing and restoring of all classes of goods, a special feature being the attention given to the cleaning and adjusting of watches, including chronometers, repeaters, and all of the newest high-class work; jewellery, gem work, clocks, and silverwork receive the utmost care and attention by experienced workmen under the direct supervision of Mr. Geo. E. Butcher, thus ensuring the greatest satisfaction to his customers.