A Woodward shop frontage


THIS old established business of Furriers (founded in the year 1830) and patronised by "Queen Adelaide" in the Autumn of 1841, is believed to be the only one in Nottingham having so long a record of practical associations with the Fur trade in all its, varied branches.

Miss Ada Woodward, the proprietress, who personally conducts and superintends this depart­ment possesses more than ordinary knowledge of its difficult and technical details.

Here is to be seen one of the largest and best selected stocks of furs in the Midland Counties.

An important branch of this department is the work room, where competent fur workers are engaged in the making up of furs of every kind, special attention being given to alterations and repairs of seal jackets, fur lined cloaks, &c., &c.

The above speciality is supplemented by departments under qualified management for Gentle­men's Head wear and Travelling goods in all their variation.