Coombs' Flour Mill

COOMBS' Eureka Aerated FLOUR Co., Ltd.

THE commercial history of Nottingham contains no more noteworthy instance of successful industrial enterprise and rapid trading development than that which is presented in the present-day operations of the important undertaking we name at the head of this notice, and none more entitled to be included in a work descriptive of the various phases of local manufactures. Originally established on a somewhat modest scale in the year 1885, in St. Ann's Well Road, by Mr. W. A. Coombs, the business has made rapid and continuous progress. The original premises, becoming inadequate to the space requirements of the growing business, were five years after its inception, transferred to more extensive ones in Stanford Street, and the well-nigh phenomenal growth of the concern may be appreciated when we state that the output during the first year's operations (1885) had multiplied itself two hundred times in these few years, and an output of so many thousand pounds in weight had become millions, and it soon again became necessary to seek extended accommodation. To this end a fresh site was acquired on Lenton Boulevard, one of Nottingham's most charming thoroughfares, where, at the foot of the celebrated Nottingham Castle Rock, shewn in our illustrations, were erected the splendid new buildings which furnish an outward and visible sign of the Company's well-doing.

It should be mentioned here that, from a dietetic point of view, "Eureka" Aerated Flour possesses properties which render it possible for the person with the weakest digestion to partake of cakes and pastry produced from it without fear of any unpleasant after results. The ingredients used in the preparation of "Eureka" Aerated Flour are quite innocuous and entirely free from alum or other adulteration. Its purity and perfect digestibility are fully established by numerous analytical tests, conducted from time to time by eminent experts.

The success that the "Eureka" Aerated Flour has achieved has led to the introduction of other food, specialities, each one perfect of its kind, and in the preparation of which the same scientific study and minute care has been displayed, amongst which special mention may be made of Coombs' Custard Powder, a rich high-class dainty; Coombs' Blanc Mange Powder, in lemon, strawberry, pine-apple, vanilla, and raspberry flavours, etc., suitable for all seasons and all climates; Coombs' Egg Powder, which is a perfect substitute for eggs; Coombs' Light Pastry Powder, indispensable in either cottage or mansion; it makes, without the addition of yeast or baking powder, delicious bread, cakes, pastry, or puddings. This speciality is recommended where plain flour instead of Coombs' Eureka Self-Raising Flour is in use. Coombs' Malted Food, most suitable for invalids and infants, it is exceptionally nutritious, invigorating, and extremely palatable; Coombs' Fruit Saline, which makes a refreshing and invigorating drink; and Coombs' Lady Cake Flour, indispensable for making cakes. The whole of these preparations are tastefully packed in packets and boxes and at prices to suit the million, ranging as they do from one penny per packet upwards. The firm also supply Farrar's lsobel Pastry Roller, the rights in which have become their property by purchase.