OUR illustration shews Long Row and part of the Market Place on one of the old-time market days. Where Deverill's boot manufactory existed now stands Messrs. Griffin and Spalding's spacious premises, and further along in the place of the old-established umbrella business of Pickering, stands the handsome building now known as the "Mikado Cafe.

The Great Market Place is credited with being the most open spacious market place in Great Britain, having an area of nearly five-and-a-half acres. Shortly after the Norman Conquest a wall was built herein to separate the two races in their various business transactions; but this was demolished in 1712, when the Queen granted "to the mayor and burgesses of Nottingham, and their successors, that they might have and hold annually for ever at the town of Nottingham, aforesaid, certain fairs at stated periods of the year, for the buying and selling, in these fairs or markets, cattle, sheep, and all and every sort of goods and merchandise whatsoever that are commonly bought and sold in fairs or markets."