The Curtain Manufacturers (Nottingham), Limited, Alfred Street Mills, Nottingham.

Nottingham lace has a world-wide reputation for excellence, and the products of the Curtain Manufacturers (Nottingham) Ltd. are of the finest quality, upholding the high traditions of the City's ancient industry.

The Curtain Manufacturers (Nottingham) Ltd. are the successors of the well-known firm which, under the title of A. Gregory & Co. Ltd., was founded over forty years ago.

The object of the new Company is to continue the business on more up-to-date lines, and with this end in view, modern improvements have recently been made in the machinery. Their goods, therefore, meet the requirements of the present day in design, and in quality their usual high standard is maintained.

The firm does an extensive business both at home and abroad, and the great attention paid to detail and finish grarantees satisfaction to all clients.

The business is in a position to make all products of the Lace Curtain machine, such as lace curtains, nets, blinds, laces, squares, runners, side board covers, afternoon tea cloths, bed spreads, vitrage nets, brise-bise, etc., in coarse, medium and fine gauges at keenly competitive prices.

Inspection of the plant of machines by prospective customers is invited.

Samples are sent on application and orders are solicited. All enquiries receive prompt attention.

Registered Office—Peas Hill Road, Nottingham.
Telephone—Nottingham 21.

Bentley & Clifton Ltd., Lace Manufacturers, Commerce Square, Nottingham.

This firm, established in 1913, has gained renown for its productions in the British Isles and Dominions.

Laces for all purposes are manufactured by them ; the range of patterns and suitable styles ranging from the Baby's Outfit right onward to My Lady's Wedding apparel. Also unique designs in Furniture adornment, adding beauty and enchantment to the home.

Visitors from overseas are welcomed at all times, and will be given every opportunity of viewing our range of manufactures.

List of our representatives: London (Wholesale)—Mr. James Christall, 8 Paternoster Row, London, E.C.; London (Making- up)—Mr. A. T. Jarvis, 1 St. Georges Avenue, Aldermanbury, E.C.I; Canada: Montreal—Messrs. J. Dudgeon & Co., 809 Unity Buildings, Montreal; Toronto—Mr. Geo. F. Morley, Empire Buildings, 64 Wellington Street West, Toronto, 2 ; London (Ship­ping)—Messrs. Henry Markham & Sons, 33 Old Change, London, E.C. ; Manchester (Wholesale and Makers-up)—-Messrs. Mumford & Kaye Ltd., 5 Lever Street, Manchester; Manchester (Shipping)—Messrs. M. H. Thacker & Son, Baltic Chambers, Piccadilly, Manchester; Australia—Mr. Arthur Whitney, 706 Australia House, Wynyard Square, Sydney France—Mr. Victor Le Tort, 4 Passage Violet, Paris; South Africa—Messrs. W. Chappell & Co., 45 Castle Street, Cape Town; also in Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Rhodesia and Windhuk; India—Messrs. M. Latifullah & Sons, Chandni Chowk, Delhi; Egypt—- Messrs. Gibara Freres & Co., 12 Rue Tewfick, Alexandria; Holland—Mr. N. V. W. Neiuwenhuis, P.O. Box 27, Amsterdam; Greece—Mr. Const. C. Zaphiriadis, Thracivoulou No. 10, Le Piree ; New Zealand—Messrs. G. Bacon & Co., 51/2 City Chambers, Queen Street, Auckland; Trinidad—The Lewsey Company Ltd., 35 Henry Street, Port-of-Spain; who will always be pleased to show our articles to any bona fide merchants within their territory.

Telephone—Nottingham 5703. Cables and Telegrams—" Tassels, Nottingham." 

Arts and Crafts, 2 Park Row, Nottingham and 40 The Strand, Derby.

The opening of this Salon two years ago was a novel experiment to introduce to Nottinghamshire lovers of beauty, artistic and beautiful things for use or ornament made entirely by hand and expressive of individuality and taste.

It was felt that there were many residents in the City who would appreciate objects made by ingenious brains and skilful fingers, especially when they were the result of local talent, and this idea of the founders has been justified.

The work displayed in the Salon is of every description, and shows an astonishing range of originality, taste, and aptitude. It includes hand-tooled leather, beaten silver, copper and brass, jewellery, basketry, hand-woven fabrics, drawnthread work, pottery, table linen, wood-work, barbola and batik art, hand-painted lampshades, mural decorations and hand-made toys.

Most of the handicraft workers are girls and women, and the objects displayed come from all districts of England; also from Scotland, Ireland and abroad. Some of the work is done for the mere love of it, some as a source of pin-money, and some to eke out slender means. In many cases there is an element of pathos in the production, which differentiates these activities from ordinary commercial undertakings. Prices range from a few pence to seventy guineas, and where special wants cannot be supplied from stock, orders may be placed for articles to harmonise with special schemes of decoration and to suit the purse of an intending purchaser.

Telephones—Nottingham 2759, Derby 1771.

The Victoria Station Hotel, Nottingham.

Situated in the vicinity of the Victoria Station (L. & N. E. Railway) and the main business and amusement centres of the City, this Hotel offers unrivalled facilities to the business man and pleasure seeker, Moreover, there is excellent garage accom­modation opposite the Hotel.

Considerable extension and re-decoration schemes have recently been carried out, and fifty bedrooms with running hot and cold water have been added. There is a Hair-dressing Saloon, Dining Room with seating capacity for 300 persons, Coffee Room, Grill Room, spacious Lounge, Billiard Rooms, Commercial Room, and large Stockrooms.

A speciality is made of catering for public dinners, civic functions, wedding receptions, etc.

The outstanding feature of the establishment may be said to be that indefinable "atmosphere" which is indicative of warm welcome to guests, who, whether on business or pleasure bent, find in the Victoria Station Hotel "a Home from a home." The tariff is moderate, and may be had on application to the Manager.

Telephone—3950, 3951, 3952.
Telegrams—"Central. Nottingham " 

The County Hotel (Nottingham Hotels Limited), Theatre Quadrant, Nottingham.

The above is a first-class Family and Commercial Hotel situated in the centre of the city and convenient to the business quarters and public amusements.

It is fully licensed and bears the appointments of the R.A.C. and A.A.

Having a Grill which leaves nothing to be desired, Rest Room and new Lounge (open to non-residents)and every floor served by an electric lift, it offers to the visitor and resident alike every comfort and convenience of an up-to-date establishment.

Telephone—Hotel Office 4904 ; Visitors 4332.
Telegrams—" County Hotel."

G. M. Webster, Builders' Ironmonger, Hurts Yard, 71 Upper Parliament Street, Nottingham.

Established 48 years ago by the late Mr. G. M. Webster, and now carried on by his son, Mr. J. C. Webster, this firm has maintained its reputation for the supply of Ranges, Surrounds, Mantels, Bathroom fittings, Heating apparatus, etc. Their experience enables them to advise any who are intending building a new house or making alterations to their existing one.

Special attention is given to architects' specifications and to the individual requirements of each client. This firm has secured large contracts in connection with several local Housing schemes.

The numerous clients whose cooking and heating arrangements have been satisfactorily installed would testify to the efficient manner in which this class of work is executed. Those interested are invited to inspect the Showrooms, as they contain a fine display of the very latest 'n all that pertains to kitchen and bathroom fitments, also fireside comfort and economy.

This firm is agent for all the well-known makers of the various items mentioned, including the "Devon" and "Well" fires; "Herald," "Sherwood," and "Excelsior" Ranges; also "Triplex," "Yorkist," "Unique," and "Interoven" Combination Grates, a large variety of which are on show.

Telephone—Nottingham 438.
Telegrams—" Webster, Ironmonger, Nottingham." 

George K. Day, High Cross Street, Nottingham.

Although this is not an old-established firm it has, during the three years of its existence, secured a most successful business relationship with firms in and about Nottingham.

It supplies both single and folded yarns, Egyptian and American, in bundle, on cheese, cone, etc., for hosiery, lace curtain and plain net manufacturers and woollen yarn for the hosiery trade.

This firm has been favoured with the sole agency for Nottingham and District of Messrs. R. & J. Halroyd Ltd., Holywell Green, Halifax, and Messrs. J. Dewhirst & Co. Ltd., Valley Mills, Elland.

The private Limited Company of Messrs. R. & J. Holroyd Ltd. was founded by Richard and Joseph Holroyd in 1833. They are makers of high-class yarns in counts 8/24 in ring spun single yarns and 16/44 in mule spun yarns, two, three and four fold yarns in both twiner and frame. Grandrelle, coloured yarns and mixtures are specialities (90,000 spindles).

The firm of Messrs. J. Dewhirst & Co. Ltd. was established in 1860. They are makers of all Botany yarns, white and coloured, for the Hosiery trade (20,000 spindles).

Telephone—Nottingham 6199. 

Baker, Halford & Sons, Estate Agents, Rent Collectors, Valuers, Insurance Brokers, St. Peter's Gate, Nottingham.

Founded in 1865, the firm of Baker, Halford & Sons, have had a long and varied experience of every class of property in Nottingham and district and are specialists in all departments of estate management. They are acknowledged as com­petent and experienced valuers of real estate, and for rating, insurance, probate, etc.

Complete management of estates is undertaken and carried out efficiently; careful supervision is given to all details; rents are collected and statements with balances promptly rendered.

Quotations are given and all kinds of insurances effected through leading offices. Expert advice may be had on all points connected with fire insurance risks, inventories made, dilapidations scheduled.

There is an efficient staff to deal with all branches of the business.

A Register of properties to be sold or let is published monthly, and the firm are sole distributors of the Nottingham edition of the Homefinder, which will be sent free on application.

The firm has branches operating at 65 Henry Road, West Bridgford, Main Street Bulwell, Stockwell Gate, Mansfield and Market Place, Shirebrook.

Partners: H. B. Halford, F.A.I., and L. R. Halford.

Enquiries will be welcomed and will have prompt and careful attention.

Telephone—2129 & 2130 (2 lines).
Telegrams—"Estate, Nottingham."

Sam Ward & Sons Limited, Automobile Engineers and Motor Agents, Victoria Garage, Trinity Square, Nottingham.

In order to keep pace with the progressive character of the City of Nottingham (well described as "Queen of the Midlands"), Mr. Sam Ward has recently established this business in most commodious premises in the centre of the City in close proximity to the Victoria Station and the principal Hotels.

The premises were built especially for the purpose of the Sale, Repair and Garaging of Cars, and having been used in this capacity for some years, they are well known to the motoring fraternity of Nottingham and district.

Although the Company is a new one, Mr. Sam Ward has been for over twenty-five years intimately connected with the Motor trade, having been principal manager for Mr. Robert Cripps during the whole of his business career. He is therefore fully competent to meet the requirements of all classes of motorists, and supplies all types of car from the compact and handy little "Morris" two-seater to the well-appointed and luxurious "Daimler" or "Rolls-Royce."

In spite of his long experience Mr. Ward is still a young man and is thoroughly abreast of all modern developments in the Industry, and he has the advantage of being supported by his two sons, both of whom have been well trained in the practical side of the business.

The Garage in Trinity Square forms a most convenient halting place for all visitors to the city; not only is there a two- floor accommodation for cars, but there is also a plentiful supply of tyres, petrol, oils and accessories always in stock.

Telephone— ( Nottingham 1867. 

J. & S. Farr Ltd., Electrical Engineers and Contractors, 18 & 20 Parliament Street, Nottingham.

This firm was established in 1865 and has been carrying on electrical engineering since that date, and specialises in electric lighting for houses, factories, and everything appertaining to same. Also in electric lighting plants for country houses.

Installations of electric power for all classes of work are carried out. A special staff of electricians for carrying out repairs, etc., to the electrical equipment on cars, are employed, and the overhaul of any make of accumulator. The firm can supply from stock ready charged batteries to fit any type of car.

The firm also specialize in the installation and reapir of any make of wireless set, and keep only experienced men for this particular work.

The electricians employed are fully skilled in every respect, and high-class workmanship is guaranteed.

Telegrams—"Farr, Electrician, Nottingham."