G. W. Darby, China and Glass Dealers, 30 Market St., Nottingham, and 30 Leeming St., Mansfield.

This old-established firm has carried on the business of China and Glass Merchants for the last seventy years in Market Street, although they have not always occupied the same extensive premises as at present, which are so centrally situated and well adapted for the display and sale of the most exquisite productions of the Potter's Art.

The firm claim to be the largest china and glass emporium in the Midlands, and a visit to their Show Rooms will confirm this and prove even more interesting than any museum.

G. W. Darby's is stored with the most up-to-date novelties produced by the best makers in the world, which it is a pleasure to record are still British.

The charm of good cut-glass and good china never fails—they are inanimate objects that have an irresistible attraction.


The Clifton Colliery Company Limited, Nottingham.

The Colliery is named after its founder, Sir Robert Clifton, M.P., who commenced sinking operations in 1868. The late Mr. Saul Isaac, M.P., acquired the pit and turned the business into a Company in 1876. There was a complete change in control in 1926. The present Chairman of the Company is Mr. Robert Claytor. The present General Manager is Mr. H. N. Berry.

The seams worked are the well-known Deep Hard Seam of Coal producing Steam Coal of an excellent quality, and the Deep Soft Seam of Coal producing an excellent House Coal, in addition to which there are other well-known seams yet untouched which will shortly be developed. The output of coal is about 1,500 tons daily.

Nottingham, London, and the South of England are the principal markets for this coal; but coal is also supplied into Lancashire and the Eastern Counties; and also stocks are well screened in various sizes to suit all requirements of industry.

The Colliery is served by both of the principal Railways in the Midlands, viz., L.M. & S. and L. & N.E. Railways.

Telephones—Nottingham 33 & 34 (two lines). Telegrams—"Clifton, Nottingham."

Registered Address—Colliery Road, Nottingham. 

The Reliance Engineering Co. Consulting Mechancial and Electrical Engineers, Ironfounders, Etc., Alfreton Road, Holden Street, and Burke Street, Nottingham.

This business was originally established in 1860. In 1915 it was taken over by the present proprietor, who as a result of his long and varied experience in textile, motor car, aerial and electrical engineering businesses completely reorganised this concern. He has also re-planned entire plants, and designed all the jigs for airship building, etc.

Since 1915 the firm has steadily but rapidly progressed, and the business is now regarded generally as the principal purely repairs shop in the district, being fully equipped with all the latest machinery and fittings, complete with forge, foundry, pattern shop, gear-cutting machinery and electrical workshop, including armature winding.

The Reliance Engineering Co. specialises in all classes of repairs, both mechanical and electrical, and is in a unique position to execute any class of job. Steam, gas, oil and petrol engines; pumps of every description; hoists; lifts; telephones, bells and magnetos are among the activities of this enterprising firm. Complete electric light installations are carried out and work is executed to customers' own drawings.

Extensive stocks of pulleys, hangers, bearings and shafting are always carried.

There are two retail shops situated at 101, Alfreton Road and Theatre Quadrant carrying large stocks of Wireless and Electrical accessories, etc.

Telephone—2216. Telegrams—-"Vitality, Nottingham."

Horwood & Toft Ltd., General Drapers, Furriers, Costumiers and Milliners, South Parade, Market Place, Nottingham.

This business was established some 63 years ago by the late Robert Pinder, and was acquired in May, 1926, by the present firm, who have thoroughly re-organised the interior and conduct of the business on up-to-date lines.

The object of the firm is to distribute ladies' and little girls' wearing apparel at popular prices. Their policy is to give Good Value, Courteous Service, and complete satisfaction with every purchase.

The public is invited to visit the store on any occasion to inspect the goods and compare quality and prices; this entails no obligation to purchase. The staff has been trained to know the real meaning of Service to the customer, and each individual endeavours to obtain an intelligent understanding of the customer's wishes, and possesses a keen desire to be helpful.

Horwood & Toft's premises are very central, being in the middle of the Market Place, easily accessible by tram and bus from all districts, and midway between L.M. & S. and L.N.E.R. stations.

The proprietors pride themselves on having the right goods at the right prices and the most obliging staff in Nottingham.

The present directors of the firm are Mr. H. S. Horwood (Governing Director), Mr. S. J. Toft (Managing Director). Registered offices—6 South Parade, Nottingham.


Thos. Forman & Sons, Printers, Nottingham.

In 1848, the late Thomas Forman acquired the business of Printer and Stationer on Long Row, Nottingham, which is reputed to date from 1713. In 1870, new premises were built in Sherwood Street, and the title became "Thos. Forman & Sons." Colour, general printing and the publication of newspapers were continued side by side until 1919, when under a dissolution of partnership, the colour and general printing business was completely separated from the newspapers, and the former retained the exclusive right to the title of "Thos. Forman & Sons."

In 1926, Thos. Forman & Sons completed their new factory in Hucknall Road, occupying an area of about five acres, and designed on the one-storey principle, with a second storey on three sides. In its construction some 20,000 tons of material, in addition to 2,000,000 bricks, have been used. It is roof-lighted, ensuring a maximum of daylight. It affords ample room for every operation, and is equipped with the most up-to-date machinery.

The reputation of Thos. Forman & Sons is built upon the quality of its work. Its customers, for many years, have been drawn from the largest advertisers in the country. It is in close collaboration with the most successful artists of the day and has at all times a large selection of pictures suitable as advertisements for different trades. Their reproduction is in the hands of the most capable artists procurable, by the latest methods and the newest processes.

Every effort has been made to promote the health, comfort and welfare of the employees. Kitchen and dining accommodation has been provided for 600 people. Reading and Recreation Rooms are in contact with the large Dining Hall, which is available for Social entertainments. Adjoining the factory is the Sports Ground of about 15 acres, which provides for cricket, football, tennis, hockey, bowls and allotment gardens.

In planning this modern factory it has been the object of this progressive firm to insure that the employees should work under ideal conditions, believing that thereby they secure the contentment and prosperity of their workpeople and also the truest economy.

Telegrams—"Forman, Nottingham." Telephone—Nottingham 163. Private Branch Exchange.

Postal Address—Thos. Forman & Sons, Nottingham. 

Blower Bros., Manufacturers and Wholesale Merchants, 34 Canal Street, Nottingham.

Blower Brothers are a young and virile firm, and are enabled, through efficient management, to offer keenest value in such everyday articles as Ropes and Twines, Hessians and other packing materials. They also specialise in all Linen, Cotton and Jute Cloths for use in manufacturing processes and sundry purposes ; and have a special Piece Goods Department, included in which are also Sheets, Towels, Table Cloths, etc.

It is difficult to enumerate all the lines catered for, but amongst others they make up Motor Hoods and Wind Screens, all kinds of Canvas Sacks and Coal Bags, Garden Tents, Deck Chairs, Hammocks, Sports Nets, etc.

Constant endeavour at all times is made to maintain consistent quality combined with keenest prices. Enquiries are solicited, and this firm can confidently quote competitive prices for large or small quantities.

Extensive stocks are carried of all lines, therefore immediate delivery can be effected.

Telegrams—" Blower Bros., 5373 Nottingham." 

The Universal Billposting Co. Limited, 22 & 24 Wollaton Street, Nottingham.

The above firm was established in 1898, and since its inception has been under one continuous management. Operating in Nottingham, Leicester and the districts surrounding these cities, and additionally through its subsidiaries the Sherwood and Bolsover Companies, the whole of the rich Coal and Agricultural area extending for twenty-five miles north of Nottingham is covered.

Apart from owning many hundreds of posting stations, a big business is done for various clients in placing posters in conspicuous positions in towns all over the British Isles.

All the most modern and progressive methods known to billposting are made use of.

Every facility is afforded clients for thoroughly investigating the systems employed by this enterprising firm.

Telephone—1297. Leicester Office (74 Halford Street), 'Phone 980. 

Foster, Cooper & Foster Ltd., Cabinet Makers, Upholsterers and Complete House Furnishers, 63 & 64 Long Row West, Wilford Crescent East, and 73 to 79 Upper Parliament Street, Nottingham.

This, the oldest business in the trade in Nottingham, was established in 1809 by Mr. C. Lock, being purchased by Mr. William Foster in 1845. It was converted into a private limited liability company in 1914.

The Chairman of Directors is Mr. W. Foster, and the Managing Directors are Messrs. W. H. Foster and L. Norman Tuck,

The business of which they have control is divided into the following departments: Cabinet Making, Upholstering, and Carpet Warehousing. These premises, it is interesting to note, stand on the site of the first brick building erected in the City. They have a frontage of 70 feet to Long Row, and one of 73 to Parliament Street, a depth of 240 feet, and a floor area of 2,000 square yards. There is always a well-selected and exhaustive stock of furniture, carpets, and soft goods in the Furniture Galleries, and the exceptional position occupied enables goods to be offered at competitive prices. Special attention is paid to the make and finish of all goods, so that only articles of reliable quality are stocked. A staff of expert designers is maintained, who can prepare and submit designs to suit customers' own requirements, or can follow up customers' own rough ideas in the most artistic and satisfactory way. Where desired, Messrs. Foster, Cooper & Foster Ltd. are prepared to undertake complete designing schemes, and a wide experience in this branch of their business renders their advice and suggestions particularly valuable. A speciality is made of ecclesiastical furniture and furnishing, and architectural woodwork receives the attention of an experienced staff, under the direct control of Mr. W. H. Foster, at the Cabinet Factory in Wilford Crescent East, which is fully equipped with all the latest machinery for turning out the highest class of work.

Household Removals and Warehousing. Removals by land or sea, by rail or motor, are undertaken, and the manner in which the work is performed gives the lie to the ancient saying that "Three moves are as bad as a fire." There is a fire-proof depository in Wilford Crescent East.

Mr. L. N. Tuck, Joint Managing Director, gives his own personal supervision to the business. For fourteen years he was with Messrs. John Barker & Co. Ltd., of Kensington, and was for several years Managing Buyer for their Furniture Department.

Telegrams—" Foster," Nottingham. 

Turney Brothers Limited, Trent Bridge Leather Works, Nottingham.

The above firm was founded in 1861 by Mr. Edward Turney and his brother John (now Sir John Turney). Two years later Edward Turney left and John Turney carried on the business.

The works now occupy three or four acres ; employ about 500 workpeople, and have branches in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Italy, etc. Originally the business dealt entirely in Sheepskin, but now a very large Calf business is also done. The chief products at present are Willow and Box Calf for boots and shoes, Crust and finished Skivers, Basils and Roans, Crust Oil Leather and finished Chamois, Hat Leathers, Chrome Sheep and Lambs for shoe linings. Motor Clothing, etc., and a large variety of fancy leathers.

Turneys are the largest Tanners of Willow Calf in England.

The firm has branches at London, Leicester and Manchester.

Sir John Turney, who is now over 88 years of age, is Chairman and Managing Director, and still takes a keen interest in the business. The other Members of the Board are Charles J. Pain, F.C.A. Vice-Chairman, Sir Arthur W. Black, and Messrs. John A. E. Turney and Douglas J. Law.

Telephones—Nottingham 5535, 5536, 5537 ; London, HOP 5482 ; Leicester 182.
Telegrams—"Turney, Nottingham" ; "Turnlieder, Boro, London"; "Turney, Leicester."