Abraham Pyatt & Co. Ltd., Timber Importers and Slate Merchants, Slaters, Tilers and Joinery Manufacturers, Canal Street, Nottingham.

One of the oldest sources of supply for timber in the Nottinghamshire district is that of Messrs. A. Pyatt & Co. Ltd., a firm founded by the late Alderman A. Pyatt (once Mayor and Sheriff of Nottingham) in the year 1863. The firm's extensive saw mills are of particular interest, for the site whereon they stand has been in the Pyatt family for several generations, and even in the time before the railways was a very busy centre of trade, for it is bounded on the south side by the canal, which at that time formed the principal means of transport. Now that the Trent Navigation scheme is completed, it is possible that once again this canal may assume its old importance, for it is connected by the Trent with the important Humber ports of Hull, Grimsby and Immingham.

Parts of the original warehouse were built hundreds of years ago, and are still used for the storage of timber, etc. ; the workmanship in these ancient premises is wonderfully sound and in spite of the wear and tear of centuries is in a good state of preservation. The mills have been equipped with up-to-date machinery by the present Director, Mr. J. E. Pyatt, for the manufacture of all classes of building material. The firm has maintained a uniformly high reputation for the class of work produced, and for the quality of timber maintained in an extensive and comprehensive stock. Slating and Tiling form an important part of the business, and many large contracts have been undertaken in these trades in various parts of the country. For many years Messrs. A. Pyatt & Co. Ltd. have been Agents for the slates produced at Lord Penrhyn's quarries at Bethesda, North Wales, and have consequently established a high reputation for the best class of work, for the high quality of these slates is known throughout the country.

Telephones—321; 6912. Telegrams—"Pyatt, Nottingham."

Sanderson's Express Ltd., General Carriers, Shipping, Forwarding and Insurance Agents, 23 Pilcher Gate, Nottingham.

The original firm of E. Sanderson & Co. was established in Nottingham in 1856, and after the death of Mr. Edward Sanderson the principal, in 1905, the business was, for family reasons, incorporated as a Limited Company, the title of the firm being altered to Sanderson's Express Ltd.

The Company have their own offices in London and Manchester with Agencies in most of the principal cities and towns of Great Britain and the Irish Free State, the Continent and Overseas, and have every facility for dealing with large or small consignments to every part of the Universe.

By virtue of its integrity and sound organisation, the business has steadily developed until now the name is universally known throughout the world in connection with the transport of all classes of goods.

It has always been the endeavour of the Company to give the best service obtainable, combined with economy and efficiency, and everything possible is done to facilitate the dispatch and early delivery of all traffic entrusted to their care, whether it be Provincial, Continental, or Overseas.


W. J. Furse & Co. Ltd., Electrical Engineers and Contractors, Traffic Street, Nottingham.

This business has progressed and expanded in line with the use of electricity, and there is no problem in which the application of electricity or method of utilisation of same features, that they are not fitted to solve and carry out successfully and economically.

With their expert staff, general facilities, and increased demand for their services, the business has automatically been split up into specialised Departments, in order that experts can give their undivided attention to that branch of the business on which they have concentrated for many years.

Installation Work. In the Electrical Installation Branch, covering lighting and power for all purposes, they have carried out complete equipments throughout the British Isles and on the Continent for Dock Yards, Public Institutions, Collieries, Steel and Engineering Works, Textile Factories and Mills, Blocks of Flats, Theatres, Cinemas, Country and Town Houses, and Factories, Works, Offices for hundreds of different trades, and have specialist engineers for each particular industry.

Lifts. In their Lift Branch, which is one of the applications of electricity which has undoubtedly made more rapid strides than any other in this country, they have kept well in front with the most modern practice, and their lifts have been installed in many of the most important buildings in all parts of the country, a large number of these being installed in the vicinity of their main Works and Head Office at Nottingham.

Lightning Conductors. This is a speciality for which the firm is known throughout the world, and they claim to be the largest manufacturers in Great Britain. They are consulted by many Government Departments, and, in passing, it is interesting to note that they manufactured and erected complete the lightning conductors recently fitted for the protection of the new London County Hall, Westminster, and the beautiful War Memorials which have been erected by both the British and Colonial Governments in this country and abroad as far distant as Cape Helles (Dardenelles), and Somme (France). In addition, it might be mentioned, that the protection provided for the Airship and Aeroplane Sheds in use during the late war, were also entrusted to this enterprising firm.

Telegrams—" Furse, Nottingham."

Trent Navigation Co., River and Canal Carriers, Wilford Street, Nottingham.

Nottingham is already well situated and will in the near future become much more so in regard to its transport facilities by water.

The Trent Navigation Company provides an excellent route for receiving and despatching goods at the Humber Ports. Prior to the War the navigation was improved and developed between the Humber and Newark, and this development is now in process of being extended to Nottingham, and these works will very soon be completed, when the Navigation will be far more efficient and economical in its working, as boats containing 100 tons of cargo will then be enabled regularly to pass between the Docks and Nottingham.

The advantage to a large commercial community in having this cheap and expeditious means of transport in active competition with the alternative means of transport will be apparent.

In addition to the navigation between Nottingham and the Humber there are river and canal facilities between Nottingham and Leicester, London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool etc., on which a regular service of barges is available.

The Trent Navigation Company's own depot in the centre of Nottingham is probably the finest Canal Depot in the country, and in addition, Messrs. Fellows Morton & Clayton Limited have excellent wharf and warehouse accommodation, and many merchants have their private waterside premises.

Telegrams—" Traffic, Nottingham." Telephone—2861 (P.B.E.) 

Smart & Brown Ltd., Cabinet Makers, Upholsterers, Carpet Warehousemen, and Decorators, 5, 7 & 9, Bridlesmith Gate, Nottingham.

Established between 60 and 70 years ago, this business is now under the Managing Directorship of a grandson of the founder. It ranks among the most important furnishing houses in the provinces and its operations extend to all parts of the world. The imposing building in which the business is carried on is well known, not only to Nottingham residents, but, also to those who are in the habit of visiting the city.

Unlike many large furnishing firms, Messrs. Smart & Brown are not factors who place on the market mass-production furniture, but have their own works for cabinet-making, upholstery and decorating. The importance of this is obvious, because one of the first requirements in the matter of furniture by people of good taste is that it should possess some individuality and not be supplied from a stock pattern which is being reproduced in large quantities.

In pursuance of this same idea—the satisfying of personal requirements and cultivated individual taste—Messrs. Smart & Brown have their own designing studio in which complete schemes of furnishing and decoration can be evolved for submission to clients. In some cases, the client may supply a rough, but quite definite, idea which the firm's designers proceed to elaborate in detail. In other cases, the studio may be given a free hand to suggest suitable methods of treatment for rooms of a given size and character. In either event, the firm have at their command the most competent artistic assistance, coupled with a specialised knowledge of the period styles in furniture and interior decoration.

In addition to carrying large stocks of furniture, carpets, fabrics, etc., Messrs. Smart & Brown Ltd. undertake removals and storage of furniture and have a specially built depository for dealing with the latter branch of business.

Telephone—3881 (2 lines). 

"Modern Home Builders (Nottm.) Ltd.," Dudley Chambers, Angel Row, Nottingham.

Situated on the eastern side of Mansfield Road, some 2½ miles from Nottingham Market Place, is the fine new building estate known as Woodthorpe.

Occupying a bracing position at an altitude of 250 feet above sea level and affording pleasant views of the surrounding country, it is a highly desirable spot in which to reside.

The estate is within easy distance from Nottingham, being five minutes from the Sherwood Corporation Tram Terminus (two minutes service) ; while the Arnold route cars pass the estate every ten minutes.

The land is freehold, and possession is given immediately upon payment of the deposit, the balance being payable, if desired, by instalments at a reasonable rate of interest.

Coming under the control of the Arnold U.D.C. assessments are low. The water supply is excellent. Gas and electricity are available, and the drainage system is conducted on the most up-to-date principles.

Local educational facilities are good, there being a number of council (including two secondary schools) and private schools in the vicinity ; while, of course, at Nottingham there is the University, already mentioned elsewhere in this Guide.

Further particulars can be obtained from Modern Home Builders Ltd.                                                               


Spencer Higson & Co., Technical Photographers, Process Engravers and Illustrators, 10 Angel Row, Nottingham.

"Good goods need good pictures" is not a meaningless phrase, and is particularly appropriate for the motto of a firm of progressive commercial and technical photographers and engravers. Nothing is more essential in modern publicity than expert photography, for when a first-class camera is supported by an experienced operator who understands the require­ments of picture-making that increases sales, the result is unrivalled as an advertising medium.

This firm specialises in the photographing of interiors and exteriors, machinery, manufactured articles, architectural subjects, furniture, paintings, etc., so as to lend emphasis to special features it is desired to give prominence to—which makes all the difference between ordinary photography and picture-making.

The ultimate end of all commercial advertising is the creation of a desire to buy something, and experience proves that one of the most successful methods is to present to the prospective purchaser a picture of the particular commodity it is desired to sell, presented in such a way that its quality and desirability are emphasized—the sales message is presented and understood at a glance. Moreover, when the picture is obviously reproduced from a real photograph it bears the unmistakable mark of truth, providing—and this is the point—the camera man knows his work and appreciates the importance of detail and the art of picture-making.

Spencer Higson & Co. also supply designs and illustrations for catalogues, show cards and posters, and the engraving and supplying of process blocks for all purposes.


Fellows, Morton & Clayton Ltd., Canal Carriers, Birmingham.

This is the largest firm of independent Canal Carriers in the country, having been established for more than half a century. In addition to the usual canal boats moved by horse power they maintain and are increasing a large fleet of boats propelled by modern internal combustion engines using crude oil.

Their organization extends from Liverpool and Manchester, through the Midlands, Birmingham and the Black Country, Nottingham, Leicester and Derby, and to London. Through traffic between Hull, Birmingham and South Staffordshire is dealt with in conjunction with the Trent Navigation Co.

They have their own staff and offices at all these points and invite enquiries.

Telephone—Nottingham 352. Telegrams—" Fellsmorton." 

The Nottingham Patent Brick Co. Ltd., 14 George Street, Nottingham.

The Nottingham Patent Brick Company Limited was established over half a century ago, and has now developed into the largest brick manufacturing firm of the district, with extensive Works at Mapperley Hill, Thorneywood Lane, and Arnold.

The firm were pioneers in the adoption of machinery for the manufacture of bricks, and in the burning of bricks in continuous kilns. In the original prospectus, which was issued prior to the formation of the Company, it was stated that its raison d'etre was economy of manufacture, regularity of supply, and superiority of brick, and after half a century's experience these aims are still regarded by the Management as the guiding principles in any new departure which may be projected.

The excellent reputation acquired by these bricks secured to the firm a very large proportion of the order for bricks when St. Pancras Station, London, was being built, while, in later years, in spite of the extensive growth of works much nearer the scene of operations and the heavy cost of freightage, the firm have supplied many millions of bricks for the main drains laid down by the London County Council for the drainage of the County of London. The standard of excellence demanded by the L.C.C. Engineers is well known to be a very high one. Bricks of this quality were sent also as far as South Africa for a drainage scheme of the City of Cape Town.

To the uninitiated one brick appears very much like another, but much of the success which has been secured to the Company has been due to the retention of the knowledge of detail gained in an experience of very many years, and the investigation of the technical and physical nature of the bricks suggested by the development of the Industry as a whole. The manufacture of Red and Multi-coloured Sand Stock and Multi Rough Facing Bricks has been greatly extended, and the Company possess a large range of bricks to which they invite inspection at the Works in bulk by Architects, Builders, etc.

Apropos of the making of multi-coloured bricks the following is an extract from The British Clayworker. "We have recently seen how successful and really remarkable results can be obtained with hard clays at the works of the Nottingham Patent Brick Co. Ltd., and we are able to congratulate the Company on producing a larger range of tints of real artistic merit than we have met with at any other works in the country."

Telephone—194. Telegrams—" Bricks, Nottingham."