WHEN the Church was being restored in 1876-1877, portions of two altar tombs were found beneath the floor of the Church. Upon one of them was the lower part of the figure of a Knight in armour with some words in Norman— French plainly visible, "ICI (here) GIST (lies) DE HERCY . . . GROVE" The other was the figure of a lady with a wimple, and only two words, " Hic jacet" (Here lies) could be read upon it. It was a great pity that these were covered up and they are probably beneath the floor-boards now. The Hercy family were lords of Grove for centuries and patrons of Ordsall Church 1300-1550, while Laurence Hercy was Rector of Ordsall 1322-1364.

There is also part of an elaborate cross, which probably once formed the lid of a stone coffin, in which one of the Rectors was buried.

South Aisle.

On a brass tablet:

"Here resteth the body of the truly pious and virtuous Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. Thomas Fluellin of Whitchurch in Salop late wife of Stephen Coe of this parish who had issue by her said husband fower sons and fower daughters. She exchanged this life for a better the 21st of May 1653 being aged 42 yeares and five months.

When I awake I am still with Thee."

He was a grandson of the Rector of Ordsall.

South Aisle.

On a brass tablet.

"Here lyeth the body of John Johnson who dyed October 30, 1680, and was buried Nov. ye first in 43 yeare of his age. He was the son of Stephen Johnson of Ordsall and Anne his wife and married Katharine the daughter of William Brownelow of Ossington by whom he had issue one son Stephen deceased and one daughter Elizabeth surviving aged 11 yeares.

The memory of the just is blessed."

"Here lyeth the body of Catharine Johnson wife of John Johnson here intrrd, who dyed the 30 August A.D. 1716.

I have fought a good fioght, I have finished my course."

John Johnson gave the sixth bell in 1661, and his name is upon it. Probably he was Church Warden at that time when so many Churches were being restored. Miss Elizabeth Johnson gave the old Silver Chalice to the Church.

We give the spelling of the words as they are in Church.

North Aisle. Marble Tablets.

Robert Moody, Esq. March 29, 1841. Aged 88 years.

Jane Moody (Daughter of George Mason, Esq., of Eaton and Elizabeth his wife) April 19, 18-10. Aged 82 years.

Rev. Robert Moody, Rector of Beckingbam, Lincolnshire, Feb. 2,18M7. Aged 54 years

William Mason, Esq., Late of Duke St., Manchester Square, London. Eldest son of William Mason, Esq., of Welham, and Jane his wife, Born July 17, 1784, died October 22, 1856.

Rev. George Mason, M.A., second son of William and Jane Mason who died at Cuckney in this country (where he was also interred) Oct. 25, 1857. Aged 64 years.

William Mason, Esq., of  Welham, died 21, Sept.,  1803. Jane his wife died 12 Feb., 1823.

Walter Wharmby, Esq., died 26 January, 1854. Aged 22 years. His father was a Superintendent in Her Majesty's Customs at Liverpool.

South Aisle.

Anne Mason of Eaton, died 8 Jan., 1795.

Catherine Mason of Eaton, died 15 May, 1807.

George Mason, Esq.,  of Eaton, died 29 June, 1809.

The Coe family mentioned above were resident in Ordsall for four generations, more than 100 years. Stephen Coe came to Ordsall as Rector in 1589, and his great great grandson Christopher sold his property at Ordsall in 1727 and went to live at Edwinstowe. The Rector purchased 2 house and 114 acres of land in [ . . . ], and his great grandson Robert in 1682 conveyed 2 houses 1 cottage, 2 closes, a barn, 70 acres and a sheep-walk in Great Morton to Henry Halfhide for the sum of £290.

The Mason family are very well known in the district where they have lived for more than three centuries. Edmund Mason, whose father lived at Egmanton Hall, was Rector of Ordsall 1614-1631. Another of the family Rev. George Mason was Rector 1727-1743. Their family vault was formerly under the Vestry and there are several tombstones outside the North Aisle.

Robert Moody lived in E. Retford and was a County Magistrate. He married Jane Mason and their only son was Rev. Robert Moody of Beckingham. She was grand daughter of Rev. Edmund Mason, and sister of William Mason of Welham.

William Mason was a lawyer who resided in London. He was Learned Steward of E. Retford 1819-1827" when he resigned in consequence of the serious quarrels which were at that period so prevalent in the old Corporation."

Rev. George Mason was an active member of the bench at the Retford Sessions. In 1831 he was Rector of Whitwell, and he was Chaplain to the Duke of Portland. He was Chairman of the Worksop Poor Law Board.

These two were both sons of William Mason, who was formerly Steward at Osberton and retired to Welham. He married Jane Cleaver, who died at Amcotts House, Retford in 1823.

Anne and Catherine Mason were sisters of William Mason of Welham. They lived with their brother at Eaton, and all three wore unmarried. He was a County Magistrate and Chairman of the Retford Quarter Sessions.