Boots. A great and growing business.

These words fittingly introduce us to one of the largest commercial enterprizes of Modern times. Truly, Boots', Cash Chemists, with over 300 Branches in 150 Towns, can claim to be "The Largest, Best, Cheapest."

The illustration on this page is a view of Messrs. Boots' Central Branch. These magnificent premises are situated at the corner of Pelham Street and High Street. Their imposing frontages form a most striking architectural feature. The facades are executed in a buff terra-cotta, which is very pleasing in its effect, and are supported on substantial piers. The style is Spanish Renaissance, and the modelling and moulding are admirably done.

Boots' book-lovers Circulating Library, High Street and Pelham Street.

Boots' Cafe, High Street and Pelham Street.
Boots' Cafe, High Street and Pelham Street.

THIS principal retail Nottingham establishment of Boots', Cash Chemists, Ltd., is really a combination of many shops. There are so many departments, that to do justice to all, would mean a volume of several pages rather than a brief descriptive sketch. The Picture Gallery on the highest floor is certainly one of the finest in the country, and on the floor immediately below we have a most lavish display of Fancy Articles, Silver and Leather Goods. On this floor is also situated the Library, the well-known Book-Lovers' Library, which is illustrated on this page. Its advantages are numerous and far-reaching, and the Proprietors make no idle statement when they claim it to be the best circulating library in the kingdom. There are branches in every important town in England and Wales, and in many of the large centres may be found most tastefully fitted Libraries similar to the one here.

ACROSS the shop between the main entrance in High Street and the patent draught-preventing door leading into Pelham Street, is the Perfumery Department, where repose treasures even the seeing of which gladdens the heart of every lady, young or old, who enters the shop.

Then the Stationery and Books Department is one with attractions all its own. Whatever our tastes or desires, we can here have all our requirements fully and adequately met.

Boots' charming little Cafe, downstairs, the most "chic" in Nottingham, beyond a doubt, and easily the most fashionable for a light luncheon or a tete-a-tete over a cup of the most seductive tea that even Cingalee or almond-eyed Oriental ever set her eyes upon, should certainly be included in the sights of Nottingham and be seen by every visitor. There is a Smoke Room provided for gentlemen, coffee and cigarettes, where they can wait at ease and grumble about the time the ladies take, till the latter are pleased to summon them for their escort home.


Pelham Street  & High Street, Exchange Walk, 16—2O, Goose Gate, 46, Arkwright Street, 244, Arkwright Street, 177—179, Alfreton Road, 88, St. Anne's Well Road, 7, London Road, 181, Mansfield  Road

10, Listergate, Nottingham.


10, Listergate, 69, Long Row, 1, Mansfield Road (Corner Shakespeare Street), 269, St. Ann's Well Road, Carrington Street (next Canal).

We give illustrations of two of them on this page.


177-179, Alfreton Rd, Nottingham,

Jesse Boot, Managing Director.


LONDON  OFFICE: 29-31, Farringdon Road, London E.C.