Bramcote Manor

THIS charming picture shows to us a portion of a very beautiful Jacobean Manor-house which is quite easily accessible from Nottingham, but about which very few folk have information.

The walk from Bramcote village to Toton is really a very charming one, which may be easily undertaken on a fine summer evening, and presents astonishingly rural views

Bramcote Manor-house seems to have been built by Henry Hanley somewhere near the year 1600—that is to say, just about the time of Queen Elizabeth’s death ; and it presents many architectural features which are typical of the time.

The ironwork of the balcony shown in the picture is particularly beautiful, and there is a tradition that it was imported from France, though it is difficult to understand how this tradition arose.

The family of Hanley is associated with Nottingham inasmuch as out of their munificence they established the Hanley Almshouses in Hanley-street, which were originally situated in Barker-gate.