Entrance to Hospital Yard, Postern Street

Entrance to Hospital Yard, Postern Street

THIS dignified and charming entrance deserves more attention than it gets.

In 1869 the building at the rear of the gateway was built as a children’s hospital largely under the auspices of the Sisterhood of the Church of England.

Just about the time that this building was being erected the church at Alfreton was restored, and its Fourteenth Century roof-timbers were found to be in so decrepit a condition that it was necessary to remove them and to erect a new roof. The old timbers were sold for what they would fetch. Four of them were bought by the committee responsible for the erection of this Nottingham hospital, and their architect, by cleverly re-erecting them, produced this exceedingly interesting and dignified arch of entrance.

On the site where the old children’s hospital stands was a mysterious mound which was called Deity Mount, and the history of which is obscure. It seems to have been pre-historic in origin, and was not cleared away till the Seventeenth Century.

It is from this mount that Mount-street takes its name.