The font, Holy Trinity Church, Lenton

The font, Holy Trinity Church, Lenton

THIS font is said by competent authorities to be one of the finest pieces of the Twelfth Century carving in the length and breadth of England.

It is the font of the church of the Cluniac Abbey of Lenton, which edifice, in addition to acting as the church for the convent of Lenton, also undertook certain parochial duties which necessitated the possession of a font.

By a series of fortunate chances this font has been preserved and is now most carefully cherished at the western end of the present parish church of Lenton.

Its four faces are covered with carving in shallow relief, each face exhibiting some different doctrine or teaching, and numberless traces of colour remain, showing how magnificent it must have looked in its pristine glory.

Perhaps the most interesting face is the one exhibiting the Crucifixion, with the little figures representing the two thieves on either side of our Lord, and angels swinging censors on either side of His head.

The shape of the font indicates its use for total immersion, and there is much about it that is of the deepest interest to students of ecclesiastical art.