There is a catalogue, dated 1746 (when the house was about to be let), of the portraits then at Osberton, chiefly of the Thornhagh and Ayscough families and their relatives; amongst others, Sir Nicholas Clifford, Mr. and Mrs. Skeffington, and Lord and Lady Ffolliott. These two last may be two portraits in coronation robes, with coronets, which were afterwards erroneously thought to be the first Lord Barnard and his wife, and which were in consequence given by the present Mr. Foljambe to Sir Henry Morgan Vane, the father of the present Lord Barnard.

The portraits in the gallery above the central hall are as follows:—

At the South end beyond the Staircase.

1.—John Thornhagh, Esq., M.P., b. 1647, d. 1723, in brown.

2.—The same in later life, also in brown. Along the West side.

3.—A lady in white and blue (probably an Ayscough).

4.—St. Andrew Thornhagh, Esq., son of the before-mentioned John Thornhagh, Esq., M.P., painted in 1719.

5.—A lady in blue (probably an Ayscough).

6.—A lady in blue (probably an Ayscough).

7.—A man in a wig and blue coat, called Francis Foljambe, of Aldwark, who died 1752.

8.—Francis Ferrand Foljambe, Esq., b. 1750, d. 1814. As a young man, painted in France.

9.—Lady Thornhagh, wife of Sir John Thornhagh. On the canvas, "AEtatis Suae 56. 1625."

10.—Sir Richard Earle, of Stragglethorpe, first Baronet, by G. Soest.

11.—A lady in embroidered dress (probably Lady Thornhagh, wife of Sir Francis Thornhagh), wrongly named Lady Hickman. On panel, "AEtatis Suae. 17. 1617."

12.—A lady in red, called Mary (Worsley), wife of Francis Foljambe, of Aldwark.

13.—Mrs. W. Frankland, daughter of Sir Edward Ayscough.

14.—Sir Godfrey Foljambe, Kt., of Walton and Aldwark, d. 1585.

15.—Arabella, wife of John Thornhagh, and elder sister of Sir G. Savile, eighth Baronet.

16.—Sir George Savile, eighth Baronet, painted in 1771.

17.—Francis Ferrand Foljambe, Esq.

18.—Drawing of the Foljambe standard, 5 H. 8, 1513, and grant of a crest, a calopus or chatloup, quarterly, or and sable.

19.—John Thornhagh-Hewett.

20.—Barbara, Countess of Scarbrough, by Sir J. Reynolds.

21.—A lady in brown, oval (probably Mrs. Stanhope).

22.—The poet Gray.

23.—Colonel Wildman.

24.—The Poet Mason (Rev. Wm. Mason).

25—A portrait of the Right Hon. F. J. S. Foljambe, painted in August, 1901, by Keyworth Raine.

26.—Also one of the artist (K. Raine), by himself, 1901.

In the passage to the North.

27.—A man (perhaps Mr. Skeffington).

28.—A lady (perhaps Mrs. Skeffington).

Also five drawings in the passage.

Along the East side.

29.—Mrs. George Foljambe in 1888, by J. H. Bentley.

30.—Lady Gertrude Foljambe with her sons, Godfrey and Hubert, by Otto Leyde, R.S.A.

31.—George Savile Foljambe, b. 1856, by J. H. Bentley, in 1888.

32.—A girl in blue with basket of flowers (possibly Mrs. Moore).

33.—Mary Laura Egerton, second daughter of Mrs. Thomas Egerton, by Weigall.

34.—Harriet. Caroline, and Charlotte, daughters of Sir Wm. M. S. Milner, Bart., painted in 1828.

35.—Harriet Emily Mary (Milner), first wife of the late G. S. Foljambe, Esq., by F. Y. Hurlstone, 1829.

36.—Francis John Savile Foljambe, aged two, in red frock with black retriever, in 1832.

37.—George Savile Foljambe, posthumous portrait, by Weigall.

38.—Francis John Savile Foljambe, by Weigall.

39.—A boy in blue with a white greyhound (possibly Thomas Foljambe the last, of Aldwark).

40.—A man in buff and armour.

On the East side of Staircase.

41.—A lady in white satin dress, possibly Lady Ayscough.

42.-—A man in red coat and armour (possibly Sir Edward Ayscough).

Below, over Fireplace.

43.—A stag, nearly life-size, with a view of Aldwark Hall in the background.

In the Entrance Hall.

44.—Colonel Francis Thornhagh, full length, in armour, killed at the fight at Preston, in Lancashire, 1648.

45.—Sir George Savile, eighth and last Baronet, by Wilson. Also two paintings of favourite hunters belonging to Francis Ferrand Foljambe, Esq.

Dining Room (over Fireplace).

46.—Large picture of George Savile Foljambe, Esq. and his hounds, in Grove Park, 1829. Portraits of (beginning from the left), Lord Henry Bentinck, Charles Wortley, Lord Titchfield (afterwards fifth Duke of Portland), Henry Bridgman Simpson, Esq., Francis Thornhagh Foljambe, Lord Galway, Lord George Bentinck, George Savile Foljambe, and Joe Thompson, the Kennel Huntsman, by J. Ferneley, 1829.

At North end of room.

47.—Large presentation hunting picture of Francis John Savile Foljambe and his hounds, 1880. Portraits of (beginning from the left as before), Hon. Evelyn Pelham, E. Heneage, Lady Eleanor Heneage, F. Cracroft Amcotts, Will Dale (huntsman), Francis J. S. Foljambe, Godfrey, George, and Hubert Foljambe, Francis F. Anderson and Stud Groom, Carlisle.

Also busts in the dining room of Sir George Savile, Lord J. Russell, C. J. Fox, Lord Althorp, Lord Palmerston, and Lord George Bentinck.

Billiard Room.

48.—Picture of G. S. Foljambe, Esq. and his father-in-law, Sir Wm. M. S. Milner, Bart., covert shooting with team of Clumber spaniels, in the Silver Firs, and three keepers, Will Hall and his two sons, William and Frank Hall. By J. Ferneley, 1835.

49.—Hunting scene in Leicestershire.

Two pictures of horses with huntsmen (Butler and Will Merry) and hounds.

Eleven pictures of favourite horses of the late G. S. Foljambe.

Two horses belonging to Francis Thornhagh Foljambe.

Ten portraits of hounds belonging to the late George S. Foljambe.

All by Ferneley except one, of a horse, by T. Weaver, 1825.


One picture, Sibylla Persica, by Guercino.

Drawing Room.

Twelve pictures, Landscape, &c., by Ruysdael, Waterlow, Vernet, two by Claude Lorraine, two by Teniers, Rubens, Van Ostade, and one on panel and two on copper, artists unknown.

Morning Room.

Three pictures, viz.: by Berghem, Cuyp, and D. L. Valkenburg (the latter dead game). Also three pictures of horses, viz.: Marske (the sire of Eclipse) by Stubbs, Jupiter by Gilpin, Flying Childers by Wootton.


Wm. Wagstaffe, agent to the late Mr. Foljambe, by Partridge.

Lord Cromwell.

Poultry Yard.

Dead game.

Three portraits of horses belonging to the late G. S. Foljambe, Esq., one of a shorthorn, one of a greyhound, one of a retriever, and one of a fox. Also thirteen small engravings and photographs.

Mr. Foljambe's Dressing Room.

1.—Lady Gertrude Foljambe, watercolour sketch by Moore.

2.—Three children of F. F. Foljambe, Esq. Mary Beresford Foljambe (afterwards Mrs. Edmunds) and her twin brother and sister, Henry Savile Foljambe and Arabella Savile Foljambe, by W. Staveley, 1800.

3.—Lady Mary Arabella Lumley (afterwards Lady Mary Arabella Foljambe), by W. Staveley.

4.—Three sons of F. F. Foljambe, Esq., John Savile Foljambe, F. F. Foljambe, jun., and George Foljambe, by W. Staveley, 1800.

5.—Pastel of Mary Arabella, first wife of F. F. Foljambe, Esq.

6.—Francis Thornhagh Foljambe as a boy with a spaniel, at Hutton, near York.

7.—Pastel of Major George Foljambe in Hussar uniform, 1810

8.—Pastel of F. F. Foljambe, Esq., as a young man.

9.—George Savile Foljambe, jun., on his pony.

10.—Mezzotint of the portrait of Mary, Viscountess Portman.

11.—Arabella Savile Foljambe, as a child, 1786. Also five photographs.

Lady G. Foljambe's Sitting Room.

1.—Portrait of Godfrey A. T. Foljambe, by Miss M. Lancaster-Lucas.

2.—Portrait of Hubert F. F. B. Foljambe, by J. H. Bentley.

3.—George Savile Foljambe and Lady Milton, his second wife.

4.—Lady Gertrude Foljambe, miniature, by Moira.

5.—Lady Carden, miniature, by Thorburn. Nineteen old miniatures in two cases, nine one side, ten Thornhagh and Foljambe ones on the other. Also eleven coloured engravings.

In Blue Bedroom.

Twelve oilpaintings in black frames, including distant view of Edinburgh, Conisborough Castle, &c.

In Blue Dressing Room.

Nine early watercolours, including the Roche Abbey Gateway, Worksop Abbey Gateway, Queen Oak in Birkland, Conisborough Castle, &c.

In Red Bedroom.

Sixteen old engravings in black frames.

In Red Dressing Room.

Twenty-one engravings. Engraved portraits of the late Earl Fitzwilliam, the late and present Lords Port-man, Sir George Savile, eighth Baronet, Charles James Fox, the Poet Mason, the Marquis of Hart-ington, Major Richard Fawkes, Lady Edward Bentinck, the third Duke of Portland with his brother, Lord Edward Bentinck, Sir Wm. M. S. Milner, Archdeacon Bentinck, the second Earl Granville, Mr, Brand, Speaker of the House of Commons, Lord Nelson, Admiral Keppel, &c., a drawing of Mary Lady Savile, mother of Sir George Savile, eighth Baronet, and Mrs. Thornhagh, apparently the sketch for the portrait of her, by Romney, now at Rufford Abbey, and a pencil drawing of a lady, by E. Worlidge, 1745 (probably Mrs. Mosley, who was a Miss Thornhagh).

In East Bedroom.

Portrait of Harriet Emily Mary (Milner) first wife of the late G. S. Foljambe, b 1810, d. 1830.

Head in pastel.


Picture of a spaniel.

Monkey and fruit.

Fruit piece.

In West Bedroom.

Three watercolour views of Aldwark, by Selina, Viscountess Milton.

Three old watercolours of the Thames and St. Paul's Cathedral from near Fife House, the Wash Bridge at Osberton, and a waterfall and river.

Three smaller watercolours by the late Viscountess Portman and Miss C. Foljambe.

In West Dressing Room.

Seven engravings of Masters of Foxhounds.

In North Bedroom.

Seven oilpaintings, Landscapes.

In North Dressing Room.

Six oilpaintings, Landscapes.

Besides the above there is a replica of the portrait of Colonel Francis Thornhagh hanging in the Servants' Hall. And there was a very old portrait of a man found some years ago, which was possibly that of Sir Nicholas Clifford, mentioned in the Catalogue, 1746, but in such a bad condition as to be past restoration.

Amongst the interesting documents are:—

Muster Roll for Notts, and Derbyshire when Sir Godfrey Foljambe, Kt., was Sheriff, 1588.

Readings of the Forest Laws, circa 1595.

J. Nedham, Surveyor of the King's Works, Accompts, 1540.

A collection of letters from James, Duke of York, to William, Prince of Orange, 1678-1679.

Sir C. Wren, Surveyor of the King's Works, Accompts, 1682-1683.

N.B.—Sir Thos. Hewett, of Shireoaks, was Surveyor General of Works to William III. and Surveyor General of Works to George I.