Where to find books, journals and theses

Once you have a list of books and articles to support your research how do you get hold of copies?


The best collection of printed and audiovisual material relating to Nottinghamshire history is at the Local Studies Library at Nottingham Central Library. Although much of the collection is listed on the Library Catalogue (Nelib) a significant proportion of the stock is currently still only recorded on card catalogues and finding aids at the library.

Public libraries in all towns and many larger villages in Nottinghamshire have a local studies section. See the Nottinghamshire County Council website for further details.

Nottingham University's East Midlands Collection also has a fine collection of books, journals and theses on Nottinghamshire history. The University of Nottingham Library Online Catalogue provides information on their holdings.

Bromley House Library in Nottingham holds a wide range of local studies books. It is a subscription library so please see the website for information on how to join. Their local history collection is listed on the online catalogue.

Electronic books

A large number of older books and articles on Nottinghamshire history have been digitised and are available online:

Publications of the Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire