JOHN MUSTARD, brother of Thomas Mustard, was variously described as merchant and gentleman ; at the time he made his will he was living at Dept-ford. He died in 1638, leaving the following will:—

John Mustard, "of Debtford in the county of Kent, gentleman". Dated 13 Dec. 1638. Names daughter, Elizabeth; brother, Thomas Mustard, of London, merchant; wife, Amphillis; nephews, John and Thomas and their sister Elizabeth, twenty nobles apiece; John Nelson; cosen, Anne More, £10; Alderman Soame, John Langham, Francis Flyer, merchants, a ring to each.

"Whereas by his Majesties spetiall grant and order of his Court of Wards and Liveries, the custodie, order, rule and government of the person, lands, tenements, goods, chatties, marchandisje and debts and all other the state of Anne Mustard my sister, late wife of my said brother Thomas Mustard, deceased was and is comitted and graunted unto mee ... I doe by this my last will and testament, bequeath . . . unto my said wife, the said graunt". Executrix, wife Amphillis. John Langham and cosen Richard Piggott appointed executors to the will of his brother Thomas during minority of John and Thomas Mustard, sons of said Thomas, not yet of age. Cosen Piggott and his wife [not named} rings. Cosen, John Clarke and his wife [not named] rings. Witnesses, Ja. Acton, Will. Hastings, John Nelson and John Morgan. Proved, 3 January 1638-9, by Amphillis Mustard, relict of deceased. A second probate, dated the same day, granted to John Langham and Richard Piggott to administer the will of Thomas Mustard, deceased.

His wife's name was Amphillis, and she appears to have adopted the spelling of Musters, as is evident by the Chancery Proceedings she instituted for the administration of Thomas Mustard's estate. He named only one daughter in his will, but as his brother's will refers to "children", it is possible that an inscription in Deptford Church relates to him. It is to Eleanor, daughter of John Musters and wife of Thomas Jekyll, who died 7 Aug. 1678, aged 47. Arms : Or, a fess sable between three mules impaling; argent, a fess within a border engrailed gules. Elizabeth, the daughter named in his will, married (licence dated 3 March 1648-9, she being then of Burnt Pelham, Herts, spinster, aged 21, her father dead), Thomas Flyer, of Burnt Pelham, gent., bachelor, aged 27, either at Burnt Pelham or St. Mary, Aldermanbury. She died 14 Nov. 1657, and he died 1 buried 4 March 1658-9 at Burnt Pelham.* The pedigree of the Flyer or Floyer family shows that they came from Uttoxeter, but were earlier of Devonshire. See Flyer pedigree in Berry's County Genealogies for Herts.

In 1639, Mrs. Amphillis Mustard, alias Musters, took proceedings in Chancery to administer the estate of Thomas Mustard. Her Bill of Complaint is not extant, but three separate answers of various defendants remain. John Langham, esquire, and Richard Piggott, grocer, put in an answer dated 12 Nov. 1639, which recites the wills of Thomas Mustard and his brother. From this document we learn that the estate consisted mainly of " credits, adventures, and merchandise", and that Thomas Nelson, "servant" of Thomas Musters, was employed in winding up the estate. Matthew Bedel died after the testator and before proving the will. Subsequently they put in a demurrer, which incidentally shows that John Mustard "fell sick" and died before the estate was fully administered, and they claimed to be dismissed from the suit with costs as no omissions had been alleged against them. William Smith, esquire, another defendant, put in an answer relating to a mortgage debt of £2,200 belonging to Mrs. Anne Musters. See Chancery Proceedings, Charles I.

The third answer (sworn 12 Nov. 1639) of John Langham, esquire, and Richard Piggott, grocer, to the Bill of Amphillis Mustard, alias Musters, widow, executrix of John Mustars, deceased. Admits that Anthony Wilson was possessed of goods, etc., that he made his will appointing as his executors Robert Jefferies and Thomas Mustard, and that the residue should remain in his executors' hands at four per cent, interest in trust as to the principal, as he had privately directed by word of mouth, on behalf of his brother, James Wilson, his wife and children. Executors proved the will. Robert Jefferies died leaving Thomas Mustard surviving. Defendants do not know if Thomas Mustard administered the estate, but he was possessed of his own estate to a good value. That Thomas Mustard made his will bequeathing one third of his estate to his wife Anne Mustard, and one third to his three children, and made his two sons executors, and during their minority desired his father-in-law, Mr. Matthew Bedell, and his brother John Mustard to act. Out of the income £50 yearly to Mary Coxe during their minority.

Mr. Bedell died shortly after the testator and before proving the will. The estate of Thomas Musters consisted of credits, adventures, and merchandise, and John Musters employed in management thereof John Nelson, servant of Thomas Musters.

Maynard.—Sir John Maynard of Tooting, "courtier, presbyterian, and royalist" [See Dict. Nat. Biog.]. who must be distinguished from his contemporary, Sir John Maynard, a judge, born 1602, died 1690, was second son of Sir Henry Maynard of Little Easton, Staines, Essex, and was born in 1592.

He was entered at the Inner Temple in 1602, but was never called. He seems to have been a man of versatile talent. He composed and took part in masques, and in 1622 was present at the siege of Bergen op Zoon. In the following year, 1623-4, he entered Parliament as Member for Chippenham, and at King Charles's coronation, in 1625, he was created a Knight of the Bath. When the troubles broke out he adhered to the Parliamentary Party, and took an active part in Surrey in raising troops. He served in the Long Parliament in 1647, and "at heart a royalist, he became conspicuous as a leader of the Presbyterian Party in its struggles with the army". This, on the army gaining the ascendancy, resulted in his arrest and committal to the Tower by the Speaker. He was impeached 1 February 1647-8. He refused to plead, and setting up Magna Carta and the Petition of Rights, declined to acknowledge the jurisdiction of the House. In the end he was fined ,£500 and again committed to the Tower. On his release he resumed his seat in Parliament. He died 29 July 1658, and was buried at Tooting Graveney. He married Mary, daughter of Sir Thomas Middleton of Stansted Montfitchet, Lord Mayor of London. His daughter Anne, as shown above, married Sir John Musters of Hornsey and Colwick.

Marriage Licences at Canterbury before 1660.



Thomas  Musterd, clerk, & Sabella Hincle "alias diet, vidua Litilaill"

26 June


Robert Jacob, of Canterbury, yeoman, & Mary Musterd, of the same, widow

15 Sept.


Thomas Roger, of Canterbury, yeoman, & Elizabeth Wright ,of the same, at St. Margaret's, Canterbury. John Mustard, of Canterbury, gentleman, bondsman

1 Nov.


Walter Moyses, of Canterbury, vintner, & Elizabeth Mustard, of the same, virgin, at St. Mary Medwen, Canterbury ..

24 Nov.


May Dunning, of Maidstone, threadtwister, bachelor, aged about 24, & Elizabeth Whineatts. William Mustard, of Maidstone, mercer, bondsman

19 Jan.



My brother John Musters was born at Tooting in Surrey the Nineteenth of October in the year 1649. Hee died at the Inner Temple Chamber December ye 3rd 1685. Hee was married to Millicent the only daughter and heiresse of Adrian Mundy Esqre of Quarne in the County of Darby, on ye four and twentieth day of June 1675.

John my said Brother's eldest son was born at Quarne the seventh of March 1675 and died the first of November 1680.

Mundy his second son was born at Quarne ye fourteenth of February 1676.

Thomas his third son was born at Quarne ye thirteenth of March 1677 and died at Legorne Nov. 23 1706.

Charles his fourth son was borne at Quarne ye nineteenth of March 1678 and died at Constantinople in December 1698.

Ann his eldest daughter was borne at Nottingham ye eighteenth of May 1680.

Millicent his second daughter was borne at Nottingham ye sixteenth of June 1681.

Francis his fifth son was borne at Colwick hall ye second of September 1682.

Elizabeth his third daughter was borne at Colwick hall ye seventeenth of May, and died the tenth of August 1684.

My brother John Musters died at my chamber in ye Inner Temple ye third of December 1685.

My sister Mary Musters was borne in Petty France in Westminster ye four and twentieth day of August 1651.

Shee was married to Sr Richard Spencer of Offley in Hartfordshire ye twenty third of July in ye year 1672. Sr Richard Spencer died February ye 21st 1687.

John Spencer my Sister's first son was borne at Offley ye third of March 1673 and died there the Seventh of the same month.

John Spencer my Sister's second son was borne at Offley, ye eighteenth of February 1677 and died at Tunbridge August ye 6th 1699 unmarried.

Sr Richard Spencer died at Offley the one and twentieth day of February 1687.

My brother Francis Musters was borne at Hornsey in Middlesex ye first of May 1664 and died thereof the Small Pox ye sixteenth of April 1680.

I Charles Musters was borne in Charterhouse yard London ye fourth of February 1654. I was admitted of Christ's College in Cambridge y° sixteenth of January 1670; and I left the said College ye four and twentieth of November 1673.

I was admitted in ye Inner Temple ye fourteenth of June 1673. I was sworne Barrister there the eight and twentieth of November 167-. I was married to Mrs. Mary Wentworth of St. Paul's Covent Garden by Dr. Simon Patrick the one and twentieth day of February 1687-8 in King Henry the Seventh's Chappell at Westminster.

My Honoured Father Sr John Musters died at Hornsey on Sunday ye 28th of July 1689, Aged 66.

My Sister the Lady Spencer was married to Sr Ralph Radcliffe of Hitchin in Hartfordshire April ye 25th 1691.

My Sister Millicent Musters ye widow of my Brother Jno. Musters was married to Dr. Fuller Rector of Hatfield in Hartfordshire December the 13th 1691.

My Nephew Mundy Musters was married to Mrs. Elizabeth Sherwyn, Niece to Sr Charles Thorold, Alderman of London August 19th 1707.

My Nephew Mundy Musters his eldest Son was born at Colwick town June ye 10th 1709.    Christened John, by Sr Charles Thorold and my selfe.

My Nephew Francis Musters was married to Mrs. Elizabeth Petre of Southgate in Middlesex March ye 14th 1709.


I was marryed to Mr. Musters the 24 of June 1675.

I was borne the 11th of October 1655.

John Musters was born the 7th of March on a Tewsday about nine of the Clock at night in the year of our Lord 1675.

Mundy Musters was borne on a Wednesday the 14th of February between 4 and 5 a clock in the afternoone in the year 1676.

Tom : Musters was born on a Wednesday the 13th day of March aboutt three a clock in the afternoon in the year of our Lord 1677.

Charles Musters was borne upon a Wednesday the 19th day of March between 5 and 6 of the clock in the morning in the year of our Lord: 1678:

Anne Musters was borne upon a Tewsday the 18th day of May about 9 a clock in the morning in the year: 1680:

Millecent Musters was borne upon a Sunday the 26th day of June about ten of the Clock in the Morning in the year 1681.

Francis Musters was born upon a Satturday the second of September about one of the Clock in the afternoon in the year 1682.

Elizabeth Musters was born upon a Satturday about nine a Clock at night the 17th day of May in the year of our Lord 1684.

John Musters dyed the . . of . . in the year . . .

Elizabeth Musters dyed the 10th of August in the same year she was born 1684.

Charles Musters dyed at Constantinople the 28th day of December 1698 in the 20th year of his Age.

Millicent Mundy the onely daughter of Adryan Mundy Esq. and now wife to John Musters of Colwick was born the nth day of October 1655 and baptised the 25th of the same.

Millecent the Daughter of Doctor Thomas Fuller & Millecent his wife was born on a Sunday the second of October between 10 & 11 aclock at Night in the year 1692 & baptised the 18th of the same Moneth.

My Daughter Anne Musters was marryed the 17th of July 1701 to Thomas Twisden Esq. eldest son to Sr Roger Twisden Baronet of Bradborn in Kent.

Thomas the son of Sr Thomas Twisden and my daughter was born on Satturday ye 22 of January 1703 at 7 aclock in the morning in the parish of St Martins in the fields Westminster, baptised the same day & his Godfathers were his unkles Mr Roger Twisden & Mr Charles Musters and I was his God Mother.

Roger the second son of Sr Thomas Twisden & my daughter was borne on a Wednesday Aprill ye 4th 1705 at Bradborne in Kent & baptised the same day, his godfathers was his unkle Mundy Musters, & Mr Rich. Newdigate & his Godmother was my Lady Radclife.

William the third son of Sr Tho. Twisden & my Daughter was borne on a Sunday about Eleven a Clock in the Morning at Bradborne th 31th of March 1706, & was babtised the same day his Godfathers was Sr Thomas Styles & Mr William Twisden & his Godmother Mrs. Twisden of Town Mailing.

My Son Mundy Musters was marryed to Mrs Eliz. Sherwin August ye 19th 1707.

Millicent Musters the daughter of my Son Mundy Musters was born the 29 of Aprill 1708 & was baptised the 11th of May her godmothers was Mrs Chaplin & my selfe & her Godfather Sr Charles Thorald she was born in Norfolk Street in St Clements parish in London & baptised in the same.

John Twisden the 4th son of Sr Tho. Twisden & my Daughter was born Aprill ye 7, 1709 and was Baptised the same day his godfathers was my son Francis Musters &

John Musters the first son of my son Mundy Musters was born at Colwick the 10th of June 1709 about 9 a clock at Night & was baptised ye 1st of August his godfathers was Sr George Thorald & my Brother Musters & his Godmother my Lady Radclife.

My Daughter Millicent Fuller was marryed to Sr Thomas Samwell Barronett ye 22th day of March 1708 in the parish church of Hattfield.

Millicent Samwell, ye daughter of Sr Thomas Samwell and Millicent his wife was borne ye 13 of December 1709 & was baptised the same day: her godfather was Doctor Fuller & Her Godmothers my Lady Langham & my selfe she was borne in Great Ma'lborow street in London.

My son Francis Musters was marryed to Mrs Eliza. Peeters in Graise Inne Chapell in London March the 14, 1709-10.

August ye 31, 1710. Mundy Musters the second son of my son Mundy Musters was borne at Colwick about Eleven a Clock at Night and baptised the 8 of September & dyed the next day.

Feb. 28th 1710-11. Thomas Samwell ye Eldest son of Sr Tho. was born att London about nine of the Clock in the parish of St Martins & was christened ye same day.

Mundy Musters the eldest son of my son Francis Musters was born of a Sunday ye 24 of June 1712 about 4 a clock in the afternoon in Patternoster Row in the parish of St Fosters in London & baptised ye ... of the same** his Godfathers was Mr Peeters & Mr Charles Musters & Mrs Fuller his godmother,

Robert Musters the second son of my son Francis Musters was born of Thursday the 3d of July 1712 in Patternoster Row in the Parish of St Austins London & was baptised the 15 of the same, his Godfathers was Sr Tho. Twisden of Bradborn & Mr Musters of Colwick & his Godmother Lady Radclife.

Francese Samwell the 2 Daughter but 3d Child of Sr Thomas Samwell & my daughter was born of a Tewsday the 5 of August 1712 in St James Street in London & was baptised the . . . her Godfather was Mr Mundy Musters of Colwick & Her Godmothers the Lady Newman & M" Samwell.

August ye 29, 1712. Mundy Musters the 3d son but 4th child of my Son Mundy Musters was born of a Fryday morning about 3 a clock at Colwick in Nottinghamshire & baptised the 14 of September 1712 his Godfathers was Sr Tho. Twisden of Bradborn in Kent & Mr Samuell Thorald and his Godmother Mrs Smith his great Aunt.

[All the following entries are in different handwritings.]

Robt. Musters Esq' Married to Miss Rand of Lyston Essex Feb. 12th 1741-2. Whome God preserve.

Elizabeth Ann Musters was born the 16th of November 1742. Robert Musters dyed May ye 21 1760.

June the 27, 1764. My Daughter Eliz. Ann Musters onley daughter of Rob' Musters Esq. was marryed to John Partridge Esqr of Nottingham.

1801. My dauter E. A. Partradge dide July the 30.

John Musters Partridge Son of John Partridge & my Daughter Eliz. Ann Partridge was born on Tuesday 30th April 1765 at Eleven o clock at Night was Christened on Thursday the sixth of June. His Godfathers are Darcy Burnell & John Whetham Esq" His God Mother Mrs Musters.

1801 [? 1821] My gra[nd]son di[e]d at Sea.

* The m.i. at Brent Pelham in Clutterbuck's Herts calls her daughter of Thomas Musters.
** He was baptized 3 July at St. Vedast's [see Par. Reg.].