THE Parish of Gedling comprises the Townships of Gedling, Stoke Bardolph, and Carlton-in-the-Willows.

Gedling, Ghelling, Ghellinge, Gedeling (Thoroton). Geddelyng, Gedelyng {Nottingham Borough Records, Vol. I), are among the variations we have observed in the spelling of this place-name.

Investigation into the meaning of the place name "Gedling" leads one to conclude that it is derived from an Anglo-Saxon patronymic, being the family settlement of the "Ceadlings." Such view is taken in Isaac Taylor's "Words and Places," 1865, p. 501.

Bosworth's Anglo-Saxon Dictionary gives "ing" denoting descendants, sons, inhabitants, people, race. "Wagner's Names and their Meanings," 1893, p. 152, renders "ing" as Anglo-Saxon for a meadow, also a family settlement; "ingham" as a termination would imply the home or residence of the sons or descendants of a lord or chief.

It is thus a question whether certain place names now ending in "ing" have not lost their original terminals of "ham" or "ton."

In Yorkshire we find Gilling and Gillingham.

"Ing" is present in the following Nottinghamshire place names, Lexington (now Laxton), Ossington, Ruddington, Scarrington, Walkeringham, Newington, Nottingham, Coddington, Collingham, Collingthwaite, Dallington, Edingley, Finningley, Hoveringham, Kilvington, Kirklington, Wallingwells, Bingham, Beckingham, Gringley, Hickling, Sutton Bonington, Basingfield, Meering.

In Lincolnshire we find Spalding, in Yorkshire Spaldington, also Gillamore, which is entered in Doomsday as Gedlingesmore. This reads like Gedlinge's-more, or Moor, and it seems to imply a man's name.

If we could apply this to Gedling, it must have lost its suffix "ham" or "ton," but as no evidence is found in Doomsday of Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire or Yorkshire names dropping these finals during the eleventh and subsequent centuries, should this view be correct, it must have been dropped in earlier, possibly Danish times.


THE site of Gedling is at the mouth of a very pleasantly situated cultivated valley, the Vale of the Trent. Like most villages it is in this respect sheltered and well supplied with water, a purely agricultural centre, not like old Nottingham—a dry military site on a hill.

The acreage of the village is 1917.864.

Gedling Township is in the Southern Division of the Hundred of Thurgarton, in the County of Nottingham, four miles e.n.e. of the City of Nottingham. It is in the Rushcliffe Parliamentary Division, Union of Basford, Rural Deanery of Gedling, and Diocese of Southwell. It is bounded on the north by the Parish of Lambley, on the east by Stoke Bardolph, on the south and on the west by Carlton. There is a station at Gedling, on the Great Northern Railway, from Nottingham to Basford, Pinxton, &c.

Nottinghamshire Field Names.—Gedling.—Carr Close, Stoke Close, Osier Holt, Greenfield Close, Brierley's Close, Wake Close, Oak Tree Close, Cross Gate, Old Wongs, Bull Piece, Dry Piece, Underwood, Lammas Close, Big Piece, Ford Piece, Nether Boat Hill, Cowmoor Field—J.T.G. From The Nottingham Guardian, 8 February, 1882.

As the names of Fields, Hills, Closes, and Lanes, as well as Roads contribute largely to the interest of Parochial History, we will note some that we have come across from various sources, viz:—The Inclosure Award, Nottingham Borough Records, &c.

Fields, &c.—Newgate, Hemsley's Homestead, Fenny Crofts, Long Close, Duncroft, Dale's Field, Howton Close, Flinder's Close, Grim Lane Close, Kent Close, Long Croft, Priory Orchard, West Dale Close, Great Blackhill Close, Burwell Field, Lambley Dale Field, Stonepit Coppice, Harbor Hill Coppice, Pismire Hill Coppice, Parkwell Coppice, Leeson's Coppice, Gedling Lodge Close, Old Coppice, Bernepit, The Brende (abutting upon the Wode-Yard), The Brodwong, Forlong de Calwycroft, Drilandes, The Esthauwenock, The Halow, The Leylonglandes, The Longlandes, Galkindaleoverhinde, The Morgate, The Padeyngate, The Westmor, The Wode-Yeird, The Wulf-howe, Ouseah Wood, Park Well Coppice, Eastaw Wood, Podhagh Wood, Priory Lane, Foster Lane, Mellors' Lane, Waterhouse Lane.

From the Inclosure Award:

William Pearce, William Calvert, John Renshaw, and Samuel Wyatt were the Commissioners appointed for the setting out, dividing, and allotting the open and inclosed Common Fields, Common Meadows, Common Woods, Plains, Wastes, Commons, and other lands belonging to the various proprietors in this Parish.

The above Commissioners appointed that the following public roads be made of the varying widths of 40 feet, 33 feet, and 12 feet: Carlton to Nottingham, Carlton to Burton Joyce, Gedling to Stoke Bardolph (from Gedling Town along a lane called Bennet's Lane, near Gedling Workhouse), Stoke Bardolph to Burton Joyce, Stoke Bardolph to Shelford, Gedling to Arnold, Gedling to Carlton, The West Dale Road, The Plains Road, Spring Lane Road, Gedling to Lambley, Gedling to Stoke Ferry, Carlton to Colwick, Nottingham to Woodborrow.

Public Footways.—Carlton to Burton Joyce, Carlton to Ratcliffe, Carlton to Colwick, Gedling to Nottingham, Gedling to Basford, Gedling to Gedling Lodge and to Arnold, Gedling to Lambley, Gedling to Burton Joyce, Gedling to the Workhouse, Gedling to Ratcliffe, Stoke to Colwick, Stoke to Gedling, Ouse Bridge, Sherrin Hill, Howing Lane, Bleasedale Field, Carlton to Burton Joyce.

Public Roads.—South Cliff Hill Road, The Beck Road, Stand Hill Road.

Private Roads.—To Spring Lane, to Robert Aslin's Allotment, to Bleasedale Field, to an allotment for getting stone, to Elizabeth Melton and Thomas Hallam's Allotments, to the Rector's Allotments in Stoke Bardolf; from Sneinton Plains to the Marshall Hill's Coppice, from Waterhouse Lane to a house in possession of Thomas Greenfield.

There is an interesting reference in the Inclosure Award, relative to the making of roads, viz. :—

Robert Padley (Burton Joyce) and William Sanday (Holme Pierrepont), Surveyors appointed by the Commissioners to collect and receive the assessments for roads, &c, levied the following assessment on the several owners :

£ s. d. £ s. d.
Aslin, Robert .. 0 7 11½ Musters, John, Esq 1 2
Bird, George .. 0 1 Ogle, William 0 0 1
Branmer, John .. 0 1 10 Oldknow, Mary 0 5
Brierley, Thomas .. 0 1 Parr, Anne 1 13
Butler, Jane .. 0 1 Padley, Hannah 0 1 11½
Chesterfield, Earl of .. 27 2 10 Peet, David 0 1 3
Flinders, William .. 0 1 3 Pierrepont, Chas., Esq. 21 3 4
Fringnall & Martin .. 0 10 10½ Savidge, John 0 1 11
Goodall, Martha .. 0 1 3 Savidge, Samuel 0 1
Greenfield, Joseph .. 0 I Shaw, John 0 1 11
Hallam, Thomas .. 0 1 Shelton, Thomas 0 0 1
James, Joseph .. 0 3 Smith, Thomas, Esq. 2 12
Jerrom, John .. 0 0 2 Smith, William 0 12 6
Kirk, Thomas Smith, Daft 0 2
(Devisees of) 0 3 0 Tutin, Anne 0 5 10
Leaver, Richard .. 0 4 Wartnaby, John 0 0 11½
Lees, James .. 0 6 5 Watson, Catherine 0 1 2
Martin, Gervas .. 0 1 Wingfield, Joseph 0 1
Martin, John .. 0 0 4
Melton, Elizabeth .. 0 2 10½   £58 4 8