Miscellaneous Records.

Abstract of Inquisition Post Mortem, 4. Edward I., No. 41.

Will'us Bardolf  
Shelford Maner dimid }
Stoke Maner } feoda
Gedlinge }
Karleton }
    Gedlinge ecclia }

Inquisition held in the octaves of St. Hilary 4. Edward I. (1275) concerning the possessions of William Bardolf, deceased, in the County of Nottingham does not appear to state place where that particular inquisition was held but the writ immediately preceding same is dated at Warham (Norfolk ?) 5th January 4 Edward I.

Three of the jurors on this inquisition were William de La Basage, William de Bully de Carleton and William Brun de Gedelyng who (with others) say upon their oathes that said William Bardolf held of the king "in capite" lands at Shelford, Gedlynge, Stoke and Carleton and also held a moiety of the advowson of the church of "Gedelyng " which was of the yearly value of "XV marcs".....

Said William Bardolf died in the County of Norfolk.....

William Bardolf is son and heir of aforesaid William and is of lawful age to hold lands......

Inquisition Post Mortem 13. Richard II., No. 6 *

Will'us Bardolf de Wyrmyngeye, Ch.'
Carleton } }
Gedelynge } dimid feod' } Notts.
Colwick et } }
Stoke } }
     Gedlinge advoc' ecclie.

Inquis capta apud Shelford in com Notyngh die lune pxia ante fm Inventuo Ste Crucis Anno regni Regis Rici scds post conqm Anglie tciodecimo coram Thoma de Neuton, Escaetore pda dm Regis in com Not & Derb virtute ejusdem bris pd dm Regis eidem Est directi et huic Inquisicon consuti p sacrm Johis Bryce de Stoke Johis de Nylleye de Gedelyng Willi clerk de Gedelyng Rogeri Duffeld de Carleton Johis Warde de Shelford Nich de Torkeseye de Shelford Robi de staunebridge Galfrus Culle de Shelford Willi de Herthston de Neuton Rogi de Duffeld de Neuton Willi Hanneworth de Shelford & Rici Basage de Carleton Qui dicunt sup sacrm sum qd Wills Bardolf de Wyrmegeye chiualer defunctus tenuit de dno Rege in capite die quo obitt in Com Not feoda militu t aduocacoes ecclias subscript vidlt. sextamdecima ptem vnius feodi militis in Neuton t Shelford quod Johs de loudeham tenet t quo extenditu p ann ad x. s Itm xvja ptem unis feodi militis in Byrton Jorce quod Johs de Grey dns de Codenore tenet t quod extendit p annn ad v. s. Itm medietatem unis feodi militis in Carleton Gedelyng Colwyk & Stoke quam Wills de Busseby hugo de Annesley Rogs de Duffeld t Thomas de Whatton tenent & quo extendita p ann ad xxs Itm sextam ptem vnis feodi milit quam Johs de Burton & pcenarii tenent in Neuton t que extenditu p ann ad xs Itm xvia ptem vnis feodi militis quam Johs de Babyngton tenet in Neuton t que extendita p ann ad vjs viijd Itm xija ptem vnis feodi militis in Shelford quam prior de Shelford t pcenarii sui tenent in Shelford t que extenditu p ann ad vs Itm xvja ptem vnis feodi milit in Shelford quam Robs de Stanbridge tenet t quo extendita p ann ad iiijs Itm xiija ptem vnis feodi milit in Gedelyng t Stoke quam Wills de Wymondeswold tenet t que extendita p ann ad vs Itm vicesimam ptem vnis feodi milit in Gedelyng t Carleton quam Wills clerk t Wills de Kyrketon tenent t que extendita p ann ad ijs Itm vicesima ptem vnis feodi milit in Carleton quam Johs de Byrton chiualer t Hugo de Annesley tenent t que extendita p ann ad ijs Itm dicunt qd pdts Wills Bardolf chiualer defunct tenuit die quo obiit de dm Rege in capite Aduocacoes ecclias subscriptar vidlt aduocacoem Prioratus de Shelford que valet p ann xx marcas Itm medietatem aduocacois ecclie de Gedelyng que valet p ann x marcas Itm dicunt p sacrm suu qd pcts Wills Bardolf nulla alia feoda militn nee aduocacoes ecclias die quo obiit tenuit in Com Not pdea In cui rei testiem huic Inquisicon sigilla pdts Jurator sunt appensa. Data die loco t Anno supradtis.

* This Inquisition consists of 25 membranes inclusive of the writ to the Escheator preceding each separate inquisition, of which the above is a verbatim copy of membrane 19. The first inquisition (membrane 2) was held at "Bradewelle," in Essex, 11 November 13th Richard II. (1389), in which it is stated that the said William Bardolf of Wyrmyngeye died on the last day of January in the ninth year (1385) of the present king's reign ("anno Regni Regis nunc nono"), and that Thomas, son of aforesaid William is his heir and was of the age of 20 years on 4th day of January last (1388).

As New Year then began on 25 March, the "4th day of January last " was in 1388. In the 13th year of this reign (22 June 1389—21 June 1390) November was in 1389, while the above Inquisition held at Shelford on the "Monday next before the feast of the Invention of the Holy Cross" was in 1390, still within the 13th year of the reign of Richard II.

Lay Subsidy, 1525.

Thys Indent made the XVth day of January in the XVIth yere of the reign of or Soueign lord Kyng Henry the viijth wytnessyth that wee Sr Brian Stapulton Knyght and Sir Rychard Bassett Knyght being comissioners for practising of the kyngs subsidie w* othr comissions in the countie of Nots by Agrement of or ffellowes in comission bene oonly assigned to be comissioners of and in the wapentake of Thurgarton and lyth and by theys psent indents wherof the oon pte to be putt into the Kyngs Exchequier coteynyng nott oonly the namys of evy pson chargeable to the said Subsidie butt also the best value of their lands and guds and the Rate they be assessed vnto wt the pticuler somis of evy Townshype under oon total some of the said Wapentake and the odr pte to be putt to the Tresourer of the Kyngs Chamber coteynyng the said total some of the said Wapentake of wyche total some by theys psents Wee haue made leynard Wymandyshold of Southwell gent, heygh collector and to hym haue delyud oon extreite in pchment wyth the pticuler some of evy Township to be geyderid by the subcollector of the same amountyng vnto the said grosse some In wytnes wherof to both eydz pte of These Indents wee haue putt or seal Is and subscribed or names the day and yere aboue wryten

Gedlyng Carlton and Stoke Bardall.
Rychard Banester In guds vjli — -iijs
John Walker In guds iiijli — -ijs
Robt. Norwell In guds iiijli — -ijs
Rychard Melton In guds iijli — ----xviijd
Wyllm Baxterley In guds iijli — ----xviijd
Robt. fflynders In guds iijli — ----xviijd
Harre Blackley In guds iijli — ----xviijd
Cutbart Manchest" In guds xls xijd
James Gee In guds xls xijd
John Gebb In guds xls xijd
Raff Norwell In guds xls xijd
Nicholas Walker In guds xls xijd
Robt. Bryght In guds xls xijd
Wyllm Hemsley In guds xls xijd
Wyllm leson In guds ixli iiijs vid
Thomas Keywod In guds vjli iiljs
John Truman In guds vijli iijs vjd
Robt. Keyghton In guds viijli iiijs
Rychard Norwell In guds xls xijd
Xpofar lemyng In guds iijli xviijd
John parker In guds xls xijd
James Gudwyn In guds xls xijd
Wyllm Morley In guds xxli xxs
Thomas leson In guds xls xijd
Thomas Morley In guds vjli iijs
lawrans Stare In guds xls xijd
Sm iijli vijs vjli

Chantry Certificate, 1548.

The Certificate of Sir Giervayce Clifton, Sir John Hersy Sr Antonye Nevile Knights and William Bolles Esquyer Appointed amongs other for the Surveye of Collegies Chaunteries ffree Chapells Guylds ffraternities and suche like in the saide Countie of Nottingham Aswell of all and Singuler suche Collegies Chaunteries ffree chappells Brotherhods ffraternities Guyldes and other things wt in the said Countie of Nottingham. Whiche oughte and be comen vnto the Kings Maiesties hands by vertue of an Acte of parliament Begon & holden at Westm the iiijth daie of Novembre in the ffurste yere of his Maiesties Reigne As also the yerely valiewes Condicons estate and Degre of the same and every of them according to the tenor purporte and efFecte of his hignes Comission and enstructions to us the said Commissyoners and other in that bihalf Directed Bering date the xiiij Daie of ffebruar in the seconde yere of the Raigne of or said Soueraigne lorde Edwarde the Sixte by the grace of god king of Inglande ffraunce and yrelande Deufendour of the ffaithe and in erthe of the Church of Inglande and Yrelande Supreme hedde.

Certaine Landes in Gedling in the Countie of Noptt aforesaide, Apperteyning to the Late Chauntery of Hotherfelde in the Countie of Yorke.

ffounded, by whome ys not presented to mayntayne a preiste to sing masses for ever. Ys worthe by yere in Lands and possessions lying and being wt in the said Parishe of Gedling. As by the Survey therof made Remayning wt the Surveyor of the sayd Countie particulerly it apperethe



Md yt is presented that there goith vijs of Rent Resolute out of the possessions of this Chauntery and other mens Lands in Gedling aforesaid, yerel;y, payde to Sr Garvayce Clyfton knight in the right of his Manor of Clyfton wtin the said countie of nott And because said Resolute ys not Devyded, we cannot certainly certyfye the same.

Memor that the Chauntery theis parcells do belong, doth lye in yorkeshire. And therefore goods or any other thing here to be remebrid.—None.

Abstract of Will of Oswalde See, 1558.

This is the last will and testament of me Oswalde See citizen and goldesmith of London made the xxvijth daye of Auguste in the yere of or Lorde God a thowsande five hundred fiftie and eight.....all my lande and tenements meddowes feeldes and pastures.....which shall to me dessende by Inheritaunce after the deathe of Agnes my mother sett lyinge and beinge in the towne and countie of Nottinggame, and in the Parishe of Gedlinge.....Agnes my welbeloued wiffe immediately after my decease and the decease of my mother during the noneage of Nicholas See my son shall have the profits of my said lands and tenements .....if shee keepe herself sole and unmaried.....and after the said Nicholas shall accomplish his lawfull age of xxi yeres then I bequeath all my said lands and tenements to him and his heirs......

Proved at London, 13 October 1559.*

* Reference:—46 Chaynay.

Hearth Tax, 1663.

The Inrolmt made by John Conde Gent Clarke of the Peace of the County of Nottingham of all the Hearthes and Stowes within the hundreds of Thirgarton and Leigh and Newarke and the Towne of Newarke within the County aforesaid according to an Act of Parlimt intituled an Act for Establishing an adiconall Revenuew vpon his Maistie his heires and Successors for the better support of his and theire Crowne and dignity And alsoe one other Act Intituled an Additionall Act for the Harthes and Stowes as the Bills and Accompts were Exhibited and delivered in Court vpon oath by the severall Constables of the Townes and Parishes within the said Hundreds vnto the Right Honorable Robt. Lord Lexington Peniston Whalley & Willm Cartwright Esqre Justices of the Peace of the said County att the Seuerall Quarter Sessions of the Peace held at Newarke vpon Trent in and for the County aforesaid the thirteenth day of January in the ffifteenth yeare of the Raigne of our most Gracious Soveraigne Lord Charles the second by the Grace of God of England Scotland ffrance and Ireland King defender of the ffaith &c. Annoq. Dom. 1663.


Chargable. not chargable.
Lawrence Palmer Ministr 6—xijs John fflinders 1
George Poe 1— ijs Richard Slight 1
Richard Leeson 1—ijs Simon Picard 1
Michaell Shelton 1—ijs Tho : Elston 1
John Hall 1—ijs John Melton 1
Robt. Hemsley 1—ijs John Barnes 1
Wm. Smalley 1— ijs John fflower 1
Edmond Parker 1—ijs Wm. Pight 1
Simon Gervas 1—ijs John Dore Senr 1
Gamaliell Smith 1—ijs Richard Wilson 1
Wm. Guiding 1—ijs John Dore Jun 1
Tho : Melton 1—ijs John Mosseley 1
& for A house Widd. Johnson 1
that he rents 1—ijs Giles Clayton 1
Widd. Carrington 1—ijs John Dore 1
Wm. Gervas 1—ijs John Loe 1
ffrancis Bayley 1—ijs Robt. Roe 1
John Leeson 1i— ijs Richard fflinders 1
George Birge 1i—ijs George Johnson 1
Wm. Brande 1—iis Nicho : Leeson 1
Tho: Shaw 1—ijs John Howett 1
ffrancis Holmes 1—ijs Richard Gisborow 1
Wm. ffoster 1—ijs Wm. fflinders 1
Widd. Walker 1—ijs Richard Barnes 1
Michaell Wyer 1—ijs Widd. Geale 1
Walter Giles 1—ijs Nicho : Heace 1
John Locker 1—ijs
John Padley 1—ijs 26
Edmond Barnes 1—ijs
Samuell fflinders Sen 1—ijs
ffrancis Canute 1—ijs
Samuell fflinders Jun 1—ijs
Widd. Carrington 1—ijs
Richard Barnes 1—ijs
Wm. Hooton 1—ijs
Sam: Dore 1—ijs
Wm. Elston 1—ijs
Tho: Pepper 1—ijs
Robt. Greenefeild 1—ijs
Simon Barnes 1—ijs
Robt. Swaine 1—ijs
Bryan Barnes 1—ijs
46 4li—12d


Chargable. not chargable.
Henry Truman 4—viij" George Savage 1
Joseph Truman 1—ijs Tho: Carnell 1
Wm. Barker 1—ijs John White 1
Rich: Marsh 1—ijs Tho: Spalton 1
Widd. Bayley 1—ijs Widd. White 1
Wm. Peck 1—ijs Widd. Martin 1
Tho: Truman 1—ijs Richard Breedon 1
Gervas fforeman 1—ijs Edward Pepper 1
Tho : Bradshaw 1—ijs Leonard Pearson 1
Widd. Greaves 1—ijs Richard Keywood 1
Griffin Kirke 3—vjs Widd. Willy 1
John Aired 1—ijs John Siffernes 1
Wm. Dickinson 1—ijs ffrancis Bornham 1
John Brittle 1—ijs Wm. Button 1
Wm. Parker 1—ijs Robt. Dawson 1
Wm. Howett 1—ijs John Greene 1
Richard Ward 1—ijs Christo: Clarke   1
Widd. Mitchell 1—ijs Widd. Cambe   1
Wm. Parneham   1
25 2li—10s Wm. Killingworth   1
John Morley   1
Tho: Brookes   1
Tho: Buttler   1
Edward Hill   1
Robt. Grey   1
John Butler   1
John Burden   1
Edward Maifeild   1
Wm. Somer   1


Chargable. not chargable.
Mrs. Truman 5—xs Robt. Shelton 1
Mr. Leeson 1—ijs Tho: Clarke 1
John Hurst 1—ijs Wm. Walker 1
John Bush 1—ijs Henry Pepper 1
Edward Sheppard 1—ijs George Ridley 1
Wm. Marsh 1—ijs John Goodwin 1
James ffowliam 1—ijs Peter Dalliwater 1
John Selby 1—ijs Wm. Wise 1
Wm. Taylor 1—ijs Edward Sumner 1
Widd. Sheppard 1—ijs Widd. Holmes 1
14 1s—8d Wm. Atkinson 1
Andrew Wells 1
Wm. Grey 1
Tho: Sikes 1
Katherine Loe 1
John Godfery 1
Trustam Mills 1
Wm. Whitefoote 1