CUR LANE, 1875

Cur Lane is just outside the defences of mediaeval Nottingham, and may possibly occupy the site of the old town ditch. It runs parallel to Coalpit Lane, which was constructed towards the close of the eighteenth century as an easy gradient for the carriage of coal from the Wollaton pits.

Even to-day the trees in Portland Place give to Cur Lane a singularly rural aspect, and remind us that until about 1730, the Sherwin family had a notable cherry orchard in this neighbourhood. The Black Lion Inn in Portland Place, was the rendezvous of the caucus which governed Nottingham years ago, and within its walls they unofficially decided upon the names of Mayor and Sheriff.

Cur Lane runs into St. John's Street, and just about that juncture is the site of the pottery, where in the eighteenth century Morley produced his beautiful Nottingham brown ware.