ST. PAULS CHURCH, George Street, 1922

This Church was erected in the years 1821-2 and contained accommodation for about six hundred worshippers, but its work is finished; it was closed to public worship in 1924 and has since been completely demolished; we miss its very fine Doric portico with the bell turret over it, for it was an extremely handsome feature.

At the time of the building of this 'St. Paul's Chapel of Ease', as it was then called, public opinion was running high against King George IV. for he had refused to allow his wife Caroline to be crowned : notwithstanding this, the King's Coronation was celebrated in Nottingham by the firing of several volleys in the Market Place by the 7th Dragoon Guards, and the Yeomanry Cavalry. The Mayor then invited the officers to join him in drinking his Majesty's health and afterwards the foundation stone was laid by the Rev. G. Wilkins, Vicar of St. Mary's Church.