The screen, Staunton church.
The screen, Staunton church.

Robert Staunton's transcript of the Inscription on the screen in Staunton Church:—

"On the Screen of the Quire (called the Rode Lofte).
Praye for the Saule of Mayster Symon Yates Bachelar of Law borne (in) Newarke Parson of this Church and of Beckynghm and official of the Arched(enry of Nottingham wch in his lyf of his own ppere expenses of his charetie caused this) Rode (lofte) and the tabnacull of or ladie to be maid in the yere of our lorde Mcccccxix on whos Saul God have mercy Amen."
The lettering in brackets is now missing.


The following remarks on the tombs in Staunton Church are taken from Charles Mellish's note book, dated October, 1773: —

"There are two monuments (in North Isle) without inscription, supposed to be the monuments of the two Sir Mauger Stauntons. Thoroton has given them in his plate, but his engraver has made a mistake, for the plain stone expressed in his No. 1, which I conceive never to have been removed from the North side, has the man on it which the engraver has placed on No. 3, and the ornamented monument which is now on the North side, as Thoroton has placed it, has the figure which the engraver has placed on No. 1........ Dr. Thoroton, in his figure on No. 1, has forgotten a belt which holds a shield. In No. 1, in Thoroton, there is mail on the legs and a pillow to the head, which is wanting in his No. 3.

No. 1. In North Isle, William, son of Mauger. Date uncertain. Hic jacet Wills de Staunton Miles et filius Maugeri de eadem, militis qi obiit . . . cujus aie ppiciet Deus.
No 2,
Remaining in time of Robert Staunton, in 1568, and of Robert Cade, the rhymer between 1582 and 1602. Cade says it was in the chancel, and Robert Staunton says it was next the tomb of Simon the Rector.
Hic jacet Robertus quondam Rector Ecclesiae de Staunto et frater Willelmi Staunton de eadem militis, qui obiit Nonis Kalend Maii Anno Domini 1329. Cujus animus propitietur deus.
No. 3. Remaining in the time of Robert Staunton and Cade.
Hic jacet Johannes quondam rector ecclesie de Staunton et filius Galfridi Staunton de eadem, militis.
Robert Staunton says this stone was next the last and "in the myddest of the chancel," and that there was more of it, but that the stone was broken.
No. 4,
"William de Staunton Miles, son of  Geoffrey. In St. Laurence's Isle.
Hic jacet Wills de Staunton Mil filius Galfridi de eadem m . . . qui obiit die . . . maii . . . ccc . . .-tur deus.
The date is ascertained both by Robert Staunton and Cade to be 1326. Thoroton prints it in his plate so, therefore I suppose that part remained perfect in Thoroton's time, but the plate says nono maii; Cade says nonis maii, and so says Robert Staunton and Mrs. Charlton.
Alice the wife of Thomas, brother of this Sir William, died 19 Nov., 1418, and is buried at Stoke.
No. 5,
Simon de Staunton, Rector. In the chancel, north side.
Hic jacet (Magister  Simon, Rec)tor Ecclie de Staunton et fra(ter) Galfridi de eadem, militis (aedif)icavit Rectoriam de Staunton. Obiit (Idus Septem)bris, Anno Domini Mcccxlvi. Cujus anime ppicietur Deus.
Cade adds Amen, which is not on the stone.
The letters  in brackets are not now legible, but Robert Staunton, Cade, and Mrs. Charlton agree in the inscription, whence I conclude it was perfect in their time.
No. 6,
Alicia, daughter of Sir Geoffrey de Staunton, and wife of Stephen Maulovell.
Remaining in time of Robert Staunton and Cade.
Hic jacet Alicia uxor Stephani Maulovell Domini de Rampton, et filia Galfridi de Staunton, militis, Quae obiit in Kalendi Augusti, Anno Domini 1649. Cujus animae propitietur Deus. Amen.
Cade says she was buried near the pulpit.
Robert Staunton says she was buried "on the west end of the tombe of Anthonie Staunton, Esq.," and that she had the Lordship of Rampton in frank marriage of the gift of Staunton.
No. 7,
Joan, wife of Geoffrey Staunton, Monument in St. Laurence Isle.
Icy git Jone qui fute la femme Mounsier Gefrey de Staunton et la fille Mounsier John de Loudham. Que morust le derayne joure de July, la anne de nostre Seignor Christ
1366. X aie mercie de sa alme.
As there is a stone of equal size that is joined to this monument, I should think that Sir Geoffrey, her husband, lies buried nigh her, though no monument has been erected to his memory.
Round Joan's monument are Arms as expressed in Thoroton's plate. Staunton, Loudham, as I take it, Zouch (being billette of ten, 4, 3, 2, 1, between a fesse dance. The other Arms are hid by pews. The back and tail of the lion at her feet are remaining, the head is lost.
No. 8,
Alicia de Loudham, mother of Joan, in St. Lawrence Isle.
Hic jacet Domina Alicia de Loudham uxor Johannis de Loudham, militis, et filia Roberto de  Kyrketo, militis; quae obiit septimo die Octobris Anno Dmi Mcccxl qto. cujus animye propitietur Deus. Amen. The date was remaining in Cade's time. Cade by mistake gives the name as Cecilia and idus for die in the date.
Robert Staunton says she died in 1345, but the word qto is plain now.
No. 9,
William, son of Sir Geoffrey, remaining in time of Robert Staunton and Cade.
Hic jacet Wilelmus de  Staunton, filius  Galfridi de eadem, militis. Qui obiit Idus Augusti, Anno Domini 1371.
Robert Staunton tells us he was before  the pulpit pictured holding a spear in his right hand, and  that there was the above-mentioned superscription.
Ralph the son of this William, and one of his wives, are said to be buried at Quarrington, near Sleaford.
No. 10,
Thomas son of Ralph; remaining in time of Robert Staunton and Cade.
Hic jacet Thomas Staunton, armiger, filius Randulphi Staunton, armigeri, qui obiit ult Kalend Aprilis, Anno Domini 1446.  Cujus animae propitietur Deus. Amen.
Vermibus hic donor et sic ostendere conor, Nam sicut hic ponor, ponitus omnis honor, Cade says he was buried in Staunton Quere. Robert Staunton "between the two little pillars of south end of St. Laurence Quere."
I have at last discovered the two verses on a stone which now supports the font or Baptisterium; this therefore was the store before-mentioned. Some other letters are on it but not legible.
No. 11,
Thomas, son of Thomas, remaining in Robert Staunton's time, but not mentioned by Cade.
Hic jacet Thomas Staunton, armiger, filius Thomae Staunton, armigeri. Qui obiit nono die Augusti. Anno Domini 1482.
Thoroton cites it from the MS. of Robert Staunton.
No. 12
Thomas, son of the last Thomas, remaining in time Robert Staunton and Cade.
Hic jacet Thomas Staunton, armiger, filius Thomte Staunton, armiger; et Anna Uxor ejus. Qui obiit nono die Januarii.
Anno Domini 1517. Cujus animae propitietur Deus. Amen.
Cade says he was buried in St. Laurence Quere. Robert Staunton says on the upper end  of north side of St. Laurence Quere, north end of the altar.
No. 13
Anthony, son of Thomas, and Sythe his wife.
Hic jacet Antonius Staunton, Armig, fili Thomae St(aunton), Armig, et Sita uxor ejus, filia Robt. Nevel de Ragnel, Amig, Qi obiit xxvii Feb., Ao Christi Mdlx. Cujus anime ppiciet Deus, 1560, Amen.
En Dieu ( 2 chevons ) ma ffie.
Cade has misread the inscription, as has also Dr. Thoroton.
Sythe Staunton died 21 January, 1569.
Charles Mellish conciuding a lengthy note on this inscription and the mistakes made about it, says, " Dr. Thoroton, finding many alterations in the Pedigree of Robert Staunton, looked upon it as being too inaccurate to be depended upon; but, as I have examined it with more attention, I will say that it is drawn up with great care, and that Cade has added very little to it. On the whole Robert was the first Genealogist of his family. Cade borrowed from him, Dr. Thoroton from Cade, and Mrs. Charlton professes to depend on Dr. Thoroton.
I have had the labour in a dry matter of genealogy, for a family I respect, to examine the  accounts of Robt. Staunton, Cade, Thoroton, and Mrs. Charlton."
No. 14,
Robert Staunton, son of Anthony.
Hic jacet Robertus Staunton de  Staunton, Armiger Alius Anthonii Staunton, Armiger; qui obiit 19 Junii, Anno Dni 1582.  Anime ppitiatur est deus. Two chevrons.
Dieu and ma ffie
Cade is rather inaccurate.
1602. William, the eldest son of Robert, who died 28 Sep., 1602, aet 39.
1613. Anthony, the eldest son of William, 1613, aet 27.
1655-6. William,  the eldest son of  Anthony, 1st March, 1665-6, aet 48.
1660. Major, the eldest son of William, 1660, aet 28.
No. 15.
Anne, widow of William son of the last-named Anthony.
Here lyeth Anne, the widow of  the Honble. Coll. William Staunton, Daur. to Edmd. Wareing, Esq., of Wolverhampton, in the Coun. of Stafford. She had 6 Sons and 7 Daur., and dyed in the 74th year of her age (a Widow 27 years), Novemb. the 13th, Anno 1684.
See also No. 17. On the top are  these arms  per pale. Waring (I take it), between a Chevron, three Herons or  Bitterns, heads erased 2 and 1, and Staunton 2 Chevrons.
No. 16.
Harvey, son of William and brother of Major.
Hic jacet Harvicus Staunton, Armiger. Obiit 23 Feb., Anno Dom: 1688-9.
No. 17.
Wm. Holbrooke, on the same monument with No. 15.
Here also lieth Will. Holbrooke, the son of Edw. Holbrooke, of Holbrooke in Coun: Staff., gent. Rector here 21 years, who married Eliz. her youngest daughter, and died  June the 24th, aged  45, 1689. Arms per pale Holbrooke and Staunton.
No. 18. Eliz. Sherwin, Daughter of  Col. Staunton, on the same monument with No. 15 and 17.
1725. Here lyes Mrs. Eliz. Sherwin, Daut. of the Honble. Coll. Staunton, ob: Mar. 14th, 1725, AEt 77. She gave 6d. a week for Dole Bread for Staunton Poor for ever.
No. 19.
Mrs.  Degge,  Daughter of  Harvey Staunton, Esq., and Harvey Degge her son. On a marble monument in the Body of the Church.
To the memory of Jane Degge, 10 years the second Wife and 41 years the Widow of Simon Degge, of Derby, Esq., who died 29th March, 1757, Aged 80. And of Harvey Degge, his 5th, her 2nd Son, Fellow of Trinity College in Cambridge, who died 22nd May, 1733, Aged 25 years.
He was the Grandson, she the  youngest of  the  four daughters and co-heirs of Harvey Staunton, Esq., the last of that beloved Family. Lord of this Manor. They both lie under the same gravestone in the Isle opposite hereunto. This memorial of the place of the Sepulchre of his Mother and  Brother, was erected  by Staunton Degge, Rector of this Church. Whosoever shall be in Power here, let their remains continue undisturbed until they rise at the Resurrection of  the Just, and triumphantly proclaim "O grave where is thy victory."
No. 20.
Gilbert Charlton, Esq. On the North side, on a stone.
Here lyeth interred the Body of Gilbert Charlton, Esq., who departed this life the 16th day of July. Anno Domini, MDCCVI, in the 36th year of his age.
No. 21
Ann his wife, Daughter of Harvey Staunton, Esq.
Here lieth the Body of Ann, Relict of Gilbert Charlton, Esq., and Daughter of Harvey Staunton; who died May 29, 1732, aged 65.
[Here Charles Mellish's notes end.]
No. 22.
Gilbert, son of Gilbert and Ann Charlton. Tablet on North side of Chancel.
Gilbert Charlton, A.M., Rector of this Parish, died ye 14th March, 1738, Aged 38. Elizabeth his wife, daughter of Anthony Burton, of Surfleet in Lincolnshire, Esq., died 23rd of June, 1758, Aged 63. They had  issue, Two Sons, Gilbert and Harvey, who died in their infancy ; and  Two Daughters, Lettice who died  ye 13th of September, 1751, aged 17, and Elizabeth who died ye 30th of October, 1753, aged 18.
No. 23.
Anne, daughter of Gilbert and Anne Charlton. Tablet in St. Lawrence Choir.
In this Chantry lie the remains of Anne the Wife of Richard Brough, of Thoroton, in this County, Esqre., and Daughter of Gilbert Charlton, Esq., and Anne his Wife. She died 29th May, and was buried in the same grave, and on the same day with her mother, June 1st, 1732, aged 34.
No. 24,
George Staunton Brough, Son of Richard and Ann Brough. Tablet within altar rails, north side. Beneath this  tablet  lie  the remains of the Rev. George Staunton Brough, A.M., Rector of this Parish, and of Wollaton in this County. He was the eldest son of Richard  Brough,  Esq.,  of Thoroton, and died 28th September, 1766, aged 49 years.
No. 2,


Job Staunton Charlton. Tablet by the Font, North side of St. Laurence  Choir. Sacred  to the memory of Job Staunton Charlton, Esq., Eldest son of Gilbert Charlton, Esq , and grandson of Sir Job Charlton, of Ludford, in the County of Hereford, Bart., and Anne his wife. She was the eldest daughter of  Harvey Staunton, Esq., whose ancestors inherited the Estate here from the time of the Saxons in 1066. Sir Mauger Staunton defended Belvoir Castle  against William the First, Duke of Normandy, called William the Conqueror, and had the strongest fortress therein ever since called (by his name) Staunton Tower. The above Job Staunton Charlton was Member for the Borough of Newark  in several Parliaments, and died in February, 1778, aged 78 years. He married the daughter of Daniel Greenwood, M.D., of Northampton, who died in March, 1777.
They had four daughters: Anne, Emma, Mary, and lizabeth, who all died unmarried. Mary died in February, 1773.
Elizabeth died in October, 1778.
Emma died in January, 1797, and Anne the eldest and last  surviving  daughter, died April the 11th, 1807; leaving  her Staunton Estate to her Second Cousin Elizabeth, the daughter of Job Brough, Esq., and wife of the Rev. John Aspenshaw, LL.D. Who directed by her last  will  and  testament that they and  their issue should take the Name and bear the  Arms of Staunton only, and who have out of grateful remembrance to her executed this monument.
No. 26,
Job Brough. Tablet in Tower Arch by Pulpit.
Sacred to the memory of Job Brough, Esq., youngest son of Richard Brough, Esq., by Anne his wife, who was the youngest daughter of Gilbert Charlton, of this place. He died at Newark on the 4th day of May, 1795, aged 70 years.

Also of Elizabeth  Brough, his wife, who departed this life April 13, 1811, in the 87th year of her age. Interred in the same vault are the remains of their two sons. The eldest,  Job Charlton Brough, died on the 13th of January, 1806, aged 48 years. Francis John, their youngest son, died on the 5th of December, 1804, in the 40th year of his age. This Tablet is inscribed as a tribute of affectionate attachment, to the memory of their  invaluable parents, by their daughters, Emma Fynes and Elizabeth Staunton.
No. 27.


Elizabeth Staunton. Tablet in Chancel, North side.
Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth, the wife of the Rev. J. Staunton, LL.D., who died on the 13th day of April, 1833, and whose remains are interred in the vault under the vestry. Also of their eldest son, Edward John, who died  on  the  2nd  day of March, 1813. And of their eldest daughter,  Elizabeth  Katherine,  the  wife of the Rev. George Gordon,  A.M.,  Rector of Muston in the County of Leicester, who died on the 23rd day of April, 1836. And of their youngest son, the Rev. William Job Charlton, A.M., who died on the 10th day of April, 1840. In the same vault are interred the remains of Robert, the  infant son of  the Rev. George and Elizabeth Katherine Gordon. The warmest feelings of the husband and father record this  memorial of affection and love to his wife and children.
No. 28.
William Job Charlton Staunton, son of Rev. John Staunton, LL.D. Tablet in Chancel.
In the family vault adjoining the Chancel are deposited the remains of the Rev. William Job Charlton  Staunton, M.A., of Staunton Hall in  this County, and Vicar of Aslackby, Lincolnshire, who departed this  life  April 10th, MDCCCXL, in the 38th year of his age.
Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.—Rev. xiv, 13.
No. 29.
Harvey Staunton. Tablet in Chancel, South side.
Sacred to the memory of Harvey Staunton, who departed this life June  13th, 1844, aged 12 years. He was the second  son  of  the  late Rev. William Job Charlton Staunton, M.A., of  Staunton Hall, and of Isabella his wife. His remains are interred in the Church yard of King's Cliffe, Northamptonshire.
Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.
No. 30.
George William Malger  Staunton. Tablet in  Chancel, South side.
Sacred to the memory of George William Malger Staunton, of Staunton Hall, who departed this life at Konigstein, Upper Saxony, September xxiii, MDCCCLIII. In the xxiv year of his age. Deeply regretted by his widowed mother as a most excellent son;  by his brothers and sisters as an amiable and affectionate  brother ; and by all who knew him as an honourable and upright young man. His remains were brought to England and deposited in the family vault adjoining the Chancel.
Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.—Rev. xiv, 13.
No. 31.
John Staunton. Tablet in the Chancel, South side.
Sacred to the memory of John Staunton, fourth son of the late Rev. William Job Charlton Staunton, and of Isabella his wife, who was accidently drowned while on a voyage to New  Zealand,  on board the Northfleet, Nov. xxiv, MDCCCLIII, in the 18th year of his age. He died loved and regretted by all.
No. 32.
William Charlton Staunton. Tablet in Chancel, South side.
Sacred to the memory of William Charlton Staunton, youngest son of the late Rev. William Job  Charlton Staunton, of Staunton  Hall, and of Isabella his wife. He died near Murilla, Queensland, Dec. 31, 1884, aged 44 years.
Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.—Rev. xiv, 13.
No. 33.
Francis Staunton. Tablet within altar rails, North side.
Arms, Staunton and Marriott impaled. In memory of Francis Staunton, M.A., of Staunton Hall, Lord of  this Manor, Rector of Staunton-cum-Flawborough. The fifth and only surviving son of Job Charlton Staunton and Isabella his wife. He died Feb. 11, 1888, aged 48 years.
No. 34.
Isabella Staunton. Tablet in Chancel, South side.
Sacred to the memory of Isabella Staunton, widow of the Rev. William Job Charlton Staunton, of Staunton Hall. She died in London, January 20, 1892, aged 87 years. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.—Rev. xiv, 13.
No. 35.
Sacred to the memory of Mary Frances Staunton, youngest daughter of the late Rev. W. J. C. Staunton, of Staunton Hall, Notts. Born March 19th, 1839; Died Feb. 19th, 1910.
Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.—Rev. xiv, 13.


No. 36.
Mary Anne Staunton. A Tombstone in Church yard by Vestry door.
Sacred to the memory of Mary Anne, the daughter of the Rev. J. Staunton, LL.D., and Elizabeth his wife. She died June 4th, in the year 1850, in the 51st year of her age.
No. 37.
John Staunton, LL D. Tablet on East side of Tower, near vault entrance.
To the memory of the Rev. John Staunton, LL.D., Rector of  this   Parish, and of  Kilvington and Elton in this County, Official of the  Archdeaconry of  Nottingham, Justice of the Peace for the Counties of Nottingham and Leicester, and for sometime Chairman of the Nottinghamshire Quarter  Sessions at Newark. He  had also been several years Rector of St. Peter's in Nottingham, and Vicar of Hinckley in the County of Leicester. He died on the 2nd day of June, A.D. 1851, in the 87th year of his age.