Approx. dates.
Pre-Christian : Tympanum over south-east priest's door. Probably from pagan temple on site of church.
Before 850 : Small church of tower, nave and chancel only, erected probably on site of pagan worship.
1000: " Strap interlaced " work now under south end of chancel arch.
1040-1050: 1070-1160 : Tower arch rebuilt or widened and embellished. Nave and chancel taken down, enlarged ; tower left up.
1160: North aisle added ; rich door put in south wall of nave.
1190: Chapel of S. Thomas a Becket added, east end of north aisle. Aisle and chancel walls pierced for access.
1190-1220 : Font put in.
1260- Double piscina installed.
I300-I340(?) : Possibly, as in most country churches, north aisle windows enlarged, but wall has been rebuilt, so no evidence exists for this.
1425-1443 : William de Chaumbre gives bell ; top stage of tower added ; newel-stair of tower built ; Saxon windows of tower blocked up ; buttresses tacked on to tower, south-east corner, and south wall of chancel ; chancel arch rebuilt ; chancel east window enlarged and filled in with stained glass, and west window put in tower ; present window and priest's door put in chancel south wall ; nave heightened, clerestory built, new roofs put on nave and north aisle ; and probably a porch with parvise put in front of Norman door in nave south wall.
1774 : Chancel screen removed, pulpit erected.
1821-1832 : First gallery erected ; roofs " underceiled ;" north wall of aisle taken down and rebuilt wider than original ; north wall of Becket chapel rebuilt and door inserted ; south aisle, vestry and vestry porch built ; Norman door moved from nave south wall to tower west wall ; much refacing and alteration of exterior surface of church walls ; second gallery erected 1828.
1868 : General restoration, including stripping of plaster of tower exterior. Font bowl restored to Church.
1892: Present gallery adaptcJ from second gallery, and arch made to organ chamber.
1935 : Clearing of overgrown churchyard ; restoration of altar of S. Thomas of Canterbury on December 28th.
August 1936 : Rediscovery of Saxon window-shaft in west window of tower.