This book had its origin in two lectures given to a village audience during my incumbency of the benefice of Tollerton. I found little local material upon which to work: the parish records, apart from the registers, have almost all been lost; and as few families had any lengthy connection with the place, there was but little tradition to brighten the story. It was tantalizing to find that much tradition had been written down in the middle of the last century, only to be lost.

The City Records of Nottingham and of the County have supplied much that was interesting; but the greater portion of the material has been delved for, and found in the national records of the Record Office and British Museum.

Much time has been devoted to the history of the Manor; and to the compilation of a revised pedigree of the Barry family, so long connected with the parish. I cannot claim completeness for either of these sections; but I hope that the former is sufficiently full, and the latter more accurate than Thorotons pedigree.

Delay in publication has been rewarded by an influx of new material, especially relating to the Manor and the descendants of the Barrys. Further delay might have cleared up some doubtful points; but after ten years of research and labour, it has been thought advisable to issue this volume, imperfect as it may prove to be.

I am indebted to many helpers. In the compilation of the pedigrees I have had much help from the late Mr. W. M. Myddelton, Mr. W. W. Otter-Barry, Mr. A. H. Tod, my old colleague and friend the Rev. C. A. Barry, and the Rev. W. G. D. Fletcher, F.S.A. For the rest, help has been generously given by the late Mr. Bernard Ward, the Rev. T. Wilson, Messrs. F. A. Wadsworth, W. E. Doubleday, R. W. Marston, the Clerk of the Nottinghamshire County Council, and many others.

I have to thank the Art Museum Committee of the Nottingham Castle Museum for permission to reproduce Thomas Hearne’s water colour drawing of Tollerton Hall, Mr. Claude Howitt for his excellent reproductions of this picture and the portrait of Mr. Pendock Neale, Miss Dorothy Russell for permitting this portrait to be reproduced, and my wife for reading the proofs and much other help.

The Revd. A. Jessopp, D.D., the historian and essayist, said: "The man or woman who does not know something of the history of his parish, his country, and, above all, of his Church; is a man or woman with a low and vulgar mind.” I hope that this volume will do something to enable present and future dwellers in Tollerton to avoid that somewhat severe reproach.


Woodhall Spa.
September 21st, 1929.