The Pictures.

In the following catalogue we have aimed at giving the most important pictures at Clumber, and mainly those of whom the name of the artist is known. The connoisseur will find many of great interest, and will be well repaid by a careful examination of these beautiful works of art.


Four large Pictures—Game, Fruit, and two of Fish, by Snyders
the Figures are by Langan
A large Landscape, in which is a large urn ; in the fore­ground a dog with dead game . Jan Weenix
Two upright Landscapes, with Cattle Zuccharelli


The Beggar Boys
Landscape, with Horses (upright) Moucheron
Joan of Arc   Gerard Dow
Landscape, with Horses   Poussin
Interior of a Studio   Old Franck
Children with Goats    
Battle Piece (oval) Borgognone
Interior of a Church   Peter Neef
Ruins and Figures   Polemberg
Battle Piece   Vander Meulen
Marriage of St. Catherine   Carlo Dolce
Earl of Pembroke   Vandyke
Small Battle Piece   Parrocel
Head of an old Woman   Rembrandt (?)
Portrait of a Lady   Titian
Large Sea Piece   Ruysdael
Death of Cleopatra   A Copy from Guido
Small Battle Piece   Parrocel
Portrait of a Man   Rembrandt
Spring, represented by the reign of Flora Jan Breughel
(The Goddess is by Rothenhammer.)
A Cornfield   Ruysdael
Children at play    
Interior of a Church .   Peter Neef
Virgin and Child   Albert Durer
Countess of Soissons   Mignard
Portrait (unfinished)    
A Dairy Farm .   Teniers
Peasants playing at Bowls   Teniers
Portrait of a Female .   Sir P Lely
Campbell, the poet   Sir Thos. Lawrence
Ruben's Wife   Rubens
Head of a Man   A. Del Sarto
Lord Nelson   R. Bowyer
Small Battle Piece   Parroce
Landscape, Rocks, and Figures   Salvator Rosa
A Port by Moonlight   Vernet


Henry, 2nd Duke of Newcastle, returning from Shooting Wheatley
Michael Angelo Bronzino
The Huntsman's Funeral Woodward
Head Barroccio
Portrait of Charles II Scalken
Portrait of a Lady  
William, first Lord Paget Holbein
Edward Clinton, Earl of Lincoln Probably Holbein
Thomas Pelham Holles, Duke of Newcastle Hoare


Two Views in Venice Caliavara
Two Views in Venice Canaletti
An Orator Rembrandt
A Woman with a Bunch of Grapes, tasting Reubens
A Girl smelling a Flower Reubens
The Magdalen in Meditation Trevisani
Small Landscape Poussin
Small Landscape Poussin
Artemisia Guido Reni
Sigismunda, daughter of Tancred, King of Sicily, weeping over the heart of her murdered lover Corregio(?)
The Baptism of Christ Baptisto Franco
A Flemish Village Van Uden and Teniers
Dutch Church and Congregation Rubens
Attack on a Convoy Vander Meulen
Companion to ditto Ditto.
Large Landscape and  Figures Poussin


The Crowning of the Virgin A. Carraci
The Ascension of the Virgin Murillo (?)
Jacob and Rachel Imperial!
Rinaldo and Armida Vandyke
The Discovery of Cyrus Castiglioni
Henry Pelham, 4th Duke of Newcastle Lawrence
The Duchess of Newcastle Lawrence


Two Views in Venice  
Battle of the Boyne Vander Meulen
Edward Montagu, Earl of Manchester  
Portrait of Henry Jermyn, Earl of St. Albans Lely
Sheep and Goats Rosa di Tivoli
Interior—Cardplaying Teniers
Two Fruit and Flower Pieces Van Oss
Two Landscapes Claude Lorraine
The Holy Family Pieto Battoni
Sheep and Goats Rosa di Tivoli
Stag Hunt Wouvermans
Small Landscape Claude Lorraine
George the First  
The Brickmakers Teniers
Portrait of Edward Clinton, first Earl of Lincoln  


Interior of a Church Delorme
Two Battle Pieces Walton (?)
Aurora After Guido
Juliet finding the body of Romeo Henry O'Neill


Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle Lely
The Children of Thomas, third Duke of Newcastle Staveley
The Virgin Mazzolini Di Ferrara
William Hogarth Hogarth
His Wife Hogarth
Henry Pelham, fourth Duke of Newcastle Reynolds
Anne of Denmark Jansen
James I. in his robes  
Thomas Pelham, third Duke of Newcastle  
Countess of Lincoln Lely
Duke of Richmond Van Loo
A Nun Holbein
John Holles, Duke of Newcastle . . . copy from Kneller
Henry, fifth Duke of Newcastle Watts, R.A.
Sir Kenelm Digby Jansen
Oliver Cromwell Stone
Earl of Essex  


Henry Pelham, 4th Duke of Newcastle  
Van Huysum by himself
The Last Trumpet Guercino
Portrait (unknown) Vandyke
Edward Clinton, 1st Earl of Lincoln  
Horace Walpole Richardson
Two Landscapes Creswick
Linnaeus Roslin (?)
Stephen Gardiner, Bishop of Winchester  
Sir Robert Peel  


The Earls of Lincoln, Scarborough, Winchelsea, and Duke of Dorset drinking the health of Lady Mohun Dahl
Nell Gwynn Sir P. Lely
Charles I Vandyke
Georgiana, Lady Middleton  
Sir W. H. Clinton, G.C.B., G.C.H.  
Lord Howard of Effingham  
King Edward the 4th  
Edward Clinton, first Earl of Lincoln  
Emperor Maximillian Lucas Van Leyden
Cardinal Imperiale Domenichino
Earl Mansfield Birch
Lady Mary Wortley Montague Richardson
Sir Henry Clinton, K.B Hoare
Samuel Foote Reynolds
William Cavendish, first Duke of Newcastle Dobson
A Portrait Holbein
Earl St. Vincent  
Cornelius Ketel by Himself
Sir Henry Guildford Holbein
Sir Edward Nicholas Vanderhelst
Children of the Earl of Harrington  
Sir Henry Clinton, K.B Hoare
Duke of Marlborough Sir J. Reynolds
Marquis of Granby Ditto.
Mary Beatrice D'Este, Queen of James II. Sir P. Lely
La Belle Menuisiere Rigaud
Duke and Duchess of York Hausman
Charles II Sir P. Lely
Elizabeth, Queen of Bohemia, sister of Charles I. M. Miervielt
Louis XV. of France  
Marie Leczinski, his Queen  
Portrait of a Lady in a red dress . Lely
Sir William Killigrew Vandyke
Melancthon Cranach
Luther Cranach


Henry, the tenth Earl of Lincoln Gainsborough
The Countess of Lincoln Gainsborough
Children of the Earl of Lincoln Jervas
Frances, Lady Chandos  
Countess of Lincoln, third wife of Edward Clinton, first Earl of Lincoln Holbein
John Holles, first Earl of Clare  
Queen Mary the 1st Lucas de Heere
Children of the second Duke of Newcastle Hoare
Henry Pelham, Chancellor of  Exchequer Hoare
Henry Fiennes Pelham Clinton, second Duke of Newcastle. Hoare
Catherine Pelham, his wife Hoare
John Tillotson, Archbishop of Canterbury Kneller
Edward Fowler, Bishop of Gloucester Kneller
Reverend Joseph Spence (crayon) Rosalba
Henry Pelham Clinton, Duke of Newcastle, when young, (crayon) Rosalba
Mr. Read, his secretary (crayon) Hoare
Denzil Holles, his Father, 1538  
Edward Clinton, first Earl of Lincoln Holbein
Premier Duke of Newcastle Hoare


William Pitt Owen
Thomas Campbell Phillips
Robert Southey "
Sir Walter Scott "
James Thomson Slaughter
View on the Thames Westall
Lion Attacking a Wild Boar Snyders
White Hall Wyke
Fruit Piece Van Oss
The Sacrifice of Pan And. Sacchi
George II Shackleton
Queen Caroline Shackleton
Prince Rupert Lely
Charles I. as St. George and the Dragon Reubens
Diana and Nymphs Hunting Diepenbeck
Large Landscape Hartaine
Abraham Cowley  
Sir Christopher Hatton  


Lady Henrietta, Cavendish, Holles, Harley. Lely
Entombment of Christ Vandyke