A Choir. B Central Tower. C Transepts. D St. Mary's Chapel. E St. Peter's Chapel (?). F Nave—The Parish Church. G- Parish Choir. H St. Katharine's Chantry. I St. Leonard's Chantry (?). K Western Towers. L G-roined Undercrofts, of what were probably apartments connected with the Prior's lodgings. M Cloister. N Well. O Refectory, with kitchens, &c. P Chapter house. Q Prior's lodgings. R Great western doorway. S Small western doorway.

a Choir. b Original wall of separation between the Monastic and Parish Churches, c Step, d Screens. e Upper Canons' entrance, f Oaken door, g Remains of screen, h Late Tudor window, i Locker. j Priors' & Canons' entrance to Parish Church, k Piscina. l Southern doorway, m Porch, n Stoup. o Doorway, p Passage, q Existing wall.


1. William de Lovetot. 2. Richard de Lovetot. 3. William de Lovetot 2nd. 4. Thomas de Fumival. 5. Gerard de Fumival, his brother. 6. William de Fumival 1st. 7. Maude de Fumival. 8. Gerard de Fumival. 9. Thomas, Lord Fumival, "the hasty " 10. William, Lord Fumival, his brother. 11. Joan Nevil. 12. Sir Thomas Nevil. 13. Matilda Talbot, 1st Countess of Shrewsbury. 14. John, 2nd Earl of Shrewsbury. 15. John, 3rd Earl of Shrewsbury. 16 Francis Clipsby.