Easter Sepulchre — Arnold, Notts.

At Arnold the sculpture is all destroyed, but in its prime it must have pretty nearly equalled Heckington, though the diaper four leafed flower may not have been quite of so fine a character. The indications under the Sepulchre point to niches for the sleeping soldiers, and the Vicar tells me that these are now being restored. At the side is a head bracket for a candle.

The illustrations of the Easter Sepulchres are from blocks lent by Mr. Ernest Woolley, F.SA.

The photograph of that at Lincoln is by Mr. S. Smith of Lincoln, the remainder by Mr. Ernest Woolley.

At Fledborough, Notts., four fragments belonging to another of this group of Easter Sepulchres are now built into the north wall of the chancel, no doubt near their original position. One of these is the top portion of a sunk rectangular panel, showing the upper half of the body of the risen Lord, nimbed, with right hand raised in blessing and staff in the left hand as at Sibthorpe, and attended by two censing angels. A second oblong sunk panel shows three soldiers seated and sleeping, beneath three richly crocketted ogee canopies, with two blank shields suspended by their straps in the intervening spandrels. Illustrated in Thoroton Soc. Trans., Vol. xi. 1907.

Fragments of Easter Sepulchre — Fledborough, Notts.