Lutterell Tomb, Irnham, Lincs (used as an Easter Sepulchre).

The Founder’s Tomb at Irnham formerly stood in a bay of the arcade dividing the north aisle from the chancel but has, in modern times, been removed to the east end of the aisle which extends to the full length of the Church.

It is the tomb of the Luttrell family and was used as an Easter Sepulchre. This family claimed descent from the Norman Chief of that name who came over with William the Conqueror and settled at Luttrelstown Co., Dublin (Burkes Genealogical History of Extinct Peerages 1883). The 5th Baron died in 1390 whose truly magnificent brass lies on the floor of the north aisle.

The Sculpture on the Tomb is magnificent.

The shield in the right corner bears a Lion Rampant, and in the left corner a bend with shamrock leaves between six martlets, the Luttrell arms.

The centre finial represents the Virgin and Child, and the left finial the Crucifixion.

The small niche canopies have minute heads of exquisite workmanship. The main niche ceiling-bosses are also very good.

Easter Sepulchre, Hawton, Notts. Easter Sepulchre, Hawton, Notts. (top part).
Easter Sepulchre, Hawton, Notts. Easter Sepulchre, Hawton, Notts. (top part).

Hawton I consider is the gem of the series. Not only is the sculpture first rate but the story of the Resurrection and Ascension is complete.

The four sleeping soldiers are wonderfully natural. The Sepulchre and the scene of the Resurrection are set off by a back ground of very lovely diaper leaves and roses respectively. The weeping Mary kneels by the Risen Christ, and behind, in the recess, stand two other Marys with boxes of spices, and an Angel kneels on the extreme right. The sculpture unfortunately is sadly damaged.

The top scene is that of the Ascension. The Eleven, bare footed, with the Virgin shod, stand gazing up at the Clouds where, in the centre, Christ’s garment is visible as were his feet. On either side of him a censing angel is flanked by the angel choir.

Easter Sepulchre, Sibthorpe, Notts.

At Sibthorpe the sculpture has been recently painted which does not in my opinion improve it.

Fortunately this village, being somewhat off the beaten track, has escaped the defacement suffered by the others.

On either side of the Sepulchre are two sleeping soldiers.

The Risen Christ stands on the finial above, his right hand in blessing, his left holding a long staff cross with the flag of the Resurrection. He is attended by two angels swinging censers.