St. Marie's parishe. Octavo die Januarij, 1639.

Mr. Gregorie, Maior; Mr. Malen, Mr. Millner, Ezechie Reason, &c.

Wydowe Parr's sonne sent to James Wildy to be his apprentice, butt refused.

Mr. Malen hath in his hands this day of monies receaved,

  thus : in his hands att this day, xxiiis. viiid. ) liiis.viiid.
  of Joseph Cawdrill xxxs. )
  Oute of wh. hee hath paied as followethe :    
  To Ezechie Greene, with Hill's daughter, xxxiis. vid.    
  for making her Indenture, xviiid.   xxxiiiis.

2 Martij, 1639.

Soe Mr. Malen hathe in his hands att this day, xixs. viiid.

Secundo die Martij, 1639.

Mr. Malen, Mr. Millner, Churchwardens.

Robert Kinge, taylor, to have John Parr, sonne of Margerie Parr, for viii yeares from henceforthe, and hee to have from the parishe 40s. to be pd. att sealinge the Indentures, and Kinge to have him nowe wth. him in the meane tyme, and to be bound nexte meetinge.

Quarto die Maij, 1640.

Mr. Burton, Mr. Toplady, Aldermen; Mr. Malen, Ezechie Reason, Overseer and Churchwarden.

Mr. John Gregorie havinge referred himselfe to the Churchwardens, they are content to accepte of xxxs. and to free him from takinge an apprentice for seaven yeares.

Sexto die Julij Anno Sexto decimo domini Regis Caroli nunc Angli, &c.

Mr. Gregorie, Maior ; Mr. James, Mr. Derbishire, Mr. Malen, Wm. Rylev.

Mr. Malen made his accompte for the monies Receaved this laste yeare, and the remaynder, beinge 0s. 8d., is by him delivered to Mr. Derbishire and Adrian Garner, Churchwardens, to bringe in accompte.

21 July, 1640.

Receaved with Wm. James, the Beadle, for all those thatt have beene seent to St. Johne's sincee the 7° Januarie, 1640; and allsoe for makinge the soldiers' cloathes, and other expences laied oute for the pore, untill this day, iiili. iis. viiid., wh. was paied him by the Chamberlaines by a Bill from Mr. Maior.

Tertio die Augusti Anno Sexto decimo domini Regis Caroli nunc Angli, &c. 1640.

Mr. Maior, Mr. James, Mr. Hardmett, Mr. Nixe, Mr. Burton, Mr. Toplady, Mr. Drewrie, Mr. Derbishire, Adrian Garner, Mr. Jackson, Wm. Ryley, et aliis.

Margerie Moreland beinge gotten with child by Thomas Garrett, a Showemaker, is sent to St. Johne's to be delivered there, and Mr. Maior and Mr. Alderman are agreed thatt the chardges shee shall putt the towne unto to be defrayed by St. Marie's and St. Peter's parishes equally betweene them.

David Morgan, sonne of Francis Morgan, bound to Samuel Wildye for xii. yeares from this day.

Mr. Jackson pd. 7s. due to Mr. Jorden oute of the tithe hay, for thatt hee had noe hay, oute of wh iis. is geven to Wm. Jorden and vs. is pd. to the overseers of the Mills towards the 40s. hee owes the towne.

Septimo die Decembris, 1640.

Mr. James, Mr. Gregorie, Mr. Burton, Mr. Toplady, Mr. Derbishire, Adrian Garner, Mr. Wolley, Mr. Jackson.

  Rich. Wattkinson )  
  Rich. James ) Collectors for the pore against Christmas.
  Mr. Malen )
  Mr. Beardsley )  

Quarto die Januarij, 1640.

Mr. James, Mr. Gregorie, Aldermen, Mr. Derbishire, Adrian Garner, Churchwardens, Mr. Jackson, Thomas Stevenson, Overseers for the pore, Thomas Greene Collector for the pore.

Wm. Hemsley is ordered to take Henrie Clarke, the sonne of Wm. Clarke, deceased, from henceforthe for xi. yeares as an apprentice, and to be bound by Indenture.

Homfrey Froggett to have vid. weekely from the Collectors of St. Marie's for the maynetenance and keepinge of a child of Thomas Throgmortons for a a yeare from henceforward.

Mr. Gregorie, Alderman, to have Wm. Callton to be an apprentice for vii. yeares.

Memorandum thatt Wm. James hathe Receaved ls. from the Chamberlaines towards makinge him a stocke for St. Johne's for wh hee is to geve bond.

Primo Februarij, 1640.

Mr. James, Mr. Gregorie, Mr. Burton, Ald.; Mr. Derbishire, Mr. Jackson, Adrian Garner, Thomas Stevenson, Tho. Greene, John Greene, Collectors.

Mr. James, Alderman, to have [blank] Brenttnall, sonne of Wydowe Brenttnall, from henceforthe for vii. yeares, untill hee be xxiiii yeares.

Md. thatt there is att St. Johne's of the goods thatt were Roger Mathewes 1 bolster, one pillowe, fower coverletts, one paire of sheets and twoe matteresses, that are in Wm. James his custody for the use of the children putt to him there.

Mr. Tho. Muxlowe havinge John Anderson tendered unto him to be his apprentice, beinge xiiii yeares of age, untill hee be xxiiii yeares, hathe accepted of him, soe thatt the overseers geve somethinge towards apparellinge him. Tyme geven him untill this day monethe. Bound v° Martij, 1640.

Decimo die Januarij Anno xvii0 domini Regis Caroli nunc Angli, &c.

Coram, Johanne James, Maiore ; Magistro Gregorie, Magistro Burton et Magistro Toplady, Ald. ; Magistro Malen et Johanne Walker, Overseers for the pore;
Henri Sherwin, Churchwarden, 1641.

Md. this day Wm. James pd. in to Mr. Maior vli. of the monie he receaved for the goods of Mathewes thatt was sold, for the maintenance of his pore children, and there is for him to pay more xxxiiis.

The vli. was pd. the same day to Thomas Greene, one of the Collectors of St. Marie's parishe, to bringe in accompte.

John Recklesse hath promised to take James Tutyn, one of the sonnes of Wm. Tutyn, to be his apprentice for eleaven yeares, and desired tyme untill the nexte monethely meetinge untill his wyefe come home to him, and then hee is content to be ordered touchinge the same; and in the meane tyme hee is content to allowe 9d. weekely towards the boyes mainetenance.

Wm. Parker, appothecarie, to have Tho. Tutyn to be his apprentice, and to be ordered nexte meetinge.

Die Lunedie Februarij, 1641.

Coram, Johanne James, Maiore ; Magistro Malen, Henrico Sherwin, Sam Wildy, Thomas James, &c.

Mr. Bower aleddgeth thatt hee kepes a Bastard of his sonnes, and for that hee is spared for a tyme.

James Tutyn bound to John Recklessse for eleaven yeares Indentures sealed.

St. Maries Parishe. Die Lunedie Februarij, 1641.

Coram Johanne James, Maiore ; Magistro Gregorie, Roberto Burton, Ald. ; Magistro Malen, John Walker,
Overseers ; Tho. Greene, Tho. James, Collectors ; Henrie Sherwin, Sam Wildye, Churchwardens.

St. Maries Parishe. Die Lune 4° die Aprilis, 1642.

Coram, Johanne James, Maiore ; Magistro Sherwin, Sam Wildye, Churchwardens ; Mr. Malen, John Walker,
Overseers for the pore.

Mr. Hurtt appearinge alledgeth thatt hee hathe one of Ellses children, the Churchwardens are to see the child and to dispose of him and ytt. Yf they thincke the child fitt to be bound apprentice, then hee to take ytt, otherwise they are to appoynt him annother.

Wm. Daniell called in to take an apprentice, the Churchwardens and Overseers have agreed to take onely xiiis. iiiid. and to free him for seaven yeares from henceforward.

2 Maij, 1642. hee is dischardged of this agreament.

Patricke Coxe lykewise to paye xvs. and to be freed for 7 yeares from henceforward. Pd. to John Walker, Overseer for the pore.

Mr. Lawrence Holland lykewise to pay xiiis. iiiid. and to be freed for 7 yeares from henceforward.

Henrie Boote to pay xs. and to be freed as abovesaied.

Wm. Clarke bound to Tho. James for 7 yeares, from our ladyday, 1642.

St. Maries parishe. Die Lune Secundo die Maij, 1642.

Mr. James, Maiore ; Mr. Gregorie, Mr. Malen, Mr. Mr. Sherwin, Adrian Garner, John Walker.

John Walker receaved of Patt Coxe xvs. oute of wh. hee hathe paied xs. to John Recklesse to buy clothes for his apprentice, iis. hee layed for the pore, and iiis he hathe paied in to Mr. Garner, Overseere for the pore, to bringe in accompte.

  Randle Millner ) fyned for absence att this meetinge
  Tho. Stevenson ) xiis. apiece.

Mr. Maior hath delivered in to Adrian Garner viis. thatt hee tooke for fynes of a glassman for beinge druncke vs., and of James Dringe iis., and of John Walker the Remaynder of Patt Coxe his monie iiis., in all xs. to bringe in accompte.

St. Maries parishe. 6 Junij, 1642.

Mr. James, Maior; Mr. Gregorie, Mr. Burton, Mr. Toplady, Ald. ; Randle Millner, Tho. Stevenson, Mr. Parker, Churchwarden.

Christopher Clarke bound to Rich. Polley, Showemaker, for 7 yeares from the day of the date and to have xa. from the Churchwardens.

St. Maries parishe. II0 die Junij, 1642.

Coram Johanne James, Maiore; Magistro Gregorie, Magistro Burton, Ranulpho Millner, Adrian Garner, Overseers; Wm. Parker, Tho. Stevenson, Churchwardens ; Tho. James, Collector.

Robert Kinge to pay Wydowe Parr xiid. weekely from henceforward, towards the keepinge of John Parr, her sonne and his apprentice, untill the boy be able to worke and have his helth, and then to be further ordered as this Companie shall further order touchinge this busines betweene the Maister and the servant.

Tho. Pooley hathe receaved xs. from Seywells wyefe wth. Christopher Clarke, his apprentice, accordinge to the former order, pd. this day.

St. Maries Parishe. xxiiii0 die Octobris, 1642.

Mr. James, Mr. Burton, Mr. Toplady Mr. Millner, Adrian Garner, Overseers for ye pore; Wm. Parker and Tho. Stevenson, Churchwardens; Tho. James, recorder.

Mr. James, Ald., pd. in to the Churchwardens xviiis. he receaved of Nicholas Walker for brewinge without lycence. iis. pd. to Slater, which makes xxs.
Of Palen, for beinge druncke, —vs.
Of Greisley, for swearinge, xiid.
In all, Mr. Parker hathe receaved from him, xxiiiis.

Mr. Pollard hathe paied vs. to Mr. Parker, and is to be freed from an apprentice for 7 yeares. In all, xxixs. in Mr. Parker's hands to putt oute an apprentice. To Mr. Parker, thatt the parishe is content to allowe him with Thomas Tutyn in partt of 40s. to be his apprentice for 10 yeares, the saied xxixs., soe he is yett xis. behyndd to pay, and the Indentures sealed. James Dringg's goods, prised att xxs. James Rose's goods, prised att xs. delivered by Ald. James to the Overseers of the pore to be sould as they are prised.

St. Maries Parishe. 12° die decembris, 1642.

Coram, Magistro James et Magistro Toplady, Aldermannis; Magistro Millner, Adrian Garner, Overseers for the pore; Magistro Parker et Tho. Stevenson, Churchwardens; Tho. James, Collector.

Receaved of James dringg by Mr. Wm. Parker, Churchwarden, the some of xxs. for his fyne for keepinge an ale howse without lycence, oute of which hee is to Receave xis. thatt hee is behynde for takinge Thomas Tutyn, and the rest beinge 9s. is in his hand to bringe in accompte in Mr. Parker's hand.

Robert Kirkeby, blacksmith, to have Robert Bamford, sonne of Richard Bamford, deceased, for xiii. yeares, and to have xxs., whereof hee hath Receaved in partt the 9s. from Mr. Parker, and the other xis. hee is to receave att the sealinge the Indentures nexte meetinge.

John Racolinson (Rollinson in margin) to have Marie Bamford, daughter of the saied Richard Bamford, for Eighte yeares, and to have xs. with her, the Indentures to be made against nexte meetinge.

Wm. James his xxxiiis. owinge to the towne, Mr. Parker hathe promised to see ytt paied.

Receaved of Wm. James, aforesaied, by Mr. Stevenson xxs., and of Mr. Groves vis. viiid., oute of which paied to Robert Kirkeby iis. to make upp the 9s. xxs. and the Indentures sealed. Soe Wm. James owes still xiiis., and Mr. Stevenson hathe lykewise pd. to John Rollinson with Marie Bamford viiis. Soe hee hathe in his hands to bringe in accompte viis.
10 Aprilis, 1643, viiid. geven the wenche to buy showes.

(This is the end of the entries in this book, except for a few dated 1653 and 1655 which are of no interest.)