Volume II.

Richard Allcocke, of Hoveringham, and
Elizabeth Whitefoote, of Stoke Bardolph,
married by Thomas Sherbrooke, Esq.,
J.P. 18 July 1654
Richard Tindale, of Newton, and Alice Shawe,
of Gedling [banns only] July "
Caius Brevet, of Nottingham, and Alice
Brearley, of Carlton 7 Nov. "
Edmund Keirke and Mary Boston, both of
Gedling, married by Henry Sacheverall,
J.P. 30 Dec. "
Richard Needham, of Basingfield, and Eliza-
beth Alvie [banns only] Dec. "
Richard Leeson, of Gedling, and Susanna
Schacher [sic] of Brinsley [banns only] Jan. "
William Pecke, of Carlton, and Isabel Pight,
of Halam, married by Edward Cludd,
Esq., Justice of the Peace 3 May 1655
John Brettine [spelt Britten in banns], of
Thurgarton, and Mary Lound, of Carlton,
married by William Wightman, Esq.,
J.P. 8 Nov. "
John Locke and Elizabeth Dawston, both of
Gedling, married by Francis Toplady,
Alderman of Nottingham, Justice of the
Peace for the Town of Nottingham 24 Dec. "
Richard Sleight and Sarah Bucke, married
by Mr. Coats, of Colwick 2 Aug. 1656
William Walker and Helen Wright, both
of Stoke, married by William Wight-
mann, Esq. 30 Apr. 1656
Robert Dunze, of Gedling, and Elizabeth
Siston, of Wollaton [banns only] Oct. "
Richard Leeson, of Gedling, and Martha
Everingham, of Watnall [banns only] May 1657
Joseph Truman, of Carlton, and Anne Elson,
of Hoveringham, by Mr. Palmer, parson
of Gedlinge 5 Nov. "
William Foster and Anne, daughter of
Thomas Greene, both of Gedling 1 Dec. "
Christopher Clearke and Elizabeth Senyard,
both of Carlton 7 Jan. "
[After the publication of their banns, the Register con-
tinues: "and there was an exception made against the
publication by Humfrey Robbinson, of Nottingham, Souldier
under Captaine Sabbaton ; but after the[y] made agreement
betwixt themselves, and the sayd Christopher Clearke and
Elizabeth Senyard was maryed the 7th day of January."]
George Johnson, of Clifton, and Cassandra
Flinders, of Gedling 20 Apr. 1658
Roger Day, of Nuttall, and Frances Wright,
of Gedling 14 Apr. "
Richard Rosse, of Lowdham, and Isabel
Foster, of Gedling 13 May "
John Howett, of Gedling, and Frances
Wolley, of Barton [banns only] June "
Thomas Brookes and Mary Jackson, both
of Carlton 17 July "
Edward Fullwood, of Nottingham, and Anne
Sheperd, of Stoke 7 Oct. "
[The purpose of Mariage of John Goodwin, of Stoake,    
and Anne Roobothom, of the same, was published Feb. 27th    
and March 6th and 13th, and the said John Goodwin were    
buried before the[y] were maried, the 23th of March."]    
Joseph Toplady, of Nottingham, and Mary
Miller, married by Mr. Palmer 7 Apr. 1659
William Brunts, alias Gervas, and Isabel
Day, of Arnold 3 May "
Thomas Whalhead, p. St. Mary, Notting-
ham, and Rebecca Porter, p. St. Peter,
Nottingham, married by Mr. Palmer,
of Gedling 12 May "
John Burden and Jane Fowler, both of
Carlton, married by Mr. Palmer 26 July "
Richard Alvey and Frances Mills, both of
Stoke, married by Mr. Palmer 27 Oct. "
Francis Cooke, of Whatton, and Margaret
Leeke, of Nottingham, married by Mr.
Palmer 14 Feb. "
John Selby, of Stoke, and Bridget Ingleman,
married by Mr. Palmer 28 Feb. "
John Marsh and Elizabeth Taylor, married
by Mr. Palmer 5 Dec. 1660
William Bradley, of Flintham, and Catherine
Flynders, of Sibthorpe 22 Dec. "
William Anderson and Margaret Trowell,
both of Nottingham, married by Mr.
Palmer 17 Jan. "
William Taylor and Elizabeth Hodgkin,
both of Flintham 15 Apr. 1661
Thomas France and Tabitha Mitton, married
by Mr. Palmer 18 Apr. "
Robert Roe, of Carlton, and Catherine Roe,
of Gedling 26 Nov. "
John Carington and Isabel Trertch, both of
Gedling 16 Jan. "
[Thomas Carington appears to have been Lay Registrar    
during the earlier years of the Commonwealth, and Richard    
Sleight during the latter part of that time. ]
Thomas Wilford, of Carcoulstoo, and Eliza-
beth Metcalfe, of Shelford 3 Apr. 1662
William Senior, of Carlton, and Elizabeth
Boulton, of Eperston 15 Apr. "
Thomas Cockin, of Nottingham, and Mary
Porter, of Stoke 9 June "
John reene, f orwell, nd Susanna
Truman, of Stoke Bardolph 10 June "
Samuel Flinders, of Gedlinge, and Margaret
Jackson, of Mansfield 23 July "
John adley and lizabeth Atkin, both of
Gedlinge 30 July "
Simon Brunts and Agnes Wright, widow,
both of Gedling (by licence from Arch-
Bishop) 11 Oct. "
John Mosely, of Gedling, and Elizabeth
Harthston, of Radcliffe-upon-Trent 21 Oct. "
John Fflinders and Alice Wright, both of
Gedling 24 Apr. 1663
John Seavern and Elizabeth Wilson, both
of Carlton 15 June "
Samuel Flinders, the elder, and Lucy Greene,
widow, both of Gedling 17 June "
John Midlam, of Bulwell, and Katherine
Strelly, daughter of Mr. William Strelly,
of Arnold, lic. 21 July "
John Barnes, ofGedling, and Elizabeth
Mitchall, of Cotgrave, widow, lic. 30 July "
Edward Lomax, of St. Mary's, Nottingham,
and Elizabeth Salmon, of Pinckston, co.
Derby, lic. 17 Sep. "
Robert Forman, of Cropwell Butler, and
Isabel Carrington, of Gedling, widow... 18 Apr. 1664
William Kempe, of Bulcote, and Sarah the
daughter of William Wyre, of Stoke... 30 Ap. "
Thomas Bell and Elizabeth Greaves, of
Carlton, widow, lic. 5 July "
Robert Walker, of Bulcote, and Elizabeth
Flinders, of Carlton, lic. 23 July "
William Dickenson, of Colwick, and Eliza-
beth Swain, of Gedling, lic. 2 Feb. "
Robert Owen, of Landrenio, in the County
of Montgomery, and Anne Palmer, of
Gedling, lic. 13 May 1665
Richard Wilson, of Gedling, and Eleanor
Draper, of Nottingham 24 May "
John Wily and Elizabeth Holmes, both of
Gedling 2 Sep. "
John Smaly, of Sneinton, and Mary Deval,
of Cathorpe (by certificate) 6 Nov. "
Thomas Porter and Anne Godfrey, both of
Stoke 11 Nov. "
George Johnston and Anne Bell, both of
Gedling 8 Feb. "
John Deavell, of Shelford, and Winifrede
Flinders, of Gedling, lic. 26 Feb. "
Thomas Cooper and Anne Lupton, both of
Calverton (by certificate) 1 May 1666
Thomas Pepper and Frances Green, both
of Gedling 12 June "
John Godfrey and Mary Smith, both of
Gedling 24 Nov. "
Ralph Macley, of Ilkeston in Derbyshire,
and Elizabeth Ravell, of Gedling 26 Nov. "
Robert Bell, of Plumtree, and Anne Smith,
of Gedling 28 Nov. 1666
William Pight and Ellen Dring, both of
Gedling 2 Feb. "
Edward Alferton and Mary Emory, both of
Skegby, lic. 8 Mar. "
William Speed and Anne Hall, both of
Gedling 6 May 1667
John A wood, of Gunthorpe, and Lydia Pecke,
of Gedling 7 May "
Richard Skinner, of Sneinton, and Joan
Barker, of Carlton, lic. 22 June "
John Blatherwick, of Bulcote, and Mary
Flower, of Gedling, widow 2 July "
Bryan Barnes and Anne Shelton, both of
Gedling 22 July "
John Stokes and Alice Ward, both of Carl-
ton, lic. 8 Oct. "
William Parnham and Alice Morly, both of
Carlton 16 Jan. "
Edward Leland, of Lambley, and Anne
Warner, of Calverton 26 Mar. 1668
Joseph Johnson, of Woodborough, and
Elizabeth Pecke, of Coddingham, lic. 23 Apr. "
John White, of Bingham, and Susanna
Porter, of Stoke 9 May "
John Smith, of West Bridgford, and Jane
Barnes, of Gedling 18 May "
Richard Nightingale, of Ashover, co. Derby,
and Lucy Sleight, of Gedling 17 Aug. "
Francis Cottingham and Elizabeth Hawley,
both of Gedling, lic. 30 Nov. "
Joseph Wright and Anne Greaves, both of
Gedling, lic. 8 Dec. "
Simon Dore and Martha Wyre, both of
Gedling 19 Jan. 1668
John Howett and Hester Hallam 2 Feb. "
Thomas Sleight and Mary Soresby 19 Apr. 1669
Thomas Kirk, of Gedling, and Mary Shep-
heard, of Oxton 11 May "
Samuel Lee, of Carlton, and Mary Cooper,
of Burton Joyce, lie. 15 July. "
Thomas Barker, of Carlton, and Hester
Rippon, of St. Peter's, Nottingham 3 Aug. "
Joseph Archer, of Bunny, and Anne Gunne,
of the same place, lic. 2 Nov. "
Simon Carrington, of Langar, and Isabel
Forman, of Gedling, widow 16 Nov. "
Thomas Cullingworth and Sarah Hurst, both
of Gedling 20 Nov. "
Benjamin Holmes, of Halloughton, and Mary
Bush, of Southwell (by certificate) 22 Nov. "
Robert Starr, of Oxton, and Alice Sleight,
of Gedling 23 Nov. "
Thomas Spurr, of Langar, and Anne Cockain,
of Gedling 3 May 1670
Richard Hamon and Anne Blatherwick, both
of Carlton 31 May, "
Mr. Henry Callis, of Lambley, Clerk, and
Mary Bennett, of Lambley, married at
Gedling, lic. 16 Aug. "
John Dore, of Gedling, and Elizabeth Smith,
of Gedling 17 Nov. "
William White, of Aslockton, and Alice
Daliwater, of Stoke 17 Jan. "
John Clarke, of Shelford, and Elizabeth
Throgmorton, of Gedling, lic. 13 Apr. 1671
William Waune, of Beeston, and Anne Loe,
of Stoke 1 May "
William Tealby, of Bingham, and Margaret
Gray, of Stoke, lic. 30 June 1671
John Hutchinson, of Radcliffe-on-Trent, and
Alice White, dau. of John White, of
Carlton 2 Sep. "
Samuel Sleigh, of Northedge in the county
of Derby, gent., and Elizabeth Truman,
of Gedling, lic. 4 Oct. "
William Jesson and Anne Bealy, both of
Bulcote, married at Gedling, lic. 19 Oct. "
John Robotham and Alice Wells, widow, both
of Gedling 31 Oct. "
John Adcocke and Dorothy Bishop, both of
Gedling 15 Nov. "
Robert Walker and Katharine Pindor, both
of Carlton 18 Nov.
William Coates, of Gedling, and Susanna
Barnes, of Basford 15 Jan. "
John Hamor, of Sandall, Yorks., and Frances
Barnsley, of Gedling 16 Jan. "
John Goodwin and Mary Palthorpe, both of
Stoke 7 May 1672
John Lockier and Mary Cant 9 May "
John Knight, of Lowdham, and Margaret
Flinders, of Gedling 5 Nov. "
Thomas Burch, of Tithby, and Mary
Barnesly, of Gedling 14 Nov. "
George Flinders, of Gedling, and Mary
Gunne, of Ruddington 14 Jan. "
David Barnes and Anne Manchester, both
of Gedling 21 Jan. "
William Parre, of Radcliffe, and Mary Wright
of Gedling 24 Apr. 1673
Robert Taylor, of Hoveringham, and Eliza-
beth Belsha, of Bleasby, lic. 5 July 1673
William Walker and Anne Dallywater, both
of Stoke 14 July "
Charles Townsend and Mary Mafeild, both
of Carlton 28 July "
John Simpson and Elizabeth Frost, both of
Lenton, lic. 26 Oct. "
William Horsley, of Colwick, and Hannah
Withers, of Carlton 8 Nov. "
Richard Rosse, of Gedling, and Alice Martin,
of Burton Joyce 16 Dec. "
George Alvey and Elizabeth Leeson, of
Gedling, lic. 17 Dec. "
John Hall, alias Henson, and Mary Forman 10 Jan. 1674
Richard Johnson, of Upton, and Mary Dore,
of Gedling 12 Dec. "
Mr. Obadiah Bourn, Minister of Ashover
in Derbyshire, and Elizabeth Palmer,
of Gedling, lic. 10 Jan. "
Samuel Hall and Helen Wilson 12 Apr. 1675
William Footit, of Girton, and Margaret
Selby, of Stoke 15 Apr. "
John Wash, of Linby, and Sarah Shelton,
of Gedling 4 May "
John Leese, of Bingham, and Anne Woolly,
of Stoke 24 June "
John Palmer, of Kibworth Harcourt in
Leicestershire, and Margery Newcombe,
of Nottingham, lic. 29 July "
Richard Rosse and Ellen Hall 24 Nov. "
Walter Giles and Mary Day 29 Nov. "
William Dore, of Gedling, and Elizabeth
Holmes, of Lowdham 17 Jan. "
John Ward, of Lowdham, and Elizabeth
Stoaks, of Gedling 8 July 1676
John Breedon and Mary Shepheard, both of
Carlton 11 Nov. "
William Witt, of Carlton, and Mary Leeson,
of Gedling 16 Jan. "
Thomas Bell and Ellen Swayn 4 Feb. "
William Booth, of Nottingham, and Frances
Flint, of Gedling 13 Nov. "
William Peck, of Carlton, and Mary Costall,
of Thurgarton, lic. 19 Feb. "
Thomas Mathew and Elizabeth Pepper, both
of Stoke 16 Apr. 1678
John Deane, of Marnham, gent., and Mary
Draper, of Colston, lic. 11 Nov. "
Richard Dore, of Stoke, and Lucy Bayly,
of Gedling 14 Oct. 1679
Thomas Steevenson, of Keyworth, and Mary
Stringer, of Gedling 25 Nov. "
Lau: Greenfield and Jane Truman, lic. 16 Dec. "
Joseph Bayly and Mary Ackers, both of
Gedling 25 Apr. 1680
John Flinders and Mary Spawton, both of
Gedling 8 May "
William Simpson, of Bilborough, and Eliza-
beth Dore, of Gedling 12 July "
William Archer, of Burton Joyce, and
Elizabeth Breeden, of Gedling 24 July "
Thomas Sykes and Joan Green, both of Stoke 9 Sep. "
Simon Dore and Hannah Hurst 16 Jan. "
George Barker, of Carlton, and Gertrude
Parnham, of Elston, lic. 7 Feb. "
Samuel Cotes and Anne Howett, both of
Selston, lic. 20 Mar. "
Samuel Barker, of St. Mary's, Nottingham,