and Rebeccah Flinders, of Gedling 9 July 1681
John Hanbury and Mary Sergeson, "both
of Col wick in this parish " 21 Sep. "
Richard Eaton, of Ilkeston, and Mary Barnes 21 Sep. "
John Greensmith, of Watnall, and Anne
Hemsley, lic. 22 Sep. "
Richard Parke and Alice Brittaill, of Carlton 21 Sep. "
Henry Peacocke and Jane Clayton, both of
Gedling 4 May 1682
William Andrew and Eliz: Shelton 21 May "
Thomas Salvey and Elizabeth Alvey, both
of Stoke ii June "
Richard Pauson, of Bingham, and Sarah
Wells, of Stoke 12 Sep. "
Godfrey Cade and Sarah Buck, both of
Mansfield, lic. 21 Sep. "
William Leeson, of Gedling, and Abigail
Smith, of Arnold 6 Nov. "
John Breffit, of Gedling, and Mary Wil-
loughby, of Stoke 4 June 1683
John Fuljames, of Stoke, and Sarah Berry,
of Gedling 6 Aug. "
Thomas D[eapsa]l and Sarah Spalton 11Nov. "
Thomas Shelton and Catherine Roe 13 Apr. 1684
Francis Redford and Martha Robinson 15 July "
John Charl on and Alice Ridgway 22 July "
John Padley and Mary Carnell 29 July "
John Doer and Mary Shipman 28 Oct. "
John Duns and Jane Parnham 11 Nov. "
Thomas Wilson and Mary Whitfield 4 Jan. "
Richard Mathews and Martha Pepper 13 Jan. "
Joseph Wells and Martha Shelton 11 July 1685
Andrew Vans and Sarah Holmes 8 Nov. "
James Tomlinson and Elizabeth Peck 13 Nov. "
Timothy Martin and Mary Cook 29 Nov. 1685
John Askue and Mary Green 23 Dec. "
Clement Shelton and Sarah Martin 25 Jan. "
John Gill and Mary Atkinson 30 Jan. "
Ambrose Hall and Elizabeth Shelton 11 Apr. 1686
Thomas Knight and Elizabeth Barnes 8 May "
Simon Carrington and Mary Hall 30 May "
Edward Tealbye and Mary Hearson 23 Nov. "
Thomas Sikes and Anne Doer 25 Nov. "
John Best and Elianor Crampton, both of
St. Peter's, Nottingham, lic. 14 Mar. "
John Clark and Anne Heath 3 Apr. 1687
John Whitt and Margaret Roe 30 Apr. "
Stephen Barrett and Hannah Waterhouse 13 June "
Richard Allmond and Anne Gray 2 July "
Thomas Pepper and Mary Kirk 25 Aug. "
Edward Gaile and Lucy Doer 13 Nov. "
William Keye and Anne Loe 8 Nov. "
Samuel Holland and Elizabeth Sawin 13 Jan. "
Robert Atkinson and Alice Clark 11 Feb. "
William Cook and Sarah Cullen 9 May 1688
Mr. John Holsford and Mrs. Elizabeth
Harcourt. 13 Sep. "
John Barnes and Mary Shelton 18 Nov. "
Gregory Moreley and Mary Cotes 8 Apr. 1689
William Brooks and Elizabeth Blake 16 Apr. "
Joseph Cook and Sarah Foster 21 May "
Richard White and Alice Shaw 25 July "
Thomas Pycroft and Alice Severn 14 Jan. "
Robert Harop and Alice Wright 5 Feb. "
"1690. No Marriages."
Thomas Sleight and Barbara Blewmerries 25 Aug. 1691
William Calladine and Elizabeth Beverly 2 Sep. "
John Parker and Frances Marsh 10 Oct. "
Thomas Baggaly and Anne Straw 5 Nov. 1691
Robert Sores and Elizabeth Shelton 30 Nov. "
Samuel Bradshaw and Elizabeth Welton 7 Aug. 1692
Mr. John Booth and Hannah Milner 1 Sep. "
Samuel Knight and Mary Cullen 20 Nov. "
Robert Brierly and Jane Sleight 23 Apr. 1693
John Dore and Mary Lee 14 Nov. "
Thomas Shelton and Sarah Fuljames 30 Nov. "
William Boughby and Anne Leeson 30 Nov. "
Michael Shelton and Elizabeth Oldney 15 Oct. 1694
William Richardson and Anne Waun 19 May 1695
Henry Holland and Barbara Sleight 18 Aug. "
Richard White and Elizabeth Whitefoot 3 Oct. "
Leonard Peerson and Esther Blackstone 19 Apr. 1696
Henry Holland and Mary Waver 13 Apr. 1697
[Thus far certified to ye Justices of Peace. 18 May, 1697.]
Samuel Bradwell and Mary Giles 30 May "
Frncis Hollis and Mary Shelton 21 Aug. "
William Key wood and Mary Chattertan 25 Aug. "
John Brittain and Mary Cullenworth 11 Oct. "
Joseph Carter and Anne Carnell 9 Nov. "
[Thus far certified to Mr. Rooksby, from May 1, 1697,
to May 1, 1698.].
William Shephard and Mary Gill 17 May 1698
[Thus far certified to the Justice at Peace. June 8]
William Pare and Mary Green 28 June "
Jonathan Pepper and Ruth Oldham 17 July "
[Thus far certified to Mr. Rooksby. 24 Aug., 1698.]
Mathew Wilson and Frances White 10 Nov. "
George Dore and Mary Shelton 16 Jan. "
John Palframan and Anne Cottingam 22 Apr. 1699
Joseph Richards and Sarah Dawson 11 May "
John Butler and Rachel Parker 1 July "
[Thus certified to Mr. Rooksby and the Justices of peace,
from Aug. 1, 1698, to 1 Aug., 1699.]
Joseph Pight and Hannah Melburn 5 Sep. 1699
Mathew Wickman and Anne Hill 13 Jan. "
John Wall and Mary Holmes 16 Apr. 1700
Samuel Pepper and Anne Clayton 30 Apr. "
William Martin and Sarah Strelly 27 Apr. 1701
Thomas Broomby and Mary Hollins 18 May "
William Locker and Elizabeth Smally 21 June "
John Morton and Elizabeth Braunson 27 Sep. "
John Bird and Winnifred Parr 8 Nov. "
John Marriott and Lucy Sleight 22 Nov. "
Joseph Richards and Catherine Culley 10 Mar. "
William Wilson and Elizabeth Alured 16 Apr. 1702
John More and Elizabeth Pigge 13 June "
Robert Bennet and Alice Harrop 20 July "
Ralph Varney and Elizabeth Godley 22 Sep. "
" Thus far certified to Southwell. Oct. 29th."
Thomas Hilton and Mary Kemp 23 Jan. "
1703. No entries.
William Crafts and Hannah Winter, both of
St. Mary's, Nottingham, by licence
directed to the Church of Gedling 2 Apr. 1704
Thomas Butler and Mary Flinders, both of
Gedling 18 Nov. "
Henry Wiley and Mary Barroclough, both
of Carlton 14 Jan. "
Mathew Brunts, alias Gervace, and Mary
Colson, both of Gedling 31 Jan. "
Richard Dower, of Eperstone, and Jane
Speed, of Gedling 21 Apr. 1705
John Roberts, of St. Mary's, Nottingham,
and Anne Vose, of Stoke Bardolph 28 Apr. "
John Eliot and Hannah Pete, of Stoke 12 Nov. "
George Shelton and Alice Culling worth, of
Stoke 20 Jan. "
John Godfrey, of Gedling, and Mary Henson,
of Carlton 16 Nov. 1706
Thomas Horney [?], of Barley, co. Rutland,
and Anne Alvey, of Carlton 13 Apr. 1707
John Speed and Sarah Roome, both of
Gedling 10 June "
William Green, of Celson [Selston], co.
Nottingham, and Jane Strut, of
Sutton-in-Ashfield, co. Notts. 24 Sep. "
John Fitchet, of Calverton, and Elizabeth
Aldred, of Carlton 18 Jan. "
Edward Deakins and Hannah Deane, both of
St. Mary's, Nottingham 29 Feb. "

Volume III.

William Holland, of Stoke, and Anne
Tomlison, of Burton [Joyce] 16 Sep. 1708
John Swans and Anne Birch, both of Carlton 24 Sep. "
Richard Rolson, of Ratcliff-upon-Trent, and
Elizabeth Hallam, of Colwick in the
parish of Gedling [sic.] 23 Nov. "
Roger Sadler, of Gedling, and Jane Burdon,
of Carlton 13 Jan "
Thomas Hind, of Shelford, and Anne
Jervace, of Gedling 22 Jan. "
Robert Greenfield, of Gedling, and Elizabeth
Smalley, of Stoke 3 Jul 1709
John Smalley and Mary Capondale, of
Saxondale in the parish of Shelford 1 Oct. "
Thomas Orson, of Stoke, and Anne Watson
of Gedling 3 May 1710
Anthony Cartlidge and Elizabeth Wapling-
ton, both of Gedling 7 May "
John Hanbury and Mary Goodwin, both of
Stoke 10 Nov. 1711
Henry Houghton, of Mansfield Woodhouse,
and Eleanor Parvey, of Flintham 8 Jan. "
Thomas Cartlidge and Elizabeth Brefet, both
of Gedling 21 Jan. "
William Cox, of Linby, and Elizabeth Kuard,
of Carlton 27 Apr. 1712
Joseph Mafield, of St. Mary's' Nottingham,
and Mary Gill, of Stoke 11 May "
John Wells and Mary Asku, both of Stoke 29 Nov. "
Thomas Whitchurch, of St. Peter's, Notting-
ham, and Mary Hemsley, of Gedling 20 Jan. "
Thomas Saunderson, of Lowdham, and
Elizabeth Martin of Carlton 13 Apr. 1713
Thomas Leeson, of Gedling, and Anne
Leeson, of yt. same 26 Jan. "
Jonathan Hough, of St. Mary's, Nottingham,
and Margaret Marshal, of Colwick 30 July "
Alpheus Bergen, of Ockbrook, and Hannah
Clemson, of Gedling 11 Aug. "
Richard Aslin and Mary Butler, both of
Gedling 5 Sep. "
Ralph Benson, of Bulcoat, and Anne Barnes,
of Stoke 14 Nov. "
John Carnil and Elizabeth Burden, both of
Carlton 15 Nov. "
Benjamin Knutton, of Kathorp, and Mary
Harvey, of Stoke 17 Nov. "
James Hallam, of Snenton, and Hannah
Warsop, of Carlton 28 Nov. "
Samuel Savage and Mary Bacon, both of
Carlton ... 13 Jan. "
Thomas Clark and Elizabeth Hemsley, both
of Gedling 1 May 1714
Mr. Charles Main waring and Mrs. Elizabeth
Sully, of St. Mary's, Nottingham 8 July 1714
Samuel Barnes and Mary Dore, both of
Gedling 17 Aug. "
William Grey, of Colwick, and Hannah
Higham, of Gedling 11 Nov. "
John Barker, of St. Nicholas, Nottingham,
and Mary Litlewood, of St. Peter's,
Nottingham 23 Nov. "
Thomas Challerton, of Thurgarton, and
Elizabeth Bayly, of Gedling 13 Jan. "
Francis Harvey, of Westwood, Parish of
Celson [Selston], and Rebecka Burton,
of Felley Abbey, Par: Greasley 24 Feb. "
William Smalley and Elizabeth Martin, of
Carlton 30 Apr. 1715
Benjamin Par, of St. Peter's, Nottingham,
and Elizabeth Pepper, of Gedling 13 June "
William Shelton, of Arnold, and Sarah
Sleight, of Gedling 26 June "
Samuel Stephenson, of Wisaw [Wysall],
and Sarah Smalley, of Stoke 25 Oct. "
John Alvey and Mary Powel, both of St.
Mary's Nottingham 25 Dec. "
Edward Godfrey, of Stoke, and Winifred
Bird, of Gedling 10 Apr. 1716
William Branson, of Gunnerby in Lincs.,
and Alice Harwood, of Gedling 10 Apr. "
John Levesley, of Burton Joyce, and Sarah
Cook, of Gedling 24 Apr. "
George Bentley and Mary Alvey, both of
Carlton 13 Jan. "
John Duns and Alice Picrof, both of Carlton 2 Feb. "
George Dore and Anne Fisher, both of Stoke 9 Feb. "
John Skinner, of Sneinton, and Martha
Barker, of Carlton 9 May 1717
John Poe, of St Peter's, Nottingham, and
Elizabeth Whitlock, of St Mary's,
Nottingham 3 June "
William Flinders and Sarah Johnson, both
of Carlton 19 Oct. "
Richard Fox, of Shelford, and Elizabeth
Brown, of St. Mary's, Nottingham 1 May 1718
Thomas Cottingham and Grace Key, both of
Gedling 1 May "
Jonathan Par and Eizabeth Seward, both of
Carlton 13 Jan. "
Thomas Clerk, of Arnold, and Elizabeth
Sherwood, of Gedling 1 Feb. "
Richard German, of More Green, parish of
Greasley, and Margaret Holland, of
Stoke 12 Feb. "
John Holland, of Bulwell, and Anne Fisher,
of St Mary's, Nottingham 14 Apr. 1719
Thomas Bryerly and Sarah Melton, both of
Gedling 2 June "
John Right [Wright], of Lowdham, and
Sarah Barnes, of Gedling 29 Oct "
Thomas Brigs, of Stapleford, and Elizabeth
Dore, of Gedling 2 Nov. "
William Stephenson, of St Nicholas, Not-
tingham, and Anne Doreham, of St.
Mary's, Nottingham 9 Nov. "
Robert Ward, of Arnold, and Eleanor Slight,
of Gedling 17 Nov. "
William Alvey and Elizabeth Shelton, both
of Carlton 9 Jan. "
Richard Bennet and Hannah Griffin, both of
Gedling 29 July 1720
John Johnson and Mary Dunns, both of
Carlton 22 Oct. 1720
Joseph Melton and Anne Cooper, both of
Gedling 30 Oct. "
Thomas Knight and Rebecka Barker, both
of Gedling 29 Nov. "
Jonathan Parsons, of Lambley, and Eleanor
Slight, of Gedling 23 Apr. 1721
Garvice Barnes and Mary Bird, both of
Gedling 23 Sep. 1722
Edward Collisha, of Hickling, and Rebecka
Jollif, of St. Nicholas, Nottingham 19 July "
John Hallam, of Sharley, parish of Aston,
Derbyshire, and Anne Shelton, of
Stoke 15 Sep. "
John Key, of Woolstrop [Woolsthorpe],
Lincs., and Anne Baguley, of Bingham 19 Sep. "
John Pickard, of Sneinton, and Margaret
Burden, of Carlton 22 Oct. "
Thomas Barker and Elizabeth Marshall,
both of Carlton 17 Nov. "
William Tealby and Elizabeth Mathews,
both of Stoke 9 Feb. "
William Henson and Hannah Brookes, both
of Carlton 14 Apr. 1723
William Brookes and Sarah Rooe, both of
Carlton 4 May "
John Coresell and Jane Walle, both of
Gedling 4 May "
John Griffin and Alice Toppley, both of Stoke 12 Nov. "
John Hanbery and Elizabeth Wire, both of
Stoke 12 Nov. "
William Porter and Dorothy Roome, both of
Stoke 7 Jan. "
Robert Martin, St. Mary's, Nottingham,
and Anne Kirke, of Gedling 7 Apr. 1724
Thomas Roose and Eleanor Blome, of
Gedling 2 May "
James Mallord, St. Mary's, Nottingham, and
Elizabeth Stonesby, of Gedling ii June "
Bryan Barnes and Liday [Lydia] Flint, both
of Gedling 18 June "
John Hall and Hannah Woodhouse, both of
Gedling 25 June "
Peter Came and Hannah Peet, both of
Gedling 9 Nov. "
Benjamin Harrise, of Bingham, and Mary
Marsdale, of Gedling 30 Nov. "
William Brookes and Susanah Walliss, both
of Carlton 12 Dec. "
George Henson and Sarah Harrop, both of
Gedling 7 Jan. "
Henry Culley and Mary Bettison, both of
Carlton 3 Mar. "
John Wilde and Elizabeth Grey, both of
Gedling 31 May 1725
Joseseph Holmes and Hannah Hitherley,
both of Gedling 31 May "
William Widdoson, of Carlton, and Elizabeth
Shelton, of Stoke 14 Aug. "
Joseph Mayfield, of Stoke, and Elizabeth
Hi(g)ham, of Colwick (in this parish) 17 Aug. "
Thomas Salving and Elizabeth Sutton, both
of Stoke 21 Nov. "
John Parker and Hannah Bayley, both of
Carlton 12 Dec. "
William Smalley and Rebecka Barker, of
Carlton 5 Dec. 1727
John Par and Easter Kirk, of Carlton 3 Jan. 1727
Joshua Oxley, of Gunthorp, and Mary Right
[Wright], of Gedling 18 Jan. "
William Key and Mary Kirk, both of Gedling 21 Apr. 1728
William Henson, of Carlton, and Mary
H[arro]p, of Gedling 22 Apr. "
Benjamin B[ir]dwell and Sarah Key, both
of Gedling 22 Apr. tt
Richard Glover, of Woodboro', and Elizabeth
Godfrey, of Stoke 23 Apr. "
John Wheeler, of Arnold, and Mary Flinders,
of Gedling 24 Dec. "
John Hanbury and Mary Foster, both of
Stoke 5 May 1729
Edward Godfrey and Elizabeth Brunts, both
of Gedling 24 May "
Samuel Bekely, of Morton, and Elizabeth
Melton, of St. Nicholas, Nott'm 29 May "
Mr. John Swale and Mrs. Sophia Gleseby,
of St. Mary's, Nott'm, lic. 24 June "
Daniel Lacy and Alice Martin, both of
Carlton 28 July "
Crispin Hollis, of Bingham, and Elizabeth
Rose, of Gedling 1 Jan. "
Francis Asku and Jane Dore, both of Stoke 13 Jan "
Isaac Broomby and Mary Martin, both of
Carlton 2 Feb. "
John Flinders, of Carlton, and Katherine
Forrest, of Thurgarton, lic. 4 Apr. 1730
Robert Watson and Jane Glover, lic. 9 Aug. "
George Girton, of Shelford, and Elizabeth
Holland, of Stoke 28 Jan. "
William Martin, of Eperstone, and Alice
Lowater, of Col wick 13 Feb. "
Thomas Marshall and Elizabeth Colishe, both
of Carlton 28 Feb. 1730
George Willson and Barbara Flinders, both
of Stoke 1 Mar. "
William White and Ann .... ing, both of
Col wick (in this parish) 12 Apr. 1731
Thomas Horn, of Hoveringham, and Elizabeth
Peck, of Carlton 7 June "
Roger Sadler and Mary Hanbury, both of
Carlton 3 Aug. "
William Downham and Susannah Meekly,
both of Gedling 18 Oct. "
Robert Wilson and Ann Dore, both of Stoke 9 Nov. "
Peter Matthews, of Strastof [?], Leicester-
shire, and Sarah Osborn, of Chilwell,
Attenborough, co. Notts., lic. 7 Apr. 1732
Joseph Ufton and Anne Hilton, of Gedling 6 May "
John Key and Anne Pepepr, of Gedling 6 May "
William Tutton and Elizabeth Dod, both
of Nott'm, lic. 1 Oct. "
William Stevens and Mary Lawrence, both
of Nottingham, lic. 2 Oct. "
Lawrence Grienfield and Elizabeth Alvey,
both of Gedling 29 Oct. "
John Rose and Mary Wilson, both of Gedling 6 Nov. "
Isaac Alvey and Katherine Rainer, both of
Carlton 17 Apr. 1733
John Brown, of West Bridgford, and Jane
Key, of Gedling 25 May "
Richard Clifton, of Bingham, and Sarah
Sleight, of Gedling 5 June "
Gabriel South, of Ruddington, and Anne
Ascue, of Stoke, lic. 17 June "
John Cant and Anne Barret, both of
Nottingham St. Mary's, lic. 7 Oct. "
George Griffin and Hannah Holland, both
of Gedling 14 Oct. 1733
William Allen and Elizabeth Right [Wright],
both of Gedling 18 Nov. "
Joseph Roe and Susannah Wilford, both of
Carlton 11 Dec. "
[N.B.—The Rev. Mr. Richard Chenevix was in full
possession of the Vicarage and Rectory of Gedling on
Nov. 17, 1734.]
William Widdeson, of Walton, and Mary
Griffin, of Stoke 29 Dec. 1735
Thomes Hemm and Anne Peet, of Carlton 19 May "
John Bird and Anne Greenfield, of Gedling 20 May "
William Allin and Mary Wilkinson, of
Gedling 30 Aug. "
John Thorp and Anne Parr, of Carlton 2 Nov. "
Joseph Weatherall, of Eperstone, and Mary
Barnes, of Gedling 3 Nov. "
Thomas Glover, of Gedling, and Hannah
Martin, of Carlton 4 Nov. "
Luke Aslam and Mary Wright, of Thur-
garton, lic. 11 Nov. "
John Peck and Barbara Glover, of Carlton 29 Nov. "
Joseph Barker, of Carlton, and Elizabeth
Barker, of Carlton 25 Sep. 1736
William Barker, of Carlton, and Sarah
Deabill, of Gedling 24 Nov. "
Simon Foster, of Stoke, and Dorothy
Gibson, of Burton Joyce 6 June 1737
George Clerk and Mary Peet, of Gedling, lic. 6 Sep. "
Thomas Spiby and Mary Garland, both of
St. Mary's, Nott'm, lic. 24 Sep. "
John Rose and Ann Archer, of Gedling 8 Nov. "
John Widdnall and Elizabeth Shelton, of
Carlton 14 Nov. "