George Fentoti, of St. Mary's, Nott'm, and
Mary Aslin, of Gedling, lic. 13 June 1799
Joseph Smith and Mary Musson, both of
Gedling 6 Aug. "
John Horsley and Hannah Barnes, both of
Gedling 14 Aug. "
William Stephenson and Anne Coulishaw,
both of Gedling, lic. 3 Sep. "
Matthew Mann, of St. Mary's, Nott'm, and
Sophia Savidge, of Gedling, lic. 13 Oct. "
Edward Hoole and Mary Middleton, both of
Gedling 27 Oct. "
James Valentine Handley and Anne
Wartnaby, both of Gedling 24 Dec. "
Daniel Boom, of St. Mary's, Nott'm, and
Leah Cottingham, of Gedling 13 Jan. 1800
John Ogle and Anne Ward, both of Gedling 11 Mar. "
Thomas Bush and Alice Handley, both of
Gedling, lic. 16 Mar. "
Daniel Parker and Sarah Garner, both of
Gedling 13 Apr. "
John Martin and Dinah Cheetham, both of
Gedling 26 June "
Christopher Whyley and Anne Brittle, both
Gedling 1 Sep. "
Samuel Savidge and Mary Horsley, both of
Gedling 21 Dec. "
William Coulton and Elizabeth Swann, both
of Gedling 26 Dec. "
John Statham and Sarah Taylor, both of
Gedling 12 Jan. 1801
James Straw and Mary Savidge, both of
Gedling 27 Apr. "
Richard Horsley and Mary Hallam, both of
Gedling 24 May "
William Dexter, of Burton Joyce, and
Elfzabeth Handley, of Gedling 26 May 1801
James Alvey and Sarah Hallam, both of
Gedling 31 Aug. "
John Davis and Hannah Kirk, both of
Gedling 14 Sep. "
Bryan Barnes and Elizabeth Newham, both
of Gedling 21 Sep. "
John Hickson and Sarah Lee, both of Gedling 12 Dec. 1801
Stephen Taylor and Mary Pepper, both of
Gedling 6 Jan. 1802
William Crofts and Hannah Culley, both of
Gedling, lic. 10 May "
Thomas Widnal and Hannah Deabill, both
of Gedling 15 May "
Robert Love and Sarah Key ward, both of
Gedling 26 July "
Thomas Craft and Anne Kirkby, both of
Gedling 1 Oct. "
William Parrott and Hannah Alvey, both of
Gedling 10 Oct. "
John Cottingham and Rebecca Parr, both of
Gedling 8 Nov. "
George Griffin and Martha Anable, both of
Gedling 27 Nov. "
John Spray and Elizabeth Barker, both of
Gedlin 29 Nov. "
William Thorpe and Anne Hickson, both of
Gedling 1 Jan. 1803
Thomas Gretton and Anne Widdison, both
of Gedling 1 Jan. "
Joseph Shepherd and Mary Clark, both of
Gedling 7 Feb. "
John Harrison and Anne Harris, both of
Gedling 8 Mar. "
Joseph Roper and Elizabeth Bracks, both of
Gedling 18 Apr. 1803
John Shelton and Mary Scrimshire, both of
Gedling 15 May "
Samuel Turner, of Radcliffe, and Sarah
Godfrey, of Gedling 8 Aug. "
Richard Beacon, of Lowdham, and Anne
Skellington, of Gedling 28 Nov. "
Thomas Hind, of Gonalston, and Sarah
Kitchin, of Gedling, lic. 9 Feb. 1804
John Good and Fanny Stenson, both of
Gedling 20 Feb. "
Samuel Read, of Hoveringham, and Mary
Deabill, of Gedling 27 Mar. "
John Bailey and Amy Ogle, both of Gedling 2 July "
William Gee, of Bramcote, and Amy Whitt,
of Gedling 22 July "
John Clarkson and Mary Taylor, both of
Gedling 1 Sep. "
William Brittle and Jane Wigfield, both of
Gedling 3 Dec. "
John Kirkhouse and Mary Shelton, both of
Gedling, lic. 22 Dec. "
Samuel Roe and Anne Whyley, both of
Gedling 11 Feb. 1805
Joseph Clay and Elizabeth Keyward, both of
Gedling 18 Mar. "
John Enderby Taylor, of St. Mary's, Nott'm,
and Anne Crofts, of Gedling 25 Mar. "
John Houlden and Elizabeth Blatherwick 18 June "
Elias Brammer, of Lambley, and Elizabeth
Godfrey, of Gedling 20 July "
Thomas Parr and Eleanor Shelton, both of
Gedling 5 Aug. "
Samuel Ward and Sarah Crofts, both of
Gedling 30 Sep. 1805
William Stocks and Betty Harvey, both of
Gedling 27 Oct. "
Samuel Lee and Sarah Aslin, both of Gedling 3 Nov. "
Henry Kirk, of Gedling, and Margaret
Morley, of Radcliffe 4 Nov. "
Valentine Kitchingman, of Carlton Hust-
waite, co. Yorks., and Ann Jesse
Smelt, lic. 6 Nov. "
Wm. Mayfield and Mary Barker, both of
Gedling, lic. 1 Dec. "
Thomas Newham and Anne Coulishaw, both
of Gedling 27 May 1806
George Whitt and Sarah Truswell, both of
Gedling 1 June "
Francis Pogson, of Halloughton, and Mary
Bird, of Gedling, lic. 24 June "
William Glew and Anne Bennet, both of
Gedling 27 July "
John Clarke, of West Leake, and Sarah
Cotton, of Gedling, lic. 28 July "
John Salvin and Eleanor Smalley, both of
Gedling 10 Aug. "
John Foster and Anne Baker, both of
Gedling 10 Aug. "
Robert Godfrey and Elizabeth Deabill, both
of Gedling 19 Aug. "
John Love and Mary Perry, both of Gedling 22 Oct. "
William Harvey and Elizabeth Savidge, both
of Gedling 3 Nov. "
William Lacy and Rebecca Parratt, both of
Gedling 25 Nov. "
Henry Holland and Anne Horsley, both of
Gedling 25 Dec. "
Thomas Bradley, of Plumtree, and Anne
Stephenson, of Gedling, lic. 4 Jan. 1807
William Straw and Sarah Taylor, both of
Gedling 4 Jan. "
Robert Houldgate, of St. Mary's, Nott'm,
and Mary Crofts 4 Jan. "
John Savidge and Mary Harvey 16 Apr. "
William Baker and Charlotte Savidge 21 Apr. "
George Thornton and Ann Cooper 15 June "
George Musson and Dinah Handley 29 June "
Samuel Blatherwick, of Burton Joyce, and
Ann Bush, of Gedling 13 July "
John Masden and Mary Blatherwick 20 July "
Septimus Courtney, clerk, of Orton Long-
ville, co. Huntingdon, and Dorothy
Smelt, lic. 11 Aug. "
Christopher Atherley and Mary Yates 12 Sep. "
John Barker and Hannah Davis 1 Nov. "
John Ulyatt, of Lambley, and Mary Ross, of
Gedling 2 Nov. "
John Cooper and Mary Richards 28 Nov. "
John Norman and Ann Bush 8 Dec. "
Edward Aslin and Mary Ogle 31 Jan. 1808
Thomas Bagguley, of Lowdham, and Mary
Newham, of Gedling 9 Feb. "
William Parks and Mary Lees 27 Mar. "
John Robinson and Mary Howard 19 Apr. "
William Holmes, of Selston, (and a private
in the Notts. Militia), and Sarah
Witt, lic. 6 June "
William Faulconbridge, of Bulwell, and
Elizabeth Frignall 28 June "
John Bennet and Hannah Hemsley 11 July "
Jonas Thornton, of Burton Joyce, and
Hannah Newham 18 July "
William Handley, of St. Mary's, Nott'm,
and Dorothy Savidge 1 Aug. 1808
William Brettle and Ann Aslin 29 Sep. "
John Lees and Hannah Coleshe 26 Nov. "
Thomas Skellington and Judith Crapper 29 Nov. "
Samuel Newham and Jane Smith 12 Jan. 1809
John Thombs, of Shelford, and Elizabeth
Wilford 7 Mar. "
Edward Broughton, of East Bridgford, and
Mary Handley 3 Apr. "
Richard Salvin and Judith Collins, lic. 6 Apr. "
Samuel Wigfield and Elizabeth Hudson 7 May "
Thos. Wainman, of Tithby, and Rebecca
Godfrey 26 June "
Thomas Knight and Mary Wilford 3 July "
Samuel Whyler and Mary Trueman 6 Aug. "
John Carnell and Sarah Skellington 8 Aug. "
George Hallam and Elizabeth Whitt 13 Aug. "
John Bennet and Ann Linley 22 Aug. "
Thomas Widdowson and Ruth Rigley 16 Sep. "
Jacob Bowman and Elizabeth Ogle 5 Nov. "
William Mason and Hannah Aslin, lic. 20 Nov. "
James Richardson and Ann Clarke 3 Dec. "
William Straw and Elizabeth Riley 31 Dec. "
William Jenney and Elizabeth Alvey 16 Jan. 1810
Thomas May field and Hannah Clayton 26 Feb. "
John Bramley, of East Stoke, and Phoebe
Savidge, lic. 6 Mar. "
John Jagger and Pamela Savidge, lic. 24 Apr. "
William Barker and Francis Godfrey 24 Apr. "
Samuel Burton, of Lambley, and Ann Parr,
of Gedling 18 June "
Robert Smith and Mary Coulishaw 23 July "
James Wilson and Mary Lee, lic. 16 Sep. "
William Godfrey and Hannah Lee 2 Oct. 1810
Gervas Martin, Jr., and Hannah Cheetham,
lic. 2 Oct. "
Richard Porter and Mary Carrington 26 Nov. "
Rev. Richard Tillard, clerk, of Bluntisham,
co. Huntingdon, and Margaret Smelt,
lic. 31 Dec. "
John Goodwin, of Burton Joyce, and Eliza-
beth Nuttal 3 Feb. 1811
Thomas Wells and Elizabeth Clark 10 Feb. "
William Baile and Elizabeth Plumb 17 Feb. "
James Martin and Sarah Savidge, lic. 25 Feb. "
George Skillington and Charlotte Clark 31 Mar. "
Joseph Leaper and Sarah Bentley 5 May "
Robert Naden and Sarah Kemp 1 July "
Joseph Scothern and Hannah Barker, lic. 6 Sep. "
John Wigfield and Ann Walker 17 Oct. "
Christopher Whyler and Elizabeth Kirk 5 Nov. "
John Barnes and Elizabeth Wigfield 18 Nov. "
Samuel Briggs and Ann Blatherwick 9 Mar. 1812
William Broth well and Winnifred Barker 8 Apr. "
John Randall and Elizabeth Vincent 8 Apr. "
Richard Taylor, (a soldier in the Bucks
Militia), and Mary Key wood 13 Apr. "
William Burton, of Lambley, and Elizabeth
Parr 28 May "
Thomas Beet and Hannah Noble 1 June "
John Fletcher and Rebecca Bulsby 6 Aug. "
Thomas Cliff and Sarah Johnson 30 Aug. "
John Blatherwick and Ellen Smalley 6 Sep. "
John Parker and Ann Thornton 14 Sep. "
John Barker and Lettice Bowman 17 Sep. "
John Bartle and Elizabeth Barker 3 Nov. "
Robert Jessop and Elizabeth Oliver 7 Nov. "
Henry Crosland, of Morton, and Mary
Coulishaw 10 Nov. 1812
jabus Birdsmore and Mary Jepson 24 Nov. "
John Leper and Sarah Graves 27 Nov. "
John Curtis and Mary Alvey 28 Nov. "
John Handley, (soldier), and Martha Shaw-
cross 28 Nov. "

It will be observed that several of the foregoing marriages are without dates, a circumstance for which we cannot account. It must, therefore, be inferred that the respective ceremonies were performed between the dates preceding and succeeding such entries.

An interesting entry in the first volume is as follows :—

22 Nov. 1709. Agreed then betwixt the three towns of this parish of Gedling (Gedling, Carlton, & Stoke Bardolf) that there be an allowance at the common charge of ye parish for Ringing of three shillings for ye fifth of Nov: & one shilling and six pence for Xmas day & one shilling & six pence for New Year's Day yearly, and two shillings & six pence for other dayes as shall be appointed on acct of Thanksgiving by Public Authority & for wch there shall be a Proclamation and allso that the sd money shall not be spent till after Public Service on ye respective dayes : and upon the approvance of the officers of each towne concerned therein ye sd money shall be spent by agreement amongst them, provided the place at which it is spent be the towne of Gedling whither all persons proper may resort & in case the officers of Carlton & Stoke do not appear, at Public Service on ye sd dayes, then the officer or officers of Gedling shall appoint the disposal of the same."

During the Commonwealth, civil marriages were ordained by Act of Parliament, the ceremony having to take place, after due publication of banns, before a Justice of the Peace, in place of being performed by a Parson. Many of these banns are entered in Gedling Registers.

"The purpose of marriage betwixt Edmund Keirke and Mary Boston, bothe of Gedling, was first published the ioth of Dec: the 17th and the 24th, and nothinge obiected against their future proceedings."