Joseph Verney and Elizabeth Shelton 20 May 1771
John Ross and Mary Skellington, of Gedling 1 July "
John Barker and Elizabeth Brittle, of Gedling 3 Sep. "
Thomas Brattle and Mary Stevenson, of
Gedling 9 Sep. "
William Salvin,of Gedling, and Jane Baguley,
of Shelford.
Benjamin Fairholm and Anne Deabille, of
Gedling 24 Nov. "
Elianor Carver, of Gedling, and John Cliff,
of Woodborough 26 Dec. "
William Wand, of Gedling, and Elizabeth
Swinscoe, of Burton Joyce.
John Garthwaite, of St. Mary's, Nott'm, and
Mary Cooper, of Gedling, lic. 8 Feb. 1772
William Keywood and Sarah Deabille, both
of Gedling 20 Apr. "
John Bradley and Sarah Bennet, of Gedling 9 May "
Francis Tetley and Mary Shelton, of Gedling.
John Barns and Mary Blundey 16 Feb. 1773
Joseph Greenfield and Mary Watts, of Ged-
ling, lic. 14 Apr. "
John Barns, of Gedling, and Sarah Northage,
of Woodborough.
Robert Greenfield, of Gedling, and Elizabeth
Leyland, of Lambley.
Edward Stinson and Sarah Pearson 6 July "
Benjamin Handley and Elizabeth Broughton,
of Gedling 29 Nov. "
Samuel Blackner, of Colwick, and Sarah
Walker, of Gedling, lic. 4 Oct. "
John Parker, of Gedling, and Mary Caley,
of Arnold.
Samuel Scothan and Elizabeth Leeson, of
of Carlton 31 Jan 1774
William Glew and Sarah Kemp, of Gedling,
lic. 4 Oct. 1774
Thomas Kirkham and Mary Mellows, of
Gedling 1 Dec. "
Thomas Hallam and Elizabeth Stone, of
Gedling, lic. 25 Nov. "
Gervase Martin and Hannah Astlin, of
Gedling 27 Dec "
John Shelton and Martha Newham, of
Gedling 26 Dec. "
John Martin, of Burton, and Anne Jerrom,
of Gedling [?] 1 Jan. 1775
John Hill, of Greasley, and Mary Shaw, of
Gedling, lic. 19 Mar. "
George Shelton and Anne Foster, of Stoke 19 Apr. "
Richard Butler and Anne Melton, of Gedling,
lic. 10 June "
Samuel Lee, of Arnold, and Mary Oldknow,
of Gedling, lic. 14 June "
Jonathan Guest and Anne Musk, of Gedling 14 Aug. "
John Lindley, of Burton, and Sarah Savage,
of Colwick 13 Nov. "
John Wigfield, of Carlton, and Sarah Argrave,
of St. Mary's, Nott'm.
William Whyley and Elizabeth Pearson, of
Gedling 25 Nov. v
Robert Aslin and Elizabeth Martin, both of
Gedling, lic. 23 Nov. "
John Stout, of Bulwell, and Anne Hunter,
of Stoke 8 Jan. 1776
Richard Bacon and Sarah Edwards, of
Gedling 20 Oct. "
Willian Porter and Sarah Banner, of Stoke 20 May "
Samuel Cooper, of Calverton, and Sarah
Cook, of Gedling 26 May "
Thomas Keyward, of Gedling, and Anne
Cooper, of Calverton.
Thomas Craft and Elizabeth Walker, of
Carlton 3 Nov. 1776
William Turton and Hannah Towe, both of
Gedling, lic. 26 Nov. "
John Barns and Hannah Booth, both of
Gedling 30 Dec. "
John Swan and Elizabeth Whyley, both of
Carlton 19 Apr. 1777
William Crafts, of Carlton, and Anne Straw,
of Carlton 11 May "
Thomas Clarkson of St. Nicholas, Nott'm,
and Mary Clark, of Carlton, lic. 13 May "
William Gretton and Jane Lancaster, both
of Carlton 27 Nov. "
Christopher Lea and Mary Newham, of
Carlton 2 Oct. "
Job Burton and Mary Kirk, of Carlton 3 Nov. "
William Smalley, of Carlton, and Mary Gee,
of Burton.
Joseph Plumbe, of Lambley, and Martha
Brammer, of Carlton 25 Dec. "
Thomas Bend and Elizabeth Carver, both
of Carlton, lic. 10 Dec. "
Joseph Ogle and Anne Roe, both of Carlton 25 Dec. "
John Godfrey, of Gedling, and Mary Kempe,
of Musson, co. Leicester.
John Townsin and Mary Cartlidge, both of
Gedling 9 May 1778.
Thomas Horsley and Jane Hucknall, both of
Gedling 13 June "
Joseph Smalley and Mary Adams, both of
Gedling 15 June "
John Oliver, of Aslocton, and Alice Holland,
of Gedling 7 July 1778
John Alvey and Ann Shepherd, both of
Gedling 13 July "
Samuel Alvey and Ann Salter, both of
Carlton, lic. 3 Dec. "
William Skellington and Elizabeth Plumb,
both of Gedling, lic. 18 Aug. "
Richard Skellington and Elizabeth Burton,
both of Gedling 1 Nov. "
Benjamin Deabill and Hannah Bird, both of
Gedling 28 Dec. "
John Davies, of Greasley, and Susannah
Taylor, of Gedling 30 Jan. 1779
William Horsley, and Sarah Kendal, both
of Gedling 7 July "
John Wisher and Sarah Richardson, both
of Gedling 12 July "
William Symms and Mary Collishe 26 Oct. "
William Parks and Ann Clayton 1 Nov. "
Thomas Blatherwick and Sarah Hays, both
of Gedling 23 Nov. "
William Foster and Mary Alvey 30 Nov. "
Thomas Roulstone, of Colwick, and Hellen
Deabill, of Gedling 25 Dec. "
Peter Godfrey and Elizabeth Booth 27 Dec. "
Thomas Wigfield and Sarah Roe, both of
Carlton 22 May 1780
John Langford, of St. Mary's, Nottingham,
and Elizabeth Barker, of Gedling 12 Dec. "
John Barker and Mary Boothman, both of
Gedling 23 Dec. "
William Dawson and Mary Butler, both of
Gedling 3 Mar. 1781
Gervase Cottingham and Hannah Clark,
both of Gedling 14 Apr. 1781
Samuel Barker, and Winnifred New ham,
both of Gedling 3 May "
William Wigfield and Anne Brattle, both
of Gedling 13 May "
Robert Pearson, of Gonalston, and Alice
Deabill, of Gedling 7 Aug. "
John Gothard of Shurland, co. Derby, and
Anne Hemsley, of Gedling 5 Nov. "
Samuel Savidge and Sarah Newham, both
of Gedling 6 Nov. "
Francis Smith, of Colwick, and Mary
Lowater, of Colwick 23 Nov. "
Samuel Parr and Mary Pailthorp, both of
Colwick 26 Nov. "
John Brammer and Mary Savidge, both of
Gedling 1 Jan. 1782
Nathaniel Blatherwick and Elizabeth Fal-
conbridge, both of Gedling n Feb. "
John Hucknall and Phoebe Wigfield, both
of Gedling 11 Feb. "
Thomas Fisher, of Colwick, and Elizabeth
Flower, of Cropwell Butler, lic. 3 Mar. "
William Holland, of Stoke, and Susannah
Hardy, of Stoke, lic. 11 June "
Thomas Alvey and Sarah Gadsby, both of
Gedling 14 Aug. "
Christopher Whyley and Mary Burton, both
of Gedling 9 Sept. »>
John Oxley and Anne Greenfield, both of
Gedling 23 Nov. "
William Howard and Sarah Hemsley, both
of Gedling 28 Nov. "
James Fermor and Elizabeth Brown, both
of Gedling 10 Dec 1782
William Parker and Mary Martin, both of
Gedling, lic. 19 Dec. "
Thomas Marriott and Elizabeth Greenfield,
both of Gedling 26 Dec. "
Ralph Eaton and Mary Greenfield, both of
Gedling 17 Feb. 1783
George Shelton and Mary Alcock, both of
Gedling 1 Apr. "
John Peck, of Arnold, and Martha Collishe,
of Gedling 1 Sep. "
William Coppock, of St. Peter's, Nott'm,
and Hannah Handley, of Carlton, lic. 12 Nov. "
Joseph Hucknall, of Lowdham, and Sarah
Smith, of Gedling 6 Jan. 1784
Samuel Glew and Anne Key, of Carlton 20 Jan. "
Richard Deabill, of Gedling, and Hannah
Storer, of Colwick, lic. 26 Jan. "
John Trueman and Elizabeth Shipstone,
both of Carlton 11 Apr. "
Henry Taylor and Anne Godfrey, both of
Gedling 12 June "
Richard Wheeler, of Stoke, and Mary Need-
ham, of Woodborough, lic. 1 Sep. "
Samuel Sutton, of Draycott, and Sarah
Hunter, of Stoke, lic. 1 Sep. "
William Burton, of Lambley, and Susannah
Glover, of Gedling 28 Sep. "
Thomas Booth, of Eckington, co. Derby,
and Sarah Aslin, of Carlton, lic. 13 Nov. "
Thomas Edwards, of Lambley, and Anne
Greenfield, of Gedling 3 Jan. 1785
John Godfrey and Martha Golder, both of
Carlton, lic. 14 Mar. "
Richard Willford, of Stoke, and Martha
Barker, of Carlton 4 Apr. 1785
Thomas Barrett and Elizabeth Bird, both
Gedling, lic. 10 May "
John Allwood and Martha Kirk, both of
Carlton 15 Aug. "
Thomas Mowley and Eleanor Vardin, both
of Stoke 24 Nov. "
Nathaniel Blatherwick and Elizabeth Norman,
both of Carlton 28 Nov. "
William Gretton and Elizabeth Waun, both
of Stoke 29 Nov. "
William Barker and Alice Walker, both of
Carlton 26 Dec. "
James Deabill and Mary Shelton, both of
Gedling 2 Jan. 1786
George Barker and Hannah Watson, both
of Gedling 30 Jan. "
Robert Walker and Mary Barker, both of
Gedling 27 Feb. "
Thomas Brierley and Elizabeth Butler, both
of Gedling, lic. 10 May "
George Savage and Martha Carver, both of
Gedling, lic. 5 June "
William Jerrom and Susannah Holland, of
Stoke, lic. 29 June "
Robert Butler and Elizabeth Key, both of
Gedling, lic. 31 July "
John Coats, of St. Mary's, Nottingham, and
Sarah Chamberlain, of Carlton, lic. 20 Aug. "
Thomas Stevenson and Mary Smith, both
of Gedling 4 Nov. "
Thomas Pearson and Martha Brierley, both
of Gedling 8 Nov. "
John Alvey and Jane Hopkins, both of
Gedling 9 Nov. 1786
Griffin Kirk and Mary Speed, both of Gedling 25 Dec. "
William Whitt and Mary Horsley, both of
Gedling 15 Jan. 1787
William Griffin and Winifred Crookes, both
of Gedling 16 Jan. "
William Barker and Hannah Parr, both
of Carlton 20 Feb. "
Jonathan Parr and Susannah Alvey, both of
Gedling 3 Apr. "
Edward Edwards, of Beeston, and Elizabeth
Wheatley, of Gedling 28 May "
John Norman and Elizabeth Richards, both
of Gedling 13 Aug. "
John Gretton and Sarah Sills, both of Carlton 17 Sep. "
John Salvin and Elizabeth Parr, both of
Gedling 25 Dec. "
John Barker and Sarah Edwards, both of
Gedling 25 Dec. "
Joseph Weatherall and Sarah Bennit 3 Feb. 1788
William Rutherford and Nanny Bird, both
of Gedling 14 Oct. "
Francis Turner, of Farnsfield, and Elizabeth
Holmes, of Gedling 3 Dec. "
Robert Hemsley and Eleanor Briget, both
of Gedling 4 Dec. "
Gervis Raven and Sarah Wigfield, both of
Gedling 9 Dec. "
John Hoyles and Mary Keywood, both of
Gedling 15 Dec. "
John Machin and Sarah Ogle, both of Gedling 5 Jan. 1789
Richard Green, of Gedling, and Anne Holfton
of Lambley 13 Jan. "
Richard Keywood and Anne Fairholme, both
of Gedling 29 Jan. 1789
William Ogle and Anne Allwood 26 May "
John Keeling and Theodosia Gothard, both
of Gedling 13 July "
William Shelton and Anne Stones, both of
Gedling 13 Sep. "
Joseph Willoughby, of Lowdham, and Mary
Knight, of Gedling 27 Oct. "
George Horsley and Elizabeth Kirk, both of
Gedling 3 Nov. "
Thomas Bosworth, of Castle Donnington,
and Mary Salmon, of Gedling, lic. 5 Nov. "
George Hallam, of Southwell, and Anne
Leeson, of Gedling 27 Nov. "
Samuel Roe, of Gedling, and Elizabeth Kirk,
of the parish of St. Mary-le-bone,
Middlesex 7 Jan. 1790
Robert Butler and Mary Street, both of
Gedling, lic. 2 Feb. "
Richard Widdison and Mary Flinders, both
of Gedling 17 Feb. "
Thomas Bennet, of Southwell, and Mary
Simpson, of Gedling 1 Apr. "
John Crossland and Anne Newham, both of
Gedling 10 Apr. "
William Stubbs and Hannah Gray 4 May "
William Boolsby and Sarah Barker, both of
Gedling 11 May "
John Savidge and Mary Greenfield, both of
Gedling 7 June "
William Barnes and Catherine Hemsley,
both of Gedling 3 July "
John Ward, of Selston, and Bennet Barker,
of Gedling, lic. 20 Sep. "
Gervis Key and Anne Swift, both of Gedling 2 Oct. 1790
John Watson and Mary Widdison, both of
Gedling 16 Oct. "
George Savidge and Alice Cave, both of
Gedling 11 Nov. "
Thomas Greenfield and Hannah Cave, both
of Gedling 30 Nov. "
John Wartnaby and Mary Charlton, both of
Gedling 11 Jan. 1791
Thomas Newham and Anne Parr, both of
Gedling 18 Jan. "
John Riley and Hannah Pearson, both of
Gedling 1 Feb. "
Thomas Cottingham and Elizabeth Handle),
both of Gedling 8 Mar. "
William Hadkinson, of Elton, and Alice
Rennolds, of Gedling 15 Apr. "
Thomas Porter and Hannah Aslin, both of
Gedling 24 Apr. "
James Deabill and Alice Hague, both of
Gedling 12 Sep. "
Thomas Armstrong and Phoebe Deabill, both
of Gedling 29 Oct. "
James Key and Susannah Squire, both of
Gedling 14 Jan. 1792
Thomas Dent, of Radcliffe, and Anna Brooks,
of Gedling 5 Mar. "
John Walker and Elizabeth Savidge, both of
Gedling 12 June "
Thomas Barnes and Mary Eaton, both of
Gedling 2 Oct. "
John Collishe and Elizabeth Turton, both of
Gedling 2 Oct. "
Mark Heart and Sarah Kirk, both of Gedling 24 Oct. "
Samuel Collishe and Mary Savidge, both of
Gedling 5 Nov. 1792
William Barker and Mary Summers, both of
Gedling 15 Nov. "
Edward Richards and Mary Palfreman, both
of Gedling 24 Dec. "
Samuel Barker and Mary Crossland, both of
Gedling 4 Dec. "
John Molton and Millie Richards, both of
Gedling 28 May 1793
Joseph Scothorn and Alice Bird, both of
Gedling 28 May "
JohnSavidge and Hannah Barker, both of
Gedling 4 June "
Robert Coulton and Anne Harvey, both of
Gedling 15 June "
Isaac Burton and Sarah Deabill, both of
Gedling 9 Sep. "
Benjamin Mather, of Dishley, co. Leicester,
and Frances Padley, of Stoke, lic. 25 Dec. "
William Dane and Nanny Marriott, both of
Gedling 28 Dec. "

Volume VIII.

Robert Richards and Rebecca Brown, both
of Gedling, lic. 2 Mar. 1794
John Gaskin, of Colwick, and Esther Flinders,
of Gedling 30 Mar. "
George Fairholm and Mary Leper, both of
Gedling 17 July "
John Molloy and Eleanor Kirk, both of
Gedling 20 July "
Samuel Brailsford and Mary Keyward, both
of Gedling 22 July "
Edward Brewster, of Radcliffe, and Jenny
Butler, of Gedling, lic. 13 Sep. 1794
John Marshall and Elizabeth Scothorn, both
of Gedling 13 Oct. "
John Street and Sarah Pearson, both of
Gedling 3 Nov. "
John Brettle and Mary Bush, both of Gedling 25 Dec. "
John Tomlinson, of Lambley, and Mary
Dawson, of Gedling, lic. 8 Jan. 1795
Dennis Otter and Anne Gretton, both of
Gedling, lic. 19 Feb. "
Samuel Hemsley and Mary Cave, both of
Gedling 18 May "
Joseph Fletcher and Anne Parsons, both of
Gedling, lic. 27 May "
Jonathan Flather and Catherine Watson, lic. 10 Aug. "
John Bailey and Anne Handley 18 Aug. "
Joseph Salvin and Hannah Sheffield, lic. 8 Sep. "
Richard Glazebrook and Elizabeth Bonsow,
both of Gedling 28 Sep. "
David Mitchel, of Lambley, and Anne
Deabill, of Gedling 20 Oct. "
Edward Loach and Eleanor Richards, both
of Gedling 1 Nov. "
Joseph Greenfield and Mary Lee, both of
Gedling, lic. 30 Nov. "
Daniel Riddin, of Lowdham, and Millicent
Brettle 8 Dec. "
George Twells, of Barkstone, co. Linc., and
Hanah Padley, of Gedling, lic. 21 Dec. "
John Shepherd and Hannah Parker, both of
Gedling 4 Jan. 1796
William Parker, of Burton Joyce, and Anne
Knight, of Gedling 11 Jan. "
Thomas Lilly and Elizabeth Bentley, both of
Gedling 25 Jan. 1796
Simon Barnes, of Sneinton, and Elizabeth
Brierley, of Gedling 28 Jan. "
Francis Buck, of Hucknall, and Elizabeth
Whitt, of Gedling 15 Feb. "
John Thornhill and Winnifred Palethorp,
both of Gedling 9 Apr. "
Richard Salvin and Elizabeth Knight, both
of Gedling 2 May "
Thomas Oldney Palethorpe and Mary
Savidge, both of Gedling 13 June "
Thomas Loach and Hannah Whitt, both of
Gedling 14 Aug. "
Thomas Day, of St. Mary's, Nott'm, and
Alice Butler, of Gedling, lic. 11 Oct. "
William Clayton, of Bulcote, and Mary
Alwood, of Gedling 15 Oct. "
William Whyley and Dorothy Tilson 6 Nov. "
Peter Cottingham and Elizabeth Collishe,
both of Gedling 7 Nov. "
William Bell and Mary Aslin, both of
Gedling 7 Nov. "
William Caunt, of Burton Joyce, and Mary
Scothorn, of Gedling, lic. ... 29 Dec. "
John Pretty and Elizabeth Noon, both of
Gedling 7 Mar. 1797
Samuel Lacey and Elizabeth Loach, both of
Gedling 21 Nov. "
Robert Butler and Elizabeth Williams, both
of Gedling, lic. 13 May "
Joseph Salvin, of Lenton, and Sarah Whyley,
of Gedling 6 June "
William Collisher and Anne Deabill, both of
Gedling 20 June "
John Hopwell, of Titheby, and Eleanor
Morley, of Gedling 21 Nov. 1797
John Bullers and Eleanor Hardy, both of
Gedling 25 Nov. "
John Collishe and Hannah Deabill, both of
Gedling 8 Jan. 1798
David Palethorpe and Elizabeth Broughton,
both of Gedling 19 Feb. "
John Fairholm and Mary Truman, both of
Gedling 26 Mar. "
Peter Areham, of Attenborough, and Mary
Fairholm, of Gedling 2 Apr. "
John Brownlow, of Burton Joyce, and
Elizabeth Wheatley, of Gedling, lie. 9 Apr. "
Edward Kirk and Sarah Breedon, both of
Gedling 28 May "
John Marshall and Anne Ross, both of
Gedling 28 May "
John Widdeson and Anne Broughton, both
of Gedling 26 June "
Thomas Handley and Elizabeth Story, both
of Gedling 8 July "
John Hutchinson, of Southwell, and
Elizabeth Clark, of Gedling 12 Nov. "
Thomas Hopkinson, of Burton Joyce, and
Mary Whyler, of Gedling 26 Nov. "
Jarvis Fairholm and Ruth Sivians, both of
Gedling 26 Nov. "
William Morley, of Flintham, and Sarah
Kirk, of Gedling 10 Dec. "
Joseph Marshall and Sarah Riley, both of
Gedling 17 Dec. "
Thomas Ogle and Mary Loach, both of
Gedling 28 May 1799