THE CANAL from Trent Street Bridge, 1887

In this picture Mr. Hammond displays once more his genius for discovering beauty in unexpected places. His point of view is from the old foot bridge which spanned the canal at the end of Trent Street, and is now replaced by a modern structure which, unlike its predecessor, carries vehicular traffic.

Trent Street is a continuation of Sussex Street, which has a very interesting history. In olden days the river Leen was navigable for the small craft then in use as far as the end of Sussex Street, that is to say just where Trent Street forms its continuation. Goods were brought from the wharf along what is now called Sussex Street, and up Middle Hill to the market place at Weekday Cross, and this thoroughfare was called 'Town Wharf Alley' which name became colloquialised into 'Turncalf Alley'. Unfortunately a generation or so ago this historic name was abandoned, and the somewhat colourless modern name of Sussex Street was adopted.

Modern conditions seem to point to the revival of water-borne traffic, and before long no doubt we shall see this canal used as a portion of the great scheme which is now being materialised, for turning Nottingham into a port.