THE CANAL, Looking East, 1887

This is a particularly happy drawing showing a very picturesque side of Nottingham. Until about 1850 there were very few houses south of the Canal, as the Lammas fields lying between the Canal and the Trent were common property to the Town and preserved rural conditions until quite modern times. The Canal, however, was constructed much earlier than this; the first sod being cut in 1792. A couple of years later the section of the Canal between the Trent and the Town Bridge over the Leen, which stood near the junction of Leenside and Bridge Street, was ready for use. The opening was the occasion of much ceremony, a procession of three decorated barges being formed with the regimental band of the Light Horse in attendance. As the first lock was filled, the band played 'Rule Britannia', and during the progress of the procession to the Town Bridge, 'Hearts of Oak' and other nautical airs were performed.