General Manager          -         -         -         Mr. D. A. PALETHORPE.
Assistant Manager       -         -         -         Mr. J. F. YOUNGMAN.

ONE of the oldest county banks in the Midland Counties—the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire—was established in 1834, and now possesses a substantial capital of £1,200,000, in 60,000 shares of £20 each, of which £5 is paid, giving £300,000 as the paid-up capital, and having a reserved surplus fund of £60,000. The present Board of Directors is thus constituted:—Robert Halford, Esq., J.P. (Chairman); William Lambert, Esq., J.P., Richard Fitz Hugh, Esq., J.P.; J. T. McCraith, Esq., J.P., all of Nottingham; and William Miller Oates, Esq., J.P., of Sutton-in-Ashfield.

Head Office, Thurland Street, Nottingham.
Head Office, Thurland Street, Nottingham.
Sectional View of Head Office.Sectional View of Head Office.

The head office is centrally situated in the best business part of the city, and comprises a handsome stone building of three stories elevation, in the Tudor style of architecture, with spacious interior furnished with substantial oak and mahogany fittings surmounted by a domed roof supported on massive granite pillars. The establishment is replete with every modern convenience for the business, and in the vaults beneath are strong rooms of special fireproof construction for the safe custody of deeds and other valuable property deposited by the customers of the Bank, for which no charge is made. Since its original establishment the business of the Company has been steadily and consistently extended to the various centres in the county, and now has branches and sub-branches at Loughborough, Kegworth, Shepshed, Mansfield Town and Cattle Market, Hucknall Huthwaite, Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Newark, Collingham, Nottingham Cattle Market, Retford, Tuxford, Southwell, and Worksop. At the head office and the above-named branches the Company undertake all ordinary banking business, collect coupons and dividends, and obtain circular and letters of credit upon any part of the world. Interest is allowed on money lodged with the Bank, either on deposit or current accounts, and deposit receipts are issued bearing interest if undisturbed for twenty-one days or upwards, without charge for commission. The present satisfactory and substantial position of the Company may be inferred from the last report of the Directors, from which it appears that the total profits of the Bank for that period, with the balance brought forward, amounted to a total of £34,883 0s. 7d.This was distributed in two dividends each at the rate of 8 per cent, per annum. £9,000 was credited to the reserve fund, £1,000 in reduction of the freehold premises account, and the balance of £883 0s. 7d was carried forward to next account.