Nottingham and Notts

Section I: Banking Houses

Nottingham & Nottinghamshire Banking Co., Ltd., The

Wright. J. & J. C. (The Bank, Nottingham), Carlton Street

Nottingham & District Bank, Ltd , The, St. Peter's Gate, Nottingham

Smith, Samuel, & Son (The Nottingham Old Bank), Market Place, Nottingham

Section II: Engineers, Collieries, Lace and Hosiery Machine Builders, Cycle Manufacturers and Auxiliary Trades

Nottingham Plating Co., The, Electro Platers and Gilders, Sherwood Street, Nottingham

Newton & Pycroft, Lace Machine Builders, Alfred Street Mills, Nottingham

Humphries & Wyer, Lace Machine Makers, Portland Works, Raleigh Street, Nottingham

Cropper, H. S., & Co., Ltd., Minerva Works, Great Alfred Street, Nottingham

Sims, G., & Sons, Engineers, Millwrights and Smiths, Sherwood Street, Nottingham

Smith, Sydney, & Sons, Basford Brass Works, Nottingham

Wollaton Colliery Co., Ltd , The, Wollaton, near Nottingham

Humber & Co., Ltd., Cycle Manufacturers, Beeston, Notts.

Kay, George, Inventor, Patentee, and Cycle Manufacturer, Queen's Road, Nottingham

Hunt, Geo. (The Osborne Cycle Corporation), Fountain Buildings, Lister Gate, Nottingham

Danks, Thomas, & Co., Ltd., Ironmongers, Engineers, etc., Thurland Street, Lincoln Street, Sherwood Street and Cattle Market, Nottingham

Blackburn, George, & Sons, Ltd., Hosiery Machinery Manufacturers, Atlas Works, Kirke White Street, Nottingham

Furse, W. J., & Co., Electric Light Contractors and Engineers, Burton Street, Nottingham

Walker, W., Manufacturer of Bobbins, Carriages, and Combs, Hyson Green, Nottingham

Section III: Textile Trades

Swann, John, & Sons, Manufacturers of Elastic Fabrics, Alfred Street Mills, Ashforth Street, Nottingham

Squire, J. F., Frilling, Mob and Fancy Cap Manufacturer, Alsace Works, Crocus St., Nottingham

Birkin, T. I., & Co., Ltd., Lace Curtain Manufacturers, Broadway, Nottingham

Morley, J. & R., Manufacturers and Warehousemen, Fletchergate, Nottingham

Hill, T. A., Hosiery Manufacturers, Castle Gate, Nottingham

Lewis, J. B., & Sons, Manufacturers of Hosiery, Shirts, and Pants, Stanford Street, Nottingham

Flersheim, Henry, & Co., Shippers, Nottingham

Section IV: General Trades

Parker & Booth, Boot and Shoe Manufacturers, St. John's Street, Nottingham

Dalgleish & Sons, Mineral Water Works, Bobbers' Mill, Nottingham

Ashworth, Kirk & Co., Ltd., Timber Merchants and Importers, London Road, Nottingham

Gray, Thomas, Removing and Storing Contractor, Palin Street, Hyson Green, Nottingham

Green, J., & Co, Manufacturers of Baby Carriage, etc., Queen Street, Old Basford, Nottingham

Coombs' Eureka Flour Co., Ltd, Lenton Boulevard, Nottingham

City and Suburban Window Cleaning Co., Ltd., The, 88 Parliament Street, Nottingham

Imperial Laundry, The, Radford Boulevard, Nottingham

Farmer, Henry, & Co., Pianoforte Manufacturers, High Street, Nottingham

Morris, Wilkinson, & Co., Manufacturers of Art Wicker Work, Basford, Nottingham

Redgate, Messrs., Ltd , Importers and Manufacturers of Wines, etc., Traffic Street, Nottingham

Player, J., & Sons, Ltd., The Castle Tobacco Factory, Nottingham

Foulds, Chas., Pianoforte, Organ and Music Warehouse, Chapel Bar, Nottingham

Gerard Bros., Ltd. Soap Works, Nottingham

Christian Memorial Depot, The (W. Jackson), 263 Mansfield Road, Nottingham



Barringer & Co., Ltd., Manufacturers of Mustard, &c., Rock Valley Mills, Mansfield

Meadow Foundry Co., Ltd., The, Engineers and Ironfounders, Mansfield

Barringer, Wallis & Manners, Lithographers and Tinplate Printers, Mansfield

Weatherall, E., Currier and Leather Merchant, Stanton Works, Bath Vale, Mansfield


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