Manufacturer of Bobbins, Carriages and Combs, Scotholme Bobbin and Carriage Works, Hyson Green, NOTTINGHAM.

Telegraphic Address—"Walker, Scotholme, Nottingham."                                                             Telephone No. 1543.

IN a busy textile centre like Nottingham, the bobbin and carriage manufacture naturally constitutes an industry of considerable importance. One of the oldest businesses connected therewith is that conducted by Mr. W. Walker, assisted by his son, Mr. W. Walker, junr., at the Scotholme Works, Hyson Green. The founder of the concern came to Nottingham and started business for himself as far back as the year 1820, being indeed one of the first, if not the first, to engage in this particular industry. The productions of the house find their way all over the world, being in brisk demand wherever lace making is practised. Until about fourteen years back, Messrs. Walker occupied premises at Basford, the existing factory at Hyson Green having been erected expressly to meet the purposes of the trade in 1883. The works form a handsome four-storey block, built entirely of brick and stone; they are very compactly and conveniently arranged, and equipped with all the requisite machinery and appliances of the most advanced type.

Scotholme Works, Hyson Green

Amongst the numerous improvements introduced by Messrs. Walker for the use of the lace trade, perhaps the most striking is the carriage and comb of which they are the sole patentees. This invention has for its object improvements whereby a bobbin, capable of holding twice the length of the ordinary bobbin, may be worked without increasing the size of the carriage or interfering in any way with the speed of the machine ; one great advantage being that the same can be applied to any existing machine without alteration. The chief merit claimed for this carriage, however, is a saving of about 50 per cent, in winding-waste and labour.

Mr. Walker is sole patentee of the Improved Carriages and Combs, Patent No. 6763, and of the Improved Grooving Machine, Patent No. 16020.