Wholesale Boot and Shoe Manufacturers, and Leather and Grindery Merchants, St. John's Street, NOTTINGHAM.

THE town of Nottingham affords many admirable illustrations of the progressive enterprise which animates its leading representative firms, of whom a noteworthy example is furnished by Messrs. Parker and Booth, whose connection with one of the most important local industries extends to nearly half a century, a period which has witnessed many remarkable developments of the staple trades of the Midlands. Established in 1851 as boot and shoe manufacturers, the firm carried on the business at that time under vastly different conditions to those now existing, when the old, dingy, unwholesome "cobbler's stall" has entirely disappeared, and has been replaced by the palatial factory, as remarkable for its cleanliness and perfect organisation as it is for thorough equipment in respect of the most improved modern labour-saving appliances. This reflection will readily suggest itself to those who have been privileged to inspect the admirably arranged establishment to which this notice is dedicated, and which in completeness of detail may claim to rank with the leading concerns of the kind in the Kingdom.

Section of Show Room for Finished Goods.

Messrs. Parker and Booth's premises, centrally situated in St. John's Street, comprise three extensive blocks of red brick building, the main structure having a frontage of 70 feet to that thoroughfare, and the others, extending to Beck Street, having an elevation of five storeys each, with intercommunication throughout. Passing through the main entrance, flanked on either side by massive plate-glass windows, the visitor is introduced to the spacious show-room running nearly the full length of the building and termed the leather and grindery departments. At the rear of this we arrive at the taking-in room, where all goods are received and despatched. 

Section of Warehouse for Finished Goods.
Section of Warehouse for Finished Goods.