Engineers and Ironfounders, MANSFIELD, NOTTS.

Managing Director: W. RICHARDSON.

London Agent: W. SIMMONS, 155 Upper Thames Street, E.C.

THAT the manufacturing activities of Notts county are by no means confined to its chief centre is apparent from the selection of Mansfield as the seat for one of the most important engineering and ironfounding industries in the district, where the Meadow Foundry has been successfully in operation for over half a century. Originally established by Messrs. Bradshaw and Samson, the business was continued by that firm until 1867. In 1872 it was reconstructed under the title of the Meadow Foundry Limited, of which company Mr. W. Richardson is the managing director. To this gentleman must be accredited the introduction of a wide range of improvements and specialities, which have gained for his firm a reputation extending far beyond the locality of their origin, and have made the name of the Meadow Foundry manufactures familiar both in the home and export markets of the world. The works occupy a site some three acres in extent, on which are erected the ranges of buildings in which the work of the different departments is carried on. The principal portions of the premises are the extensive Iron and Brass Foundries, which are fitted with all requisite appliances for the production of both light and heavy castings; Brass Finishing and Machine Shops, fully equipped with modern plant and appliances; together with Pattern Shops, Stores, Offices, and every convenience for facilitating manufacturing operations on a large scale. For many years past the Company has devoted considerable attention to perfecting the various appliances in use by tobacco manufacturers, and in this direction have made their speciality, the "Mansfield" Steam Stoving Press, known as "The Mansfield Stove." This system is now applied by tobacco manufacturers throughout the world, and is acknowledged by the leading houses and the representative journal of the trade to be the only stove which meets every requirement for stoving, pressing and curing every kind of hard tobacco, ensuring solidity without loss in weight, a jet-black colour without blister, and perfect keeping quality. These stove presses are equally well adapted to large and small manufacturers, giving a greater heat, uniformly distributed, than any other stoving plan, and perform the work at less cost and in shorter time than any other system. Another very useful machine turned out in this department is their snuff mill and sifter, simple in construction and working, and very moderate in cost, specially designed to supersede the expensive and cumbersome millstones, in use hitherto for these manufactures. Some improved forms of tobacco juice extracting and other presses, in which are introduced important modifications of construction, are also included in the output of this department, together with tobacco cutting machines on the "H" principle, and an automatic rotating tobacco roaster or drying machine, steaming and boiling plant, etc. In connection with this section of the business, full particulars are given in Catalogue No. 13, issued by the Company, which also contains illustrations of engines of a type specially suitable for the tobacco manufacturing trade. The firm are sole licensees of Richardson's patent universal india-rubber expansion joint pipes, connections and valves for hot water work, low-pressure steam, drainage and soil discharge; Robbins' patent safety cup joint pipes for soil discharge, sewer ventilation, and rain water conductors; Richardson's patent perfect shut-off ash and dust shoots; Richardson's patent and an extensive variety of other hot-water and low-pressure steam radiators, coils, hot-water and other valves which have all been adopted by the English Government, public bodies, and others throughout the kingdom and abroad. They are makers also of cast-iron flange and socket pipes, connections and valves, of all sizes, for every purpose; builders' columns, girders, stanchions, cast-iron windows in over 600 sizes and designs ; ordinary rain-water goods yard and sink pumps, improved smoke-tight double-flue doors and frames, air-tight manhole covers and frames, cooking ranges, stable fittings, lamp columns, smiths' water tuyere irons and cisterns, cattle and pig troughs, school desk and seat standards, hot-water wrought and cast-iron boilers, floor grating, garden rollers, vases, fountains, seats, drain grates and frames, stench traps, and ordnance projectile foundry work. A more recent navelty produced is Richardson's patent safety poultry grit crusher, a simple and effective little machine which can be actuated by a child, which will mill grit from old crockery, glass, shell or other refuse in fine or coarse powder, with entire absence of danger to the eyes from flying chippings. This ingenious appliance will be found of excellent service by poultry keepers, saving its cost in a very short time, and may be ordered direct from the Meadow Foundry Co., or from their agents in most towns in the United Kingdom.

In 1896 an important extension of the Meadow Foundry Company's business was effected by the establishment under their staff of the Portland Cycle Company, whose success has quite eclipsed the most sanguine expectations of its promoters. Launched under the patronage of His Grace the Duke of Portland, the Company have placed on the market some new models embodying many excellent improvements, making a point of building each machine to the requirements of the individual, thus ensuring perfect satisfaction. As indicating the rapid and substantial success of the enterprise it may be mentioned that although the Company enlarged their works during the past season they were unable to cope with the numerous orders received, and as a consequence they have again added considerably to their plant, which has been brought completely up to date with a view of meeting the increasing requirements of the trade. Among the special advantages to be noted in the latest models of the Portland cycles are the improvements effected in the build of their frames, by which the rider is placed in the best possible position where all the necessary power can be exerted with ease. After careful investigation the Company have arrived at the conclusion that the B.S.A. fittings are unequalled for the best class of machines, and they are also using Bannister's chain adjustment, which has been selected as the best in the market. Other features of their make are an improved brake, which is fitted on the best machines, and this season they have introduced a cheaper grade cycle which has been given the very appropriate title, " The Popular," which is made in ladies' and gentlemen's models at a price hitherto unparalleled for this class of machine. A well-illustrated catalogue, the cover of which is handsomely embellished with views of Welbeck Abbey, the seat of the Duke of Portland, affords ample details of the various machines of the Company's make, and this may be perused with advantage by intending purchasers when making final selection of a suitable mount.

In connection with the programme of future improvements in construction, initiated by the Portland Cycle Company, we are authorised to make the important announcement that Mr. W. Richardson, the managing director, has recently applied for a patent for a new non-pneumatic and non-puncturable tyre, for which is claimed equal resiliency with pneumatic tyres, with less vibration, and is confidently anticipated to effect one of the most striking revolutions the trade has yet witnessed. The secretary of the Portland Cycle Company, it should be added, is Mr. Antonio Richardson, to whose courtesy we are indebted for the particulars of its operations and for facilities for the compilation of this briefly descriptive notice.