South Parade / The "Old Cross Keys"


THIS side "of the Market Place has undergone considerable alteration. The building on the extreme left was only divided from Farmer's drapery business, at one period, by a narrow lane, known as Farmer's Yard. It was later demolished to make a more extensive thoroughfare, which is now called Exchange Walk. The adjoining premises are now occupied for banking purposes, and the substantial structure now standing has for long been known as Smith's Bank—now styled "The Union of London and Smith's Bank, Limited."


ONE of the oldest taverns ever existent in the city was the "Cross Keys," situate in Byard Lane, where business was carried on as usual until but a short time back. The "sign is derived from the Arms of the Papal See, the old board being a very familiar landmark ir the locality. The front of the Inn bore a somewhat remarkable advertisement, to the effect that beer was "sold by the yard," this being a common by-word of frequenters of the house and a host of passers by. This notice existed until a couple of years ago, when this well-known calling-place was taken down.