PROGRESS IN NOTTINGHAM. Oriental Depot and Cafe.

ONE of the most remarkable facts to record in the progress of the City is the number and excellence of the Cafes com­pared with a few years ago ; but for luxuriousness and comfort the Cafe to be opened in the New Year by Mr. Calvert, the well-known Tea Merchant, of Long Row, surpasses any­thing yet attempted in Nottingham.

Mr. Calvert, who gained his experience with a great London Tea Firm, was fortunate in becoming the proprietor of a business of long standing and honourable reputation; for this old-time business has been established upwards of 100 years, and it is interesting to recall that one of the early proprietors, a Mr. Tollington, was one of the last men in Nottingham to wear the pig tail.

It is a matter for congratulation that Mr. Calvert has considerably enhanced the firm's reputation for high-class grocery, and attained such great success that he found it necessary to rebuild his premises, which gave him the opportunity to add the present fine suite of Rooms for the Cafe business.

On the ground floor is the general room, which is decorated in the purely Japanese style, and is surrounded by alcoves, and provided with Ladies' waiting room, toilet and cloak rooms, lavatories, &c.; also a cosy corner which can be engaged as a five o'clock tea room. Other features are Accommodation for Cycles, General Post Office Letter Box, and Public Telephone.

The accompanying illustrations give but a faint idea of the splendour of the Gentlemen's Coffee and Smoking Room, which will also be used as a ball room for private parties. The decoration in this room is Early English. The decoration and furnishing has been carried out by Messrs. Maple and Co., Ltd., of London and Paris.

General Room / Gent's coffee and smoking room