Thomas Walker, of Gunelstone, and Mary
Johnson, of Gedling 27 Apr. 1738
William Holmes and Mary Peeck, of Gedling 11 May "
*Samuel Flecher and Anne Broomby, of
Carlton 9 Oct. "
*Antoney Chartlidg and Anne Wilson, both
of Stoke 14 Oct. "
*John Wells and Mary Stafford, of Gedling 28 Oct. "
*George Newham and Sarah Flinders, both
of Carlton 14 Nov. "
* William Pepper, of Carlton, and Hannah
Goodward, of Papplewick, lic. 27 Dec. "
John Holland and Elizabeth Baguley, both
of Stoke, lic. 11 June "
*Samuel Fletcher, of Kirklington, and Anne
Broomby, of Carlton 9 Oct "
*Anthony Cartlidge and Anne Wilson, both
of Stoke 14 Oct. "
*John Wells, of Stoke, and Mary Stafford,
of Gedling 28 Oct. "
*George Newham and Sarah Flinders, both
of Carlton 14 Nov. "
* William Pepper, of Carlton, and Hannah
Goodward, Papplewick, lic. 27 Dec. "
William Vernon and Anne Lowater, of
Gedling 16 July 1739
Robert Astlin, of Gedling, and Sarah Parr,
of Carlton 30 Oct. "
Lazarus Mordished and Elizabeth Clarke,
both of Stoke 7 Apr. 1740
Robert Shelton, of Gedling, and Mary
Jeffrey, of Stoke 20 May "

* These entries occur thus in duplicate.

Zacharias Lee, St. Nicholas, Nott'm, and
Elizabeth Purdy, of St. Peter's,
Nott'm, lic. 8 June 1740
James Deabill and Mary Wilkinson, of
Gedling 15 June "
John Page and Elizabeth Deane, both of
St. Nicholas, Nott'm, lic.. 28 July "
Thomas Briggs and Mary Barns, both of
Gedling 30 Sep. "
William Hammond and Mary Widnall, both
of Carlton 26 Dec. "
John Fisher, of Shelford, and Martha Hoe,
of Carlton 6 Jan. 1740-1
Bartholomew Selby, of Bridgeford, and
Anne Forster, of Gedling 20 Oct. 1741
Gervaise Martin and Elizabeth Wetherell,
both of Carlton 1 June 1742
Joseph Barnsley, of Shelford, and Mary
Wells, of Stoke 5 Jan. "
William Soar, of Eperstone, and Mary
Culley, of Stoke 4 Apr. 1743
Christopher Street, of Hoveringham, and
Mary Barrowcliffe, of Stoke 31 July "
William W[aner] and Anne Key, both of
Gedling 7 Aug. "
Henry Burton and Margaret Bellaby, both
of Gedling 21 Sep. "
Thomas Boothman and Dinah Holland, both
of Stoke 18 Oct. "
William Wheatley, of St. Mary's, Notting-
ham, and Margery Colishea, of Gedling 27 Dec. "
Samuel Bacon, of Carlton, and Winifred
Goddard, of Gedling 27 Dec. "
John Barnes and Anne Roe, both of Gedling 25 Mar. 1744
Joseph Deabill and Jane Padley, both of
Gedling 3 Apr. 1744
Joseph Clayton and Anne Farnsworth, both
of Gedling 10 Apr. "
John Ricards, of West Bridgford, and Anne
Oldney, of Gedling 19 May "
John Machin, of Arnold, and Sarah Laurence,
of Gedling 22 May "
David Eaton, of West Bridgford, and Mary
Clayton, of Gedling 3 July "
William Smalley, of Carlton, and Eleanor
Ward, of Gedling 15 July "
Samuel Kitchen, of Thurgarton, and Elizabeth
Williamson, of Rolston, lic. 5 Aug. "
Richard Plumb, of Gedling, and Mary
Hopkinson, of Colwick 13 Nov. "


John Hall and Mary Cook, both of Carlton 28 Apr. 1745
John Hind, of Lambley, and Mary Carnell,
of Carlton 18 Nov. "
Richard Dore and Anne Townroe, both of
Stoke 15 Dec. "
Thomas Bates and Martha Fisher, both of
Carlton 10 Feb. "
Jonathan Parr and Sarah Greenfield, both
both of Carlton 22 May 1746
James Greenfield and Catherine Cartlidge,
both of Gedling 6 July "
William Keywood and Mary Martin, both
of Stoke 13 Nov. "
Charles Bramhall and Anne Walton, both
of Carlton 13 Nov. "
George Carnell and Susannah Brookes, both
of Carlton 26 Dec. 1746
William Watts, of Radcliffe-on-Trent, and
Anne Hemmingreen, of Gedling, lic. 6 Apr. 1747
Thomas Butler, of Eaton, (Notts.), and
Hannah Musson, of Gedling 17 July "
Thomas Shelton and Elizabeth Maslin, both
of Stoke 26 July "
Matthew Ward and Anne Hemsley, both of
Gedling 7 Nov. "
James Johnson, of Bingham, and Anne
Godfrey, of Gedling 15 Dec. "
Thomas Allcock, of Burton, and Mary
Shelton, of Stoke 23 Feb. "
Richard Wheeler and Jane Higgin, both of
Stoke 10 July 1748
John Hopkinson, of Eperstone, and Martha
Bagguley, of Stoke, lic. 3 Sep. "
Joseph Ogle and Mary Astlin, both of
Carlton 14 Nov. "
Thomas Foster and Elizabeth Taleby, both
of Stoke 10 Jan. "
William Sadler and Elizabeth Keywood,
both of Carlton 6 Feb. "
William Beck, of Halam, and Anne Flinders,
of Gedling, lic. 3 Mar. "
1749. Missing.
Joshua Bridges, of Bulcote, and Sarah
Burrocliff, of Stoke 9 June 1750
Thomas Cottingham and Martha Whittle,
both of Gedling 24 Dec. "
Roger Sadler, of Carlton, and Anne White
of Colwick, both of the parish of
Gedling 25 Dec. "
John Chapman and Mary Sores, both of
Stoke 26 Dec. 1750
Samuel Haywood and Mary Potter, in the
parish of Gueaster, lic. 20 Jan. "
Samuel Good, of Lenton, and Hannah
Bennet, of Gedling 30 Jan. "
Thomas Carnell and Elizabeth Sadler, both
of Carlton, lic. 25 Feb. "
Thomas Greenfield and Elizabeth Wheeler,
both of Carlton 9 Nov. 1751
John Grey, of Colwick, and Hannah Edwards,
of Carlton 1 Feb. 1752
Matthew Godfrey and Mary Swane, both of
Gedling 29 Mar. "
William Bradley and Mary Hutchinson, both
of Stoke 20 May "
John Bradshaw, of Radford, and Mary Parr,
of Carlton, lic. 7 June "
John Pepper and Elizabeth Deabill, both of
Gedling 29 July "
William Adams and Mary Pepper, both of
Gedling 2 Oct. "
John Gaskin and Anne Green, both of
Carlton 2 Oct. "
John Hall, of Arnold, and Mary Shelton, of
Gedling 15 Oct. "
John Savage and Mary Bagerley, both of
Carlton 22Oct. "
Richard Foster and Mary Bell, both of Stoke 25 Nov. "
John Rowe and Sarah Farnsworth, both of
Gedling 27 Nov. "
William Barker, of Carlton, and Elizabeth
Salvin, of Stoke 7 Dec. "

Volume V.

Charles Hunter and Sarah Wilson, both of
Gedling 7 May 1754
John Martin and Mary King, both of Gedling 28 May "
Edward Witt and Elizabeth Walker, both
of Gedling 25 June "
John Tow and Mary Barnes 3 Nov. "
Thomas Blatherwick, of Gedling, and Mary
Wigfield, of St. Mary's, Nottingham
[banns only].
James Bradley and Sarah Grocock, both of
Gedling, lic. 7 Jan. 1755
Laurence Whitaker, Curate.
John Barnes and Elizabeth Hemsley, both
of Gedling 20 May "
Robert Clay and Martha Unwin, both of
Gedling, lic. 23 May "
Thomas Plumb, of Gunthorp, and Sarah
Derry, of Gedling, lic. 6 July "
William Savage and Hannah Ellis, both of
Gedling 3 Sep. "
John Kirk and Elizabeth Savage, both of
Gedling, lic. 2 Oct. "
William Verney and Sarah Robinson, both
of Gedling 26 Apr. 1756
Henry Culley, of West Bridgford, and Eliza-
beth Wright, of Stoke, lic. 12 May "
Adam Turton and Sarah Beckitt, both of
Gedling 3 Nov. "
Henry North, of Gedling, and Mary Jeshop,
of Mount Sorrel [banns only].
William Speed and Elizabeth Barker, both
of Gedling 31 Jan. 1757
Robert Shelton and Anne Linszey, both of
Gedling 21 Feb. "
John Attewel, of Bramore, parish of Bunny,
and Hannah Wright, of Gedling 26 July 1757
John Parr, of Tythby, and Elizabeth Kitchin,
of Gedling 17 Sep. "
William Colley and Elizabeth Stokes, both
of Gedling 8 Nov. "
Jonathan Flinders and Easter Low, both of
Gedling 24 Nov. "
Thomas Brierley and Anne Hotchin, both of
Gedling 1 Dec. "
William Barker and Sarah Lee, both of
Gedling, lic. 8 Dec. "
William Rose, of Newark, and Martha
Brettle, of Gedling, lic. 17 Mar. 1758
John Walker, of Carlton, and Mary Scott,
of Papplewick [banns only].
John Collingworth and Sarah Robinson,
both of Gedling 11 Apr. "
John Shelton, of Stoke, and Hannah Smith,
of Lenton [banns only].
John Bailey and Mary Street, both of Gedling 14 May "
Bryan Barnes and Mary Godfrey, both of
Gedling 23 July "
Ralph Eaton and Sarah Marriott, both of
Gedling 17 Aug. "
John Bird and Hannah Hemsley, both of
Gedling 10 Aug. "
Daniel Stanley, of Gedling, and Elizabeth
Marshall, of Arnold [banns only].
William Leapper of Shelford, and Mary
Richardson, of Gedling 11 Oct. "
WilliamWayner, of Gedling, and Anne
Hind, of Woodborough ---------- "
WilliamRose and Elizabeth Cottingham,
both of Gedling 28 Nov. "
John Smedley and Elizabeth Lowater 18 Jan. 1759
Joseph Wild and Elizabeth Peck, both of
Gedling 22 Oct. "
Robert Helmsley and Anne Oxley, both of
Gedling 22 Nov. "
Richard Wheeler of Gedling, and Sarah
Slackman, of Sneinton [banns only].
George Musson, of Kinoulton, and Mary
Walker, of Gedling 18 Dec. "
John Bird and Mary Selby, both of Gedling 25 Dec. "
James Key and Anne Thompson, both of
Gedling 6 Feb. 1760
John Wright of Gedling, and Anne Caunt,
of Newton Disney [banns only].
Thomas Scott and Mary Brettle, both of
Gedling \banns only].
John Parker and Sarah Flinders, both of
Gedling 8 Apr. "
John Alvey and Sarah Taylor, both of
Gedling 2 Apr. "
William Fallowell and Anne Needham, both
of Gedling [banns only].
James Deabill, of Gedling, and Anne
Edwards, of Greasley [banns only].
John Palfreeman and Mary Barnes, both of
Gedling 3 June "
Thomas Barnes and Martha Wing, both of
Gedling 14 Sep. "
Richard Canlin, of Elmnton, co. Derby, and
Mary Peck, of Gedling, lic. 12 Oct. "
William Barker, of Gedling, and Anne
Golder, of Greasley [banns only].
William Bradley and Elizabeth Conlerbine,
of Gedling 16 Dec. "
John Selby and Dorothy Jalland, both of
Gedling 25 Jan. 1761
Samuel Barker and Mary Newham, both
of Gedling 30 Dec. 1760
John Lowater, of Gedling, and Anne Morley,
of Sneinton [banns only].
John Wigfield, of Gedling, and Anne Hallam,
of St. Mary's, Nottingham [banns
John Harvey and Elizabeth Griffin, both of
Gedling 29 Mar. 1761
John Walker, of Gedling, and Anne West,
of Kniveton [banns only].
William Watson, of Southwell, and Mary
Hervey, of Gedling 24 May "
George Shelton and Anne Clayton, both of
Gedling 4 June "
William Porter and Anne Clark, both of
Gedling 22 June "
Gervas Cottingham, of Gedling, and Mary
Darnelly, of Arnold [banns only].
Richard Astlin and Anne Newham, both of
Gedling 25 Aug. "
Gervase Marshall and Alice Shelton, both of
Gedling 19 Oct. "
William Smith, of Gedling, and Elizabeth
Kirk, of St. Mary's, Nottingham
[banns only].
Isaac Broomby and Sarah Glew, both of
Gedling 29 Dec. "
Stephen Wright and Elizabeth Speed, both
of Gedling 25 July 1762
William Needham and Elizabeth Flint, both
of Gedling [banns only].
William Pearson and Elizabeth Carnill, both
of Gedling 4 July 1762
George Newham, of Gedling, and Mary
Musson, of St. Mary's, Nottingham
[banns only].
William Cooper and Anne Young, both of
Gedling [banns only].
William Bentley and Mary Brettle, both of
Gedling [banns only].
{ John Brown and Rebecca Kirkham, both
{ of Gedling, lic. 27 Dec. "
{ George Wilson.
Robert Savidge and Mary Aslin, both of
Gedling, lic. 17 Apr. 1763
Edward Angrave, of Gotham, and Anne
Wigfield, of Gedling 15 May "
Francis Cave and Elizabeth Godfrey, both
of Gedling 22 May "
Edmund Booth and Hannah Griffin, both of
Gedling 25 June "
James Green, of Shelford, and Mary
Broomby, of Gedling 20 June "
John Oxley and Mary Taylor, both of Gedling 2 Oct. "
John Savidge, of Gedling, and Mary Pepper,
of Burton Joyce [banns only].
John Simpson and Hannah Parker, both of
Gedling 21 Nov. "
George Fairholm and Sarah Collishaw, both
of Gedling, lic. 3 Dec. "
John Brownaley [Brownlow], of Epperstone,
and Sarah Whyler, of Gedling 3 Jan. 1764
William Parker and Hannah Shelton, both
of Gedling 27 Dec. "
Gervase Barker and Alice Lowater, both of
Gedling 27 Dec. "
George Bird, of Gedling, and Milicent
Oldham, of St. Peter's, Nottingham
[banns only].
John Brierley and Elizabeth Cartlidge, both
of Gedling 25 Apr. 1764
Joseph Carnil and Elizabeth Porter, both of
Gedling 30 Apr. "
John Watson and Catherine Glew, both of
Gedling 8 May "
Thomas Edward and Anne Shaw, both of
John Mott and Barbara Peck, both of Gedling.
[George Beaumont, Curate, ends here.]
Thomas Cartlidge and Sarah Knight, both
of Gedling 6 Nov. "
[R. Kirkby, Rector, commences at this date.]
William Petty, of Bingham, and Mary
Cooper, of Gedling 5 Nov. "
Robert Padley, of Calverton, and Hannah
Smalley, of Stoke Bnrdolph, lic. 11 Nov. "
William Riley, of Gedling, and Bright Key,
of Gedling 19 Dec. "
Francis Cave, of Carlton, and Anne Shelton,
of Stoke 24 Dec. "
Richard Hall, of Lindby, and Elizabeth
Cartlidge, of Gedling 19 Feb. 1765
Matthew Clayton, of Pleasley, and Anne
Helmsley, of Gedling 31 Jan. "
John Kirk and Grace Tedder, both of Gedling 5 Nov. "
William Cooper, of Stoke, and Rebecca
Wilson, of Stoke 17 Sep. "
Thomas Deabill and Elizabeth Robinson,
both of Gedling 26 Nov. "
Robert Parks and Elizabeth Brierley, both
of Gedling 26 Nov. "
John Bird and Mary Shelton, both of Gedling 25 Dec. 1765
Jonathan Newband and Anne Shelton, both
of Gedling 21 Jan. 1766
Jonathan Barns and Mary Barns, both of
Gedling 1 June "
John Wigfield, of Carlton, and Elizabeth
Wilkerson, of St. Mary's, Nottingham.
Thomas Skinner and Mary Whyley, of Carlton 25 June "
John Collishaw, of Gedling, and Anne Hay-
wood, of Colwick.
William Collishaw, of Gedling, and Sarah
Key wood, of Carlton 26 Jan. 1767
Joseph Brierley and Catherine Cartlidge,
both of Gedling 3 Mar. "
Charles Kirk and Anne Brattle, both of
Gedling 20 Apr. "
Brian Barns, of Gedling, and Anne Hudson,
of Arnold.
William Wigfield, of Carlton, and Elizabeth
Blatherwick, of St. Peter's, Nottm. 9 June "
Samuel Hemsley, of Gedling, and Anne
Warrington, of Sutton-in-Ashfield.
William Shelton and Mary Carnal, both of
Gedling 3 A"ff- "
Richard Watson and Mary Wragg, both
of Gedling 2 Oct. "
William Bentley and Sarah Walker, both
of Gedling 19 Oct. "
Robert Jerom and Anne Cooper, both of
Stoke, lic. 26 Oct. "
Thomas Bell, of Shelford, and Amy Edwards,
of Gedling 4 Apr. 1768
Robert Weatly and Elizabeth Barker, both
of Gedling 5 Apr. "
Christopher Whiley, of Carlton, and Eliza-
beth Bostock, of Moor Green, Greasley.
Joseph Strelley and Martha Hardy, both of
Colwick 5 May 1768
William Henson and Martha Hubbard, both
of Gedling.
John Wigfield and Elizabeth Beeson, both
of Gedling 26 Sep. "
Edward Witt and Amy Alcock, of Carlton 19 Sep. "
Samuel Culley, of Carlton, and Hannah
Smith, of Newton, (Shelford) 24 Nov. "
William Brettle and Anne Mew, of Carlton,
by licence granted by Mr. Beaumont,
of Nott'm 6 Mar. 1769
Bembridge Hooton and Anne Cartlidge, of
Stoke 29 Mar. "
Paul Palfreman, of Carlton, and Elizabeth
Mather, of Wigwell (Derbyshire).
James Lees, of Woodborough, and Mary
Aldridge, of Gedling, lic. 3 Oct. "
Thomas Marriot and Sarah Deabille, of
Gedling S Dec. "
John Richards and Elizabeth Smalley 4 Jan. 1770
Robert Roe and Sarah Alvey 16 Apr. "
Edward Swinscoe, of Colwick, and Sarah
Kitchin, lic. 19 Apr. "
William Brittle and Mary Mew, of Carlton 19 June "
William Clay and Anne Barker, lic. 9 July "
John Godfrey and Sarah Collishe, of Gedling,
lic. 11 July "
John Tow and Hannah Sales, of Gedling 20 Aug. "
Samuel Brierley and Jane Collishaw, of
Gedling 4 Feb. 1771
William Breedon and Mary Grey, of Gedling 11 Feb. "