I. The First Bentinck a hero
II. How the Bentincks became possessed of Welbeck.—A feminine intrigue
III. The Farmer Duke—Weds the rich Miss Scott—His High-spirited sons and daughters
IV. The Farmer Duke's Daughter and the House of Commons' Speaker—Becomes a benevolent Viscountess
V. Early life of Lord John Bentinck, afterwards Fifth Duke of Portland.—The Adelaide Kemble romance
VI. Lord George Bentinck's racing career.—Quarrel with his cousin.— Duel with Squire Osbaldeston.—"Surplice" wins the Derby and St. Leger—Attempts to poison the horse—Friendship with Disraeli—Tragic death
VII. The Eccentric Duke and his underground tunnels
VIII. The present Duke and Duchess.—A romantic attachment
IX. The Duke and Duchess at home.—The Duchess as Princess Bountiful.—The Duchess at Court
X. Claims to the Portland peerage by Mrs. Deuce and Mr. G. H. Deuce